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  1. Slightly stuck in Ratchaburi

    Thanks for the help everyone, we ended up catching a van from Big C to a bus station in Bangkok. We had to pay for 2 seats for our suitcases, even though there was 3. Nonetheless, all sorted now, back in Bangkok, safe and sound.
  2. Okay thanks. Where I come from, I used my card for every single purchase I made, regardless of amount, purely because of convenience.
  3. Hi guys. Need some assistance. My girlfriend and I came to Ratchaburi yesterday from Bangkok, caught an Uber, which cost 1000 baht. We're wanting to head back to Bang Kapi, Bangkok but there are no ubers in the area, whatsoever. We do not know how to use public transport. And we're slightly concerned in doing so because we have 3 suitcases. Does anybody know of a taxi company in Ratchaburi that can help? Any advise is appreciated!
  4. Hi there, I've recently moved to Thailand from South Africa, I bank with FNB (First National Bank) I have opened both my Cheque & Credit card for use in Thailand. I paid for my hotel with my credit card and had no issue. Today I popped into 7/11 and wanted to buy 2 items totaling 45 Baht, I tried paying with my Cheque card (Which is VISA) and the lady at the till said I cannot. Any reason why this may be? Is it just 7/11? Does the value of the purchase need to be over a certain amount? Side Note: I don't think the problem is the card (Cheque) my girlfriend extended our hotel stay by 1 night and paid with her cheque card.
  5. OCD & Anxiety Medication

    Okay, thank you, I will keep that in mind.
  6. OCD & Anxiety Medication

    Thanks, hopefully I can find somewhere in Ratchaburi tomorrow - or sometime in the week - a place that stocks it.
  7. OCD & Anxiety Medication

    I see that, thank you. After a brief search online, it SEEMS that many hospitals stock certain products for my need, however, they're heavily over-priced. I have come across an online pharmacy that ships to Bangkok, but it takes up to 20 days and also is quite expensive. I think I will continue searching online, as well as pharmacies and hopefully come right.
  8. Hi there, My girlfriend & I have recently moved to Thailand (Been here for under a week) First things first, we love this country, thank you to all the Thai's for being so friendly and welcoming. While in my home country (South Africa) I began taking Cipralex - for my OCD & Anxiety, I began taking the medication about a month before leaving South Africa, and my medication ran out the same day we left for Thailand (Stupid I know, we should of got another prescription before leaving, but as always we were in such a rush) I have my South African Prescription for Cipralex - however I do not think they stock this in Thailand. Currently we're staying in Bang Kapi, Bangkok and will be moving to Rachtaburi tomorrow. My anxiety and OCD has started to kick in and its become too much for me to deal with. Can someone please suggest a medication in Bangkok/Rachtaburi that will help lower my OCD/Anxiety - either over the counter or at a hospital & roughly how much it is. It cannot be an addictive medication, like many are, please. Thank you!