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  1. Are caffeine pills illegal in Thailand?

    I brought some from the US. When they checked my bags while entering Thailand they didn't say anything about the caffeine pills (I didn't know it would possibly be an issue at that time). They did ask me to pull out the creatine I had but that was because it was a powder. They said to put that at the top of the carry on next time so they could check it quickly instead of going through the entire thing (I had it at the bottom since it was heavy in my backpack.) You can order caffeine tablets from Lazada and iHerb but I'm concerned that if order them there will be some Thai Policemen waiting for me in my apartment lobby or something. Hah. Definitely don't want to break the law so trying to find out if they are legal/illegal.
  2. Hi all, I prefer to take caffeine pills instead of drinking coffee or energy drinks. A lot more convenient for me. I haven't been able to find any in the pharmacies. Online I've found conflicting reports...some articles saying they are actually illegal in Thailand, some saying they are legal, and some saying they are only illegal in certain provinces. In case it matters, I'm in Chiang Mai. So what's the real answer, haha, are caffeine pills legal, or illegal, in Thailand (Chiang Mai specifically)?
  3. I'm getting an METV again and I'm scheduling my flight back for 8 months. You don't need to schedule it back 60 or 90 days, book it when you intend to fly out. Thanks guys, I appreciate it. I just called the LA consulate (should have done this before, obviously, haha). They said the flight out of thailand date is up to me, so can be anytime within the 6 months.
  4. I'm in the USA and want to get the 6 month METV. I understand that I need to leave Thailand before 60 days but can get a 30 day extension on that (for a total of 90 days). I need to show the LA consulate proof of my flight leaving Thailand. Here's my question: Should I schedule the outbound flight to leave Thailand before the 60 days is up, or is it ok to schedule it before the 90 days is up?