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  1. Cambidia Visa Run Warning - Corruption

    This is not Europe. There is rampant corruption and irregularities, whether we like it or not. Either pay up to immigration officials OR those 'facilitators', Or take the plane (avoiding those border towns), as you suggested, making it a holiday, rather than just a quick border hop.
  2. Cambidia Visa Run Warning - Corruption

    I paid 2300 baht to a visa run company, 30$ for visa (around 1750 baht) that leaves 550 for the 6-7 hour journey incl light Thai lunch, i think that's a good price. Would be interesting to know how much they charge in baht for the visa at the border if you went yourself That's a good rate for the dollar (58.33B/$)! Still, the visa run companies provide transportation, which you could probably not get cheaper than 1,000B (for two 500 baht minibus rides from/to the border). Add the more realistic 950 baht for the Cambodian visa, and you're already at 1,950 baht! - Now, I'd rather pay another 350 baht (+/- 200 for the latest price) for peace of mind, shorter queues, and less risk of getting ripped off by immigration officials. Can you do it for less? Of course! Ride your bike, or take the government bus, and do it all by yourself. But you'd have to be a real masochist to do this on your own just to save a few baht.
  3. Stray dogs take over Banglamung Hospital parking lot

    Hope, the stray dogs won't take over the country! Then again, strays couldn't possibly do a worse job than the current government, could they?
  4. Of course there are! (And if they do a bad job, they double as lunch.)
  5. Because it's an innovative way by the TAT to promote Thai hookers natural beauty in China, where most of Thailand's quality tourists come from.
  6. If it is your first meet up, it's "first class"...
  7. Sadly true. I had way less things stolen from me in 14 years in Thailand than in only 1.5 years in China! And the police, though more present than in Thailand, is even more useless!
  8. Watch out for fake 1,000 baht banknotes in Chonburi

    If so, the taxi driver would have been hunted down by police (for the heinous crime of passing on a fake banknote), having drawn attention to the crime by cutting a passenger into pieces. (For which he probably would have been charged an extra 500 baht fine.)
  9. Police hero helps save Russian tourist in Pattaya beach drama

    Kudos, Pol Lt Woraphan Kaewmorakot, for showing initiative, and a job well done, which is usually the task of lifeguards, not present on Pattaya beach and other beaches in Thailand. Every tiny beach in Hong Kong, just to mention one other place, has about half a dozen lifeguards, but Thailand doesn't seem to need them...
  10. They will probably blame Interpol to have taken it off all by themselves, rather than upon a request from Bangkok. No warrant - no red notice...
  11. The Three Stooges would do a better job! But I guess, that's all about "Thailand 4.0": commit any crime (murder, embezzlement...) as a "hi-so" Thai or wannabe politician, and get off scot-free for distributing 4.0 million baht to the officials in charge. They will even open the border gates for you, wishing you a great journey...
  12. Agreed. Do these morons and perpetual liars truly think that any larger number of people (except the ones who still believe in the giant turtle that bears the world on its back) will believe this utter nonsense? Everyone knows that, in Thailand, if you are influential, or you have enough cash to grease palms, you commit the crime, but don't have to do the time...
  13. Or they will require the tourists to learn Thai before coming to Thailand...
  14. Latest requirements for SETV in Vientiane and Savannakhet

    Thanks. Good to know that there are regular taxis.