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  1. Thailand plans for even more tourists as numbers top 35 million

    Slogan: "Travel to Koh Tao - An Experience You May Never Get Again!"
  2. Sukhumvit’s Chuvit Garden To Be Paved Over For Mall

    What a shame! To be demolished for another useless, large mall of luxury brand outlets, where you regularly see 12 people walking around on 6 floors, disoriented, with only 1 or two actually buying something there...
  3. Thailand plans for even more tourists as numbers top 35 million

    Absolutely true! On my recent travels to neighbouring countries I saw plenty of tourists Thailand is vying for: families. couples, high-spenders; all having a good time in HCMC, Phnom Penh, Yangon... Even I take my girlfriend on holiday away from Thailand, rather than Thai beaches, while spending 10 times per day what I usually spend in Thailand! The locals in these places are extraordinarily friendly, with no scams or theft. All those tens of millions of Chinese tourists, of which, as someone already mentioned, only PRC travel agencies, the AOT, King Power, Central Department Store, and a handful of other bigwigs profit, have made the majority of Thais bitter towards tourists, as hardly any money trickles down to the people who should benefit from tourism.
  4. "Alien" ice cream owner disappears into thin air!

    The licence wasn't the problem, but he forgot to grease the palm of people in charge...
  5. I kid you not; years ago a monkey ripped my 7-Eleven bag and ran away with a sandwich, just outside the shop in Petchaburi. Those monkeys get fed by the locals, but seems that this one wanted to try some 'falang food' for once...
  6. Maybe the picture was just a bit blurry.
  7. PM wants Thai-style democracy

    I am sure, Thailand will have the same kind of democracy as soon as 2561 (AD 2561 that is).
  8. PM wants Thai-style democracy

    It's certainly unnecessary, as he's making a mockery of himself already. Forget Sacha Baron Cohen, Prayut portrays a more ridiculous and hilarious 'Dictator'...
  9. PM wants Thai-style democracy

    This being a (Mor lam) dance around the golden calf democracy?? A military-sponsored demo-crazy (as pronounced by Thais anyway)?
  10. Airport Food Too Pricey? Don’t Eat There: Tourism Minister

    How would he? His champagne always waits ice-cold on the government jet.
  11. Airport Food Too Pricey? Don’t Eat There: Tourism Minister

    And he certainly doesn't have to worry about expensive airport food. His caviar, lobster, and champagne on his jet are free paid for by the taxpayers.
  12. Airport Food Too Pricey? Don’t Eat There: Tourism Minister

    Good advice; arriving 3 hours before your flight at the airport, skipping very expensive airplane food (budget airlines, say 3 hours flight), add to that 4 hours from/to the airport (origin and destination)= and you're looking at 10 hours without food! Best diet ever! Maybe time to pack some sandwiches...
  13. Probably from Middle-Eastern Germany. Perhaps a war refugee from Syria, partying away German dole money? Germany has traditionally (starting in the 1960s) had a large Turkish population, but, until 2015 at least, not an Arab one. That's what the French would say: "They've got the Turks, we've got the Maghreb trouble-makers..." - Look who's better off now!
  14. Definitely in Bangkok! Maybe fleeing from Merkel...