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  1. Best way to get a work permit

    Officially im here sponsored by a real estate company to look for business contacts and investment opportunities in the real estate market. No i dont intend to have thai staff and customers to be honest. Filipinos and Vietnamese people are way more productive and also cheaper.
  2. Best way to get a work permit

    Honestly im coming more and more to the conclusion just to extend the non-b visa and keep on going with it. I have my bank accounts outside of thailand and when i read the "my mate nate" story, i feel quite relaxed. He has over 3 million subscribers, his videos are all in thai, aimed at a thai audience. He went unnoticed until recently and when you have 3 million subscibers and your videos are getting 1 million views each, you make around 1000-2500$ per video (he makes 3-4 videos a week) only from adsense. Then you have paid sponsorships, affiliate stuff, super chat, public events etc. - i guess he makes around easy 50k USD a month if not more. Because im thinking even when i get employed by iglu, i would have an official position inside the company, which would be other then video production anyway. So when they check my work permit and they see the work would be different then making videos, i would have the same problem as having no work permit right?
  3. Best way to get a work permit

    Thank you for the link - and no it doesnt make the money yet to support 4 employees. I was thinking to go to the ministry of labour and explain them what i do and talk with them if i need a work permit for it or not. I was reading, that there are a bunch of digital nomads here and even they cant work here without a work permit, it is tolerated that they source the income from outside thailand and spend it here while living here: https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/993111-digital-nomads/
  4. Best way to get a work permit

    Do you have links for me? The lawyer told me that with 3 thai shareholders i dont need the 2 million baht capital.
  5. Best way to get a work permit

    Then still i couldnt legally work in thailand - what if im on such a visa be it the elite or the education visa and they see me working here? My video work will get around here as it is publically accessable. also im reading on the website the 20 year visa is 2 million baht or am i on the wrong page here? https://www.thailandelite.com/#/at-your-service/card/elite-ultimate-privilege-membership
  6. Best way to get a work permit

    Thanks a lot for all the replies. It looks like opening a company is not a good route. Im not even 30 years old and i have a german passport. I will research more about the education and the elite visa. 500k has to be deposited or does it just have to be shown, that it is there in case of emergency?
  7. Best way to get a work permit

    I have a non-b visa multiple entry which is valid for another 2 months. My other option would be going with that company but that would cost 750USD a month for me. They would extend my non-b visa and give the work permit. Dont even have to leave the country.
  8. Best way to get a work permit

    Even if it would be 100k baht a year it would be still cheaper then the work permit option. Also the lawyer told me i dont need 4 employees, can negotiate to one for the start. Do you have experiences with a thai limited company? Can you tell more about the 5 year visa? dont have 500k baht though.
  9. Hey everyone, Im here on a business visa and my goal is to get a work permit. For that i talked with a company, who does relocation services, that would cost me monthly 750USD and i would have a work permit and they cover taxes, benefits etc. Other option is opening a thai company or BOI. Thai company with papers and everything would cost me about 1500$ for the lawyer, then the gov costs about 500-600$ and monthly 8000 baht for ssn, vat. The lawyer said with 3 thai shareholders i dont need the 2 million baht capital, also as long as i dont run it i dont nee the 4 thai employees. Im working on my own, online. Im looking for a cost effective solution to get the work permit. My current visa ends in 2 months, other option would be i try to extend my business visa (is it as hard as getting it the first time?). Would be cheaper then getting a work permit, but im afraid they tighten up the process of getting business visas and a tourist visa is not really an option for me as i want to stay here longer. thanks for the help and best regards