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  1. Of course he did! A 13-year old doesn't look like a 18/20-year old. Plus, if in doubt, he should have checked her ID card.
  2. Yeah, can't wait to see what will go on then...
  3. StayinThailand2much

    Israeli tourist injured after attack by Krabi teenager

    And after you still read comic books and behave in a childish way... ?
  4. Haha, Thai cops - above the law...
  5. StayinThailand2much

    Man admits he broke into 30 Amazon coffee shops

    Some people are really desperate! ?
  6. They actually have a sign there, saying exactly that: 'your visa must be picked up on the designated day, as the visa will otherwise be cancelled' (exact wording might be different).
  7. Yes, that's what I also always carry around in a bag at 5 a.m. on Walking Street... ? - Why didn't he put the watch and bracelet around his wrist (to show off his celebrity status), the 5,000 Hong Kong dollars into his wallet (there are 1,000 and 500$ banknotes), while leaving the baht and two phones in the hotel safe??
  8. StayinThailand2much

    27 rats caught on Pattaya Beach

    Wow, they caught about 0.00001% of the rat population on that beach! ?
  9. StayinThailand2much

    Thai govt bans pigeon feeding

    Birds in general, yes! But more pigeons.
  10. StayinThailand2much

    Thai govt bans pigeon feeding

    Good luck with that! As with many things that are 'banned' in Thailand, people will keep doing it...
  11. StayinThailand2much

    Who will vote for hypocrisy?

    In Thailand, apparently, many, if handed 2-3 of the below...
  12. Sukhumvit Road, Lad Prao Road too: more than ever!
  13. Maybe not, but it made my day. ?
  14. A Thai ATM or debit card (i.e. a card not allowing international withdrawals) won't help you in Vientiane, as the subsidiaries of Thai banks in Laos are not part of the Thailand banking system. 20,000 baht is about 5.3 million Lao kip. As banks often have a daily withdrawal limit, you may need more than one day to withdraw the money.