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  1. Santogold

    Which watch brands are sought-after in Thailand?

    Aside from Rolex, which brands do you suggest? I'm interested in brands that are recognized by Thai people. Specifically Middle to Upper Class Thais (but not talking about legit Hi-So's).
  2. Santogold

    Which watch brands are sought-after in Thailand?

    Awesome, thank you. I'll look for the 36mm models. Yes, a "status" watch is what I'm interested in. Thank you, I'll look at those brands, exactly what I wanted to know. About the status mostly, not about the bling. Definitely needs to be good quality as well. 80% status symbol 19% completes an outfit 1% to tell time (easier looking at my wrist than pulling out my cellphone) And no worries. I don't dress in t-shirts, shorts, and flip flops.
  3. Hey hey, I'm interested in buying a watch and would like to hear your ideas. No, this is not a troll post in case anyone is wondering. Which brands are sought-after in Thailand, and meet the following criteria: Price range: 32,000 - 160,000 baht Good for small/thin wrists Classy styling Good for business or business casual wear (so no G shocks, etc) A brand that is recognizable to Thais as something that is valuable Obviously Rolex is known the world-over, but they are too bulky for my wrists. So, what brands do you suggest I look at?
  4. Santogold

    HIV/STD Scare

    By doing so: He's saying he doesn't feel she is trustworthy It puts her in a situation where she can lose face if she's seen by others Making her feel like crap so he can feel better (when it has no actual bearing on his HIV status) is unnecessary. Better that he accept the whirlwind of emotions he's experiencing without burdening her.
  5. Santogold

    HIV/STD Scare

    The relative risk is low. In all likelihood you are negative. So just get tested and try to be patient about the results (easier said than done, I know). Asking her what her status is does nothing to change your status nor will it give you peace of mind. If she says she's negative you won't be totally sure so you'll still drive yourself crazy. And asking her to come to the clinic to get tested just for your peace of mind is a crappy thing to do, so just do what you can (get yourself tested) and do your best to be patient.
  6. Wonderful, I appreciate the info, thank you. I'll check out The Sun. Yeah, I'm finding out what topics will not go over well here, hah. Do you happen to know of another forum (or Facebook group) that's better suited towards these types of questions?
  7. Wonderful, thank you. I figured it would be easier to get it serviced if there is a local dealer but sounds like getting it in BKK is the only option. I made another thread asking about a BMW (didn't mention anything about 3 months though - maybe that was someone else). I am only buying one car. I wanted to get info about the different cars I'm considering, thus, the two different threads.
  8. I checked out their FB page as you suggested. It looks like a page that just takes pictures of nice cars seen in CM - am I missing something? I sent them a message asking if they knew where Porsches can be purchased in CM though. My post wasn't/isn't a troll post. I did a search on the forums, and also searched Google, and couldn't find any concrete info so I made this thread.
  9. The Porsche site says they only have dealers in Bangkok. But I figured there may be a showroom or reputable private dealership in CM. Is there a place in Chiang Mai that sells 2018 Porsche 718 Cayman's?
  10. I'm interested in learning more about Thai social class and structure. I.e. How to tell where individual Thai's fit in, where I fit in, what's expected of me when I meet a Thai of higher/lower social rank, what I should expect of them, how to give the proper amount of respect to higher/lower Thais without losing face myself, etc. Do you know of any books or other resources where I can learn about this in-depth?
  11. Santogold

    Best Men’s Barber in Chiang Mai?

    I get most of my haircuts at The Cutler. X is awesome and very friendly. Very cool. Love that place. The other day I tried New York Salon which is closer to me. They did an excellent job as well. Was around 500 baht there.
  12. Because the money saved on the car purchase can be put to use elsewhere.
  13. Santogold

    Residency Certificate ?

    Yes, I got the receipt upstairs but I didn't have to show them that the landlord filed anything. I just gave her my application for the residency certificate, my passport, and a copy of my signed lease contract. She then told me to wait a bit while she looked me up in her computer. I assume that means she was checking to see if the landlord verified me living at the address on the lease. The immigration officer also asked if had 2 passport pictures and copies of pages in my passport. I did and began to hand them to her but she didn't take them and never looked at them. Everything I brought to 2nd floor immigration: Passport Copy of signed lease Application for residency certificate (they have the form in the office on the desk where you get a numbered ticket for queue, but you can also download it from here: https://chiangmaibuddy.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Thai-Residency-Certificate-Form.pdf) Photo copies of these passport pages: 1st page (the one with picture), Departure card, most recent entry stamp, Visa page Photo copy of American drivers license But as mentioned, the immigration office only looked at items 1 - 3 (even though she asked about all of them). At the end she gave me the Receipt that I showed in the previous message. When I went to OTain, they asked for all items, 1 - 5 AND the Receipt I got from immigration. I think you can go to OTain any time when they are open. I just walked in at about 11am, no appointment, and they helped me within 5 minutes. Not sure what time they open but they said they close at 5pm. Hope that helps.
  14. Hi there, I'm going to buy a new BMW 3 series in a couple months and have some questions. Is it possible to get a discount? If so, how? Is there a difference in price for Farang vs Thai customers? What types of freebies should I ask them to throw in? I live in Chiang Mai. Is it better to buy the car here in CM, or should I buy it in Bangkok instead?
  15. Update: Went to Promenada again today and went to OTain (around the corner from the 2nd floor immigration office). Wow, so much easier. Gave them all the documents including that receipt I mentioned before. The passport pictures I had were not the right size so they took new ones right there. Easy peasy 1-2-3sy. Expedited Residency Certificate 1000 baht, passport pictures 200 baht. Going back tomorrow to pick up the certificate.