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  1. That was great, exactly what I wanted to know. Thank you for your in-depth reply, I appreciate it.
  2. I found this interesting. If you don't mind me asking, do you feel your wife has cheated on you? I ask because, and I might be ignorant in assuming this, she was a former bar girl so it seems to me she is much more likely to cheat than a non-working girl. That type of thought keeps me from ever considering getting serious with a bar/massage girl. If you felt the same way as I do, when you first considered getting serious with her, how did you move forward while feeling she was more likely to cheat?
  3. The car will be used (2017 model). So do I just give them the money, then they will give me the car along with the documentation and blue book? I will pay the full amount in cash (cashiers check from Bangkok Bank). Do I still need to show proof of residence in order to purchase the car? I live in Chiang Mai. If I buy the car in Bangkok, will they mail the white plates to me in CM?
  4. I'm likely going to buy a 2017 BMW from a dealership (either in Bangkok or Chiang Mai). I will pay in cash. This will be my first car purchase in Thailand. I plan to test drive a few from different dealership before purchasing. But aside from that, A) What should I look for/be wary of? and B) What should I require before handing over the money? i.e. documentation, paperwork, etc. I've seen mentions of a "blue book" on this forum but I'm not clear on what that means.
  5. In case it matters, the car is a BMW.
  6. From what I understand, in order to get an Operating Lease for a new BMW or Mercedes Benz in Thailand I would need to do so through a Thai company. Assuming the above is correct (please let me know if it's not), I have some questions: Is there anything else I need to get an Operating Lease? i.e. established credit history, Thai bank account, etc? Would I need a Thai person to co-sign the lease, etc? Who should I speak to about creating my own Thai company for the sole purpose of car leasing? How long does it take to create the company and what is the approximate total cost?
  7. Hola hola, I want to buy a used BMW from a dealer. This will be my first time buying a car in Thailand. I've found 3 BMW's that look interesting. However, the 2017 models cost almost the same as the 2015 model. So I'm wondering if there's anything wrong with the 2017's, hah. Heard a lot on this forum about car problems due to floods, and other shady things people try to do. So I would love to get your feedback on these 3 BMW's: https://www.one2car.com/en/for-sale/bmw-320d-bangkok-metropolitan-kanchanaphisek/4969097 https://www.one2car.com/en/for-sale/bmw-320d-luxury-bangkok-metropolitan-kanchanaphisek/4967431 https://www.one2car.com/en/for-sale/bmw-320d-bangkok-metropolitan-srinagarindra-thepharak/4929066 Why do you think the 2017 models cost about the same as the 2015 model?
  8. I'm going buy a car in cash (will be around 1.75million baht). In 2-3 years I want to sell it. Assuming the buyer doesn't have the full amount of money to pay me in cash... Does he have to arrange financing through a bank/finance company? Does the bank/finance company pay me the full amount? Is this process a pretty easy thing for the buyer to do?
  9. Santogold

    Which watch brands are sought-after in Thailand?

    Aside from Rolex, which brands do you suggest? I'm interested in brands that are recognized by Thai people. Specifically Middle to Upper Class Thais (but not talking about legit Hi-So's).
  10. Santogold

    Which watch brands are sought-after in Thailand?

    Awesome, thank you. I'll look for the 36mm models. Yes, a "status" watch is what I'm interested in. Thank you, I'll look at those brands, exactly what I wanted to know. About the status mostly, not about the bling. Definitely needs to be good quality as well. 80% status symbol 19% completes an outfit 1% to tell time (easier looking at my wrist than pulling out my cellphone) And no worries. I don't dress in t-shirts, shorts, and flip flops.
  11. Hey hey, I'm interested in buying a watch and would like to hear your ideas. No, this is not a troll post in case anyone is wondering. Which brands are sought-after in Thailand, and meet the following criteria: Price range: 32,000 - 160,000 baht Good for small/thin wrists Classy styling Good for business or business casual wear (so no G shocks, etc) A brand that is recognizable to Thais as something that is valuable Obviously Rolex is known the world-over, but they are too bulky for my wrists. So, what brands do you suggest I look at?
  12. Santogold

    HIV/STD Scare

    By doing so: He's saying he doesn't feel she is trustworthy It puts her in a situation where she can lose face if she's seen by others Making her feel like crap so he can feel better (when it has no actual bearing on his HIV status) is unnecessary. Better that he accept the whirlwind of emotions he's experiencing without burdening her.
  13. Santogold

    HIV/STD Scare

    The relative risk is low. In all likelihood you are negative. So just get tested and try to be patient about the results (easier said than done, I know). Asking her what her status is does nothing to change your status nor will it give you peace of mind. If she says she's negative you won't be totally sure so you'll still drive yourself crazy. And asking her to come to the clinic to get tested just for your peace of mind is a crappy thing to do, so just do what you can (get yourself tested) and do your best to be patient.
  14. Wonderful, I appreciate the info, thank you. I'll check out The Sun. Yeah, I'm finding out what topics will not go over well here, hah. Do you happen to know of another forum (or Facebook group) that's better suited towards these types of questions?
  15. Wonderful, thank you. I figured it would be easier to get it serviced if there is a local dealer but sounds like getting it in BKK is the only option. I made another thread asking about a BMW (didn't mention anything about 3 months though - maybe that was someone else). I am only buying one car. I wanted to get info about the different cars I'm considering, thus, the two different threads.