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  1. Panadadad

    Deep sea fishing in Hua Hin /Cha Am?

    Don't waste your time or money in the gulf
  2. Panadadad

    Bringing cheese into LOS

    This is how I do it from the states
  3. I e had to report myself twice due to landlords refusal (I'm sure he's trying to avoid the tax man ) and I've yet to receive any receipt or other proof here in phichit
  4. Hi all this is my first time posting here but have received lots of good info thank you all. My question is do any of yo know of any 2-3 bedroom house/villa with aircon for rent in or near phichit town as the step son is in school and we have a new baby we would like to stay close to hospital just in case. We are going to start building a house next year on the family farm but need a place until then