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  1. What a load of garbage. The graph below shows that debts peaked in 2000 and repayments kicked in 2001. Guess who was PM then???
  2. If anyone can do it, it'd be Prayuth.
  3. If not already, then very shortly, I do believe the junta's mishandling of the rice stockpile will surpass the losses accrued by PTP. Well done Generals, very impressive indeed.
  4. Acquittal likely, says ex-judge

    Agreed, we both have no accounting skills. She is not charged with negligence for accounting misdemeanours, she is charged with negligence for allegedly allowing corruption to occur on her watch. Again, nobody cares about any accounting technicalities bar you. IQ numbers....no, I think it would be IQ number.
  5. Acquittal likely, says ex-judge

  6. Acquittal likely, says ex-judge

    You appear to be quite deluded. The implementation of the RPS was within the ceiling of the revolving fund of 500,000 million Baht as set by the Cabinet and the loan for the RPS was within the ceiling set by the cabinet resolution in June 2013. Nobody, nobody, nobody has any issue with how the RPS was funded. On budget, off budget, in budget, out budget, red budget, blue budget, pineapple budget - not a single sole in the known universe is concerned with how the RPS was funded - just you. What do you mean nothing was taken up for the RPS? A 500 million baht revolving line of credit was set up through the BACC. You must be one terrible accountant.
  7. Acquittal likely, says ex-judge

    Looks like you've swallowed hook, line and sinker a whole bunch of Junta nonsense. In June, 2013, the National Rice Committee was reported that the overall economic and social benefits of the RPS amounts to 394,788 million Baht, which was 173,819 million Baht greater than the amount of 220,969 million Baht that allegedly claimed as accounting losses by the Account Closing Sub-Committee. The research team of the KMIT, Choa Khun Taharn Ladkrabang presented the data showing that during the production seasons under the RPS, the economy expanded and multiplied 3.726 times and generated increased economic return of 1,088,697 million Baht which was greater than the costs of the project. The implementation of the RPS was within the ceiling of the revolving fund of 500,000 million Baht as set by the Cabinet and the loan for the RPS was within the ceiling set by the cabinet resolution in June 2013. Even the cabinet resolution of the present government in August 2016 confirmed that the residual debts payable under the pledging scheme of agricultural produce from the production year 2011/2012 to 2013/2014 was within the debt ceiling set by the cabinet. All of the above equals ZERO negligence.
  8. Perhaps a little reading may help you. https://www.amazon.com/Better-Angels-Our-Nature-Violence/dp/0143122010
  9. Acquittal likely, says ex-judge

    Um, she did delegate and they did show up. On my capacity as Chairman of the National Rice Committee, I have never neglected my duties nor omitted to perform my duties because I have delegated my responsibility to the Deputy Prime Minister and the Commerce Minister to act as Chairman of the National Rice Committee and if any matter came up, it was the duty of those persons to report to the Cabinet and the Prime Minister for consideration. The Constitution requires the Cabinet to have collective responsibilities but the plaintiff misunderstood that the Prime Minister has sole power and may exercise the power as he/she deems fit. When I was the Prime Minister, ministries working with the National Rice Committee and sub- committee have their own responsibilities required by laws. I could not exercise my power arbitrarily to interfere, make order, or influence the operating level for anyone’s interest. The current Prime Minister should well understand the limitation and that is why special power under section 44 is needed to conduct state administration which elected government like mine never had. http://www.prachatai.org/english/node/7301 Wrong Wrong and Wrong.
  10. Acquittal likely, says ex-judge

    If Prayuth's Chinese railways run at a loss will he be held personally accountable for the losses. If he's got any brains, he'd be praying for an acquittal so no precedent is set that may end up costing him his 600 million.
  11. 10,000 are expected to come for Yingluck ruling

    Yeah, he obviously hates her, the smile gives it away.
  12. Acquittal likely, says ex-judge

    I'm not going to go and learn anything about accounting. Accounting is boring. I understand you are saying the technical term for the losses in this circumstance is "damages". So people may be upset that there is "damages" that is an entirely different thing than having a problem with how the rice pledging scheme was funded. If the rice pledging scheme was funded in the central budget and lost the same amount the people would be upset for the same reason - the loss, not the method of funding. No one is concerned with how the scheme was kept out of the central budget - no one.
  13. Acquittal likely, says ex-judge

    And yet the NCPO, Abhisit, Korn, the NACC and Suthep have never once mentioned anything about having a problem with how the rice pledging scheme was funded. Why do you think that is?
  14. Acquittal likely, says ex-judge

    Former commerce minister Niwatthamrong Boonsongpaisarn told the Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Holders of Political Positions that there was no need for then prime minister Yingluck to supervise every matter by herself after she had delegated one of the deputy prime ministers or a government agency to take responsibility over the matter. http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/witnesses-testify-defence-ex-pm-yingluck-rice-pledging-scheme/ No one has ever complained about the rice scheme being out of the budget. Not the Junta, not Suthep, not Abhisit, not Korn, not the NACC - no one, so where's the crime??
  15. How do you get all the other things if the people have no say in anything. What is the starting point if not elections? Democrats would be just fine by me, the only condition is that they are elected first. Thaksin never removed the most important check did he? There was always elections under both him and his sister. When the mobs hit the streets, they both dissolved parliament and called elections - can't ask for more than that. They may very well ave done everything you state here... but it's up to the voters to decide whether to vote him out or not. Ronald Reagan had the CIA sell crack to inner city communities to fund weapons purchases for the Sandinistas. Nobody promised purity and to expect purity is naivety to the extreme. I see you're still struggling with the Junta or Democracy dilemma. For me it's easy - any elected government is better.