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  1. I'm getting an METV again and I'm scheduling my flight back for 8 months. You don't need to schedule it back 60 or 90 days, book it when you intend to fly out. Thanks guys, I appreciate it. I just called the LA consulate (should have done this before, obviously, haha). They said the flight out of thailand date is up to me, so can be anytime within the 6 months.
  2. I'm in the USA and want to get the 6 month METV. I understand that I need to leave Thailand before 60 days but can get a 30 day extension on that (for a total of 90 days). I need to show the LA consulate proof of my flight leaving Thailand. Here's my question: Should I schedule the outbound flight to leave Thailand before the 60 days is up, or is it ok to schedule it before the 90 days is up?