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  1. Allen Ginsing

    When will the haze subside?

    Seems the whole country is suffering from smoke and dust. Any idea when the farmers will stop having their fun?
  2. Allen Ginsing

    Effective pollution masks N95/N99/P95/99

    It's not like using an umbrella, this masks are limited in effectiveness. Something like this with a rubber seal would be a best.
  3. Allen Ginsing

    How nice of a house to build?

    Paint is not that bad. You probably have to request for them to use the low VOC stuff. The problem is the adhesive used on those fancy tiles - that is some nasty stuff. Probably the tiles themselves have some super fine finished need to gas off too. Vinyl sheet used on furniture, etc. I've experience the VOC problem first hand in new guesthouses. You can smell faint odor of plastic chemicals then i wake up with a blazing headache the next morn and know it is time to move on. The last place was finished in 2017 so i think at least 6 month i would allow for gas off at least. Building a good house in Thailand required venting of heat and humidity. Venting of the roof, walls and foundation. The septic and pipes. Kitchens and bathrooms. Some how they missed this point. They make the building air tight for modern air con. But that air con needs to be kept running all the time to always remove the humidity.
  4. Allen Ginsing

    How nice of a house to build?

    Many buildings are 100's of years old in Asia. It is just the way they build houses these days is they fail in many ways and get mould problem in Asia. (see my post on common mistakes in house construction in Asia.) Another thing to consider: No low-VOC materials are used in Asia. It might take 1 year to build your house but it will take 1-2 years to off gas! The chemicals are toxic, it the short you might suffer from headaches in the long term...who knows.
  5. Allen Ginsing

    Lime wash for interior walls

    Well lime actually. Be careful that stuff can blind you. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calcium_hydroxide
  6. Allen Ginsing

    Alcohol withdrawal in progress in Bangkok

  7. Allen Ginsing

    Still dust?

    Is it still dusty in Bangkok? According to this is back to normal?
  8. Allen Ginsing

    Too crowded!

    When do you think the flood of tourist will slow down?
  9. Allen Ginsing

    Waste water flowing freely onto Krabi’s beaches

    Better swim up at Noppharat Thara Beach
  10. Allen Ginsing

    Common building mistakes in Asia and Thailand

    Unfortunately traps will not solve the problem. Sewer gas will permeate through the septic tank and into the house unless it is vented and it will permeate through the traps. If you have slab foundations one thing you can do is install weeping tiles, drainage pipes, If you are building a house then construction foam should be under the concrete, http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/blogs/dept/guest-blogs/placing-concrete-foundation-rigid-foam-insulation
  11. Allen Ginsing

    Common building mistakes in Asia and Thailand

    No houses are built like that in the west, always with a basement. The basement gives a place for the water to go in case of a flood. Or a raised structure with a crawl space. What happens is the concrete never dries out, the concrete absorbs moisture. Google wick effect. The moisture will rise up into the rest of the building too, the monsoon is a disaster, flooding is typical. In fact, the brand new guesthouse i just moved to the first floor room they showed me smells badly of mold. It is all too common. You can be sure those row bungalows will have it. Keep in mind i am very allergic to mold while others are not... You can see they knew more about building houses 100 years ago.
  12. Allen Ginsing

    The Warnings

    Intrinsically most coins have no value. ZERO. NADA. You have always remember this. There is no reason they can't just end up at zero or much, much less. I say buy in and sell out when you get 10-20% return. Don't get greedy. Only leave in what you can stand to lose. Wait for news or a crash, then buy in and watch it like a hawk.
  13. Any link? Are you saying you get 6% interest forever?
  14. 1. Slab foundation. A high number of buildings have mold on the ground floor because without a basement where will the water go? This can cause the glue of the tiles to never cure and mold growth there too. This is why traditional houses where build on stilts or raised foundations. 2. Septic tanks. Septic tanks should never be under a living space, they should be 4m away from any building. Septic tanks should be vented. Sewage gas is an irritating and even toxic. TP should never be flushed down to the septic tanks. 3. Plumbing and sewage vents. You'll notice the shower does not drain, this is because vent leading to day light. It is amazing how they can not do this. Same with sewage vents, gas often ends up on the top floor shower. 4. Shower water proof. Tiles should have a plastic barrier under the shower not just adhesive attaching the showers. It will fail eventually and you will have mold and rot underneath the tiles. 5. Shower and kitchen vents. Amazing they don't include vents in the new builds. With out vents you will eventually get mold in the ceiling. 6. Sealing concrete. Painting the interior walls with water proof paints seems like a good idea but you trap moisture in the concrete. Ideally there should be a gap and layer of drywall on the interior. Against you will see mold growing inside the concrete. Well, i am sure there are more... will add later. Let me know what you've noticed too. This list will come in handy in case you decided to buy or build a house or apartment.
  15. Allen Ginsing

    Thai men told: get to work and make more kids!

    Best solution is to emancipate the children from their parents. Make parents have no legal obligation to raise or support their offspring. Raise all the children in secularcommunes; this will eliminate all crime. poverty, drug addiction, homelessness, child abuse etc. The west needs this model even more. It is just the village system on an organized level but since the villages have been broken up we need a new system. The nuclear family is a disaster. Children need many other brothers and sister to socialize with and a few wise mentors to guild them.