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  1. Wasn't there another one who tied himself to a buoy.....
  2. Forget brown envelopes for this one,it's going to be a big brown box
  3. Unknown ......well it wasn't established wether the victim died of slashing his wrist while handcuffed,falling from a tall building, drowning during a self inflicted hanging in a cell while shooting/stapping him or herself multiple times......not to forget the classic,suicide by hanging while having hands tied behind your back....feel free to add creative ways to end your holiday
  4. So nothing has changed. Thai guy still hanging on,no harness,no possibility to assist only a liability......So much for the paratrooper safety training......cash is king <deleted> safety
  5. Traffic hell when terminal 21 opens ?

    Have you ever seen the busses in Bangkok? They are not exact what you would call environmentally friendly Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  6. so go out and collect the money,,,,,ooh my bad that would require them actually to do what they get paid for. Major loss of face coming up if this story catches on in the international press/social medias.
  7. Report A Public Misdeed, Get Paid Half The Fine

    A "Scroll Wheel" isn't that the little wheel on a pc mouse.......
  8. There is no excuse for,state administrated,violence against children......
  9. So the vendor does not check her own merchandise before selling! So much for quality control. 15 rocks to 30 snails, mineral rich diet,glasses recommended for both vendor and buyer......
  10. Makes you wonder how much he would ask for in compensation if someone ran over his dog,my guess is a heck a lot more than 300 thb......what a lowlife..
  11. Does that mean that they will,finally,accept international smart card drivers licenses from ie. Europe instead of always asking for the old international paper version?
  12. They got caught in the salon when the boat capsized, there was six of them,in the salon,only one made it out.
  13. What strikes me as odd is the comment that the engine was old and hence the need to pump out water? the need to pump out water would normally indicate a hull breach. The sea state,when the incident occurred,was rough. Look at the wheelhouse,does it look like an add on,notice the shallow draft of the hull (speedboat hull). Was the boats stability compromised,how many people was there in the wheelhouse and on deck when it capsized (6 in the salon one escaped). Lack of inspections and greed will continue to cost lives,not just in Thailand.
  14. Nope just a frequent flyer tiered of poor service.......