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  1. Samuian

    Germany struggles to adapt to immigrant influx

    Yes, Berlin has a rather large Thai community of around 5000 here, with Restaurants, Shops, 85 Thai Massage Service Centers, the so called "Thai-Park" where, if weather allows, on weekends hundreds of people will gather there! And well yes, ALL have to comply to the Immigration policies of the FRG as anywhere else on the globe!
  2. Samuian

    Germany struggles to adapt to immigrant influx

    As a German, living in Berlin I can ensure every potential sceptic, that many, especially young folks, flock to Berlin cause of it's very unique nature without a second, no match in the entire world! At a rate of 40-50 K.p.A. "newcomers" it is not really overwhelming number of people, cause Berlin, it's population, hasn't grown over the passed 40 or so wall years, but shrunk! People, Industries, Employers left this city like rats a sinking ship! Now things are re-adjusting and that is just fine! Many creative young people are drawn to this city from all over the globe and live happily next to each other, in some clubs one can hear almost every language spoken on this planet, here in Berlin are by now people from 197 different nations registered! Taking the economic underperformance of some other EU-countries into account it is understandable what is happening right now, UK faces the same flood of migrating workers manly from eastern EU memberstates! While som of the expats, commenting here, enjoy their stay in the Kingdom of Thailand, please be generous and let others enjoy their lives in their country of choice too! Who knows what this will bring in the future, maybe some very positive new development, a new EU population without thick brick walls in their heads and hearts!
  3. We've been there before! And they are right a tourist visa is a tourist visa and those with a Non-O or Non-B have no Problems - so what? They just going by the book, if the foreigners doing it the reqired way - everything else is illegal - no problem - so where is the problem?
  4. Well it's over with the free rides - isn't it since things turned the other way, he is a good example how the system was heavily abused be all these free loaders! Memories surface about the sons, of one particular minister and long time politician of this sort, they were yelling at people and officers "don't you know who's son i am/we are?"
  5. Exactly, disgrace or not, unless it's ill gotten, people who have loads of money aren't forbidden to enter monkhood or become a nun! The obsession handling bundles of money and toting expensive high class brand name articles... is a different thing, let's think she want's to shed this, whilst becoming a nun! ;-)
  6. Agree fully with this, most of the time things just turn out to be exactly like this, some strange class thinking is one major point too (see the wai)! But hey, I am quite content with being understood where it is needed, welcomed and maybe sometimes wanted... the rest, ah' well.. you know... who get's off on such Kindergarden play and behavior.. isn't far of it him/herself I think it's big BS! the rest is easy going! And yes, I would say after about 2 decades here, I speak rudmentary thai, but alwaysgot what I wanted and where I wanted to go, so what? Good and deeper conversations I usually have with non-thai people, does anyone ever has discussed Politics, Economics, Plato, Aristotle or even Buddha's teachings with a thai? I hate if a conversation is all about "stripping" you: "Income, Wife, Spouse, how many others beside her.. like to go "massage", how mant times a day... children, position... drinking... socker.." well and this is exactly not my piece of pie! And if somenone praises your "beautiful thai language skills" then one can be sure it's no praise at all! I hate this too.... it's back stabbing at it's finest, subtle intrigue thai style... telling everyone around you what an idiot you are with a smile in their face and dare of the Farang nod's, smiles back and underlines what just has been said about him - if this happens I let the people instantaneously know that "my thai is just "cr_p" or just walk off.... yeah' different folks, thats for sure, and of course not ALL but many!
  7. ..strange how after some time all of a sudden strings seem to meet again...
  8. Hi crsuty,

    be careful with waht you say about bkkk air and SPB Hotel.... some very big shots behind trhis operation,very big!

    have a nice day!

  9. A thousandandone thumbs UP for that one! Not only scamming and money cheats...billions "dispappearing from "national Park" fees collected from whom? How about the show(s) going on at bangla, at the walking street in pattaya, patpong, soi cowboy, nana - bkk, samui, night market @ cmx and in many, many other highly exposed or well hidden places like "karaoke" bars, in "massage" parlors owned by whom, here?
  10. Hu? You really think so? It's all about this country and it's dignity and international appearence, no one in the world should think that our female student's are engaging in premarital or other activites and such - you know... it's not about learning, it's about Thailand and dignity!
  11. Samuian

    Brit Pensioners Take On Thai 'Killer Bride'

    "Slaves" perhaps, very little pay and "stand by" required for 24 hrs. approach on your knees only, never look into their faces unless asked to do so... watery "Gaeng Som pla" as a daily "diet"... ....and of course there are exceptions on both sides, both ways, but this is an exception oin LoS or anywhere, where there is "help" for money and "heart" involved...
  12. Samuian

    Brit Pensioners Take On Thai 'Killer Bride'

    Well, well, well agreed, but only to a certain degree I insist that "they" are certainly NOT all the same - it's a cliche! Over the years I learned it is NOT tied to a special Nation, to any specific trade... It happened to me, Thai wife, lovely, very nice, didn't drink, occasional a smoke, didn't like much to go out, didn't gamble, no red light pre-life...did lead a very good life, went on holidays together, lived 24/7 together - after 14 years off and gone... with whatever she could get her hands on..... same time good mate of mine got divorced back home from his foreign wife (same nationality as him) and guess what - after all there was not any more much left for him tolive on... he committed suicide.. how often does this happen - stop whinghing about these "bad women" it's the men being foolish enough to fall for these dragons, wolves in sheepskins! But then what is the option? Is it worth it just because of what one has and to protect it to become a hermit? Awarenes is a good thing and sh_t will continue to happen till the end of the days.... ...and then one never knows the whole story...
  13. Samuian

    Brit Pensioners Take On Thai 'Killer Bride'

    ....still I have indeed won a labor court case... got compensated according to the law and still alive after 4 years... it's all not that bad in the LoS! Who knows that it was her who did the actual murder? maybe this is what the court has found...if there is insufficient evidence... like reporters and these "emergency service" guys are let on to the scene and they plough through it, sometimes bagging personal belongings of the victims, moving things, maybe evidence... is just as things are handled here, or better as they are not handled, some foreigner died and like flies, in no time, all the neighbors ploughed through the entire house even removing FURNITURE! TiT!
  14. weekend approaching

  15. Samuian

    More Thai Women In Swedish Sex Trade

    Take the "law lid" off, it's like prohibition, only nourishes the dark side of it... the so called "oldest trade" of the world... nothing will make it vanish over night - be human, give those sexworkers rights, a green-and healthcard and let them pay taxes and for health security and social benefits!