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  1. Before blaming the US/ UK/ AUS embassies - let's look at how the income verification was handled a) did the embassy (part of US State Department) contact the Social Security Administration back in the USA to receive accurate information on the amount of the monthly pension? And did they check every bank account/ 401K account to verify balances etc? This is what would need to happen, if the "verification" were to be valid or b) did they simply sign a piece of paper completed by the expat stating that they received a certain sum of money every month/ had a certain amount of assets. this would amount to a self-verification by the expat with a meaningless signature of an embassy official Given the large number of retirees it seems rather difficult to properly check a) every single year. Below a link to the US Embassy in Thailand and what they will and won't do https://th.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/what-we-can-and-cannot-do/
  2. A friend told me many years ago that: "When I want to break up with a girl I let her catch me at a lie".. not sure whether that will work in Thailand Depending on circumstances, you may want to tell her that you are having problems at work and can no longer support her. If she is with you for the money, that will do the trick most likely (and quite interestingly, when you stop support, they will not starve. but find a way to support themselves). If she has her own career and money, it's a different story. Regardless of location, break-ups are hard Best of luck
  3. it would appear that every country is becoming stricter on immigration - some countries even want to build walls... The USA, UK will also blacklist you for overstaying visas (and being caught and deported). Same same
  4. two lives destroyed - no question about it. If the driver is guilty of driving drunk or just being negligent, there will probably be jail-time and memories to haunt him forever. Even if the driver is innocent and the victim caused the accident, it will haunt him for a long time. Seeing the photos of the car, he must have been driving fairly fast and the victim must have been more in the middle of the road than on the side (impact on the drivers side) unless the car was driving on the wrong side of the road (which would be plausible with a European or American driver, but not a British). I just don't understand why the CEO of a luxury hotel developer does not get himself a driver....
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    Top 10 scams in Thailand

    but that would also apply to loans to "friends" in the USA/ Europe/ Australia - be prepared to write off the money and the friendship.
  6. Oh great - I guess the BE was incorrect then stating that proof of residency was one of the 3 items required to open the account (or maybe I misread...)
  7. Maybe this is a stupid question but: In order to get a retirement visa I need to have THB 800,000 in a bank in Thailand for 3 months before I apply for the visa. In order to get a Thai bank account I need to show proof of residency. How do I get a Residency Card when I need to have money in the bank for 3 months before getting a Retirement visa to live in the country long-term? Seems to be a case of a cat chasing its own tail... And BTW, opening a bank account in ANY foreign country is a major headache - I have a EU passport, live in the USA and wanted to open an account in the UK about 3 years ago. Such a difficult process that I eventually gave up. LLoy'ds bank at one time sent me a check for GBP 100 for the inconvenience and hassle. When I wanted to cash the check at a Lloyd's branch I was told that I could not do that but only deposit it into an account....
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    How do you transfer money to Thailand?

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    Traveling in Europe after Britain leaves the EU

    Unfortunately, the UK had it's own share of terror attacks in the recent past - even after having opted out of Schengen and being separated from the rest of the EU by water(except in the case of Northern Ireland)
  10. You are making a great point - the hotel's web site should always have the same price as the Agodas and Expedias of the world... but in reality, many small hotels do not have the technology and staffing to update rates in all distribution channels (or they lack the understanding - yes, some offer lower rates to OTAs on purpose and pay a commission on top)
  11. That is interesting. I heard that Booking.com is doing trials to collect payments, but that they would be conducted in Canada. Their business model has always been built on "book now and pay later at the hotel". Better make sure that you receive payment prior to the guest arriving. And are they deducting their commission from the payment they send you? You may want to double-check when they send the commission invoice that they are not trying to charge you commission for a reservation that they already received their payment for.....
  12. Miami007

    Traveling in Europe after Britain leaves the EU

    Actually, I had to take a train from Austria to Germany once to catch a flight in Frankfurt back to the USA... There were passport controls on the train and the agents explained that they were standard and as per the law. This was in 2012 or 2013 - long before the current refugee crisis.
  13. If hotels are really that empty - then correct for the most part... at the same time, these no shows are a major problem on high-demand dates when they prevent "real" guests from making a reservation and also result in a financial loss for the hotel. And even when the hotel is at 50% overall, the no-show in a room-type with limited inventory, can have a huge impact as that room could have been bought by someone else.
  14. yes, the problem of people making multiple reservations on Booking without intent to stay at the resorts, has become wide-spread. As Booking.com does not take the payment from the guest, they will not assist the hotel in collecting. You may want to try companies like Expedia as they offer the option of collecting money on the hotel's behalf. You will not have to pay a commission after the fact, but your rate will be lowered by the amount of the commission upfront. These reservations are much more secure As a resort, you can also change your "rules" and you could require a deposit of one night for each booking made - either at the time of reservation or a certain time before arrival. Booking will defer to the hotel's terms and conditions Hope this helps - please message me, if you want to discuss more.
  15. Probably just as safe or unsafe as buying a condo in, let's say, Miami Beach... Many investors are still buying in both cities. Solutions are available (e.g. Holland) and the Royal Family will protect their holdings in Bangkok eventually. Seek high ground in the city to be dry while they figure out what to do.