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  1. I went to a club owned by a hiso guy in Thong Lor in Bangkok yesterday, however apparently that doesn't keep hookers or johns out. I don't judge, I just don't want to partake. Saw some obvious hookers and some western guys taking them up on their offers early on. Later on lots of hiso thais rolled in that stuck to their own groups as usual in Bangkok. Some hippie'ish looking thai dude about my age came with two girls with one of them taking a fancy in me. She didn't look like an obvious hooker to me but thai guys aren't exactly known for pushing their women on farangs unless they're gay or pimps, so I just rejected her, as I didn't feel like interrogating her about her background. Which brings me back to my original question: How can I better tell if a woman is hooking or not? I feel like it's often very hard to tell with thais even in the hiso area of Bangkok where few farang go to party.
  2. I'm considering retiring in Thailand after multiple visits, due to the weather and easygoing life, however visiting and living somewhere might be a bit of a different experience. Any input?
  3. Can someone tell me if the 30 day extensions of a visa waivers being turned into 7 days in Chiang Mai is accurate? Some websites write: In my understanding this only happens if the extension is refused for some reason to give you some time to leave the country.