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  1. Between Krabit and Ao Nang

    Seems like some nice jungle. Anywhere you'd recommend to get out and walk into the jungle? What is with that bat cave up in the big limestone cliff, can someone get up in there?
  2. Hotels 3-4 stars in Thailand Noise!

    Thai's on vacation are noisy - avoid Thai hotels better stay at place gear toward farangs.
  3. UV hole opens up over Thailand !

    I wish, i've been room bound for 2 days with sun stroke. Also meet a few other with the same red, bewildered face.
  4. Owner not refunding

    Well i think you guys are very wrong. 1) The customer is always right. It is called buyer's remorse. In comparison, traveling in India or Nepal is very different, for example i spent 3.5 weeks in a guesthouse last year and never paid a rupee until i left when i paid the whole bill. Staff always smiled and never look worried. Room was bit cheaper but a bit better too. 2) Think about buying RE in my country. A seller can be sued months after closing because of defects of house. So you can not expect someone to completely check out a guest house room in 5 minutes. Yes perhaps i could have check the mattress thickness more closely. Still, if someone only spend 20 minutes in a room the smart owner will just refund and say sorry or face possible bad word of mouth advertising. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buyer's_remorse
  5. Cleanest/Dirtiest Cities in Thailand

    You guys really need to visit India or Nepal once a year. Speak some english, take a whiff of the garage and come back to Thailand - you will precipitate it much more.
  6. UV hole opens up over Thailand !

    A number of people (including myself) been severely burned by the sun in the last few days. It seems that there is an extreme UV risk at the moment. http://www.meteovista.com/Asia/Thailand/Sunpower-Krabi/3288330 Burn very quickly. Hat, sunscreen and keep out of the sun 10-4 recommenced.
  7. Owner not refunding

    I checking into a guesthouse in Krabi Town which seemed nice, i took a shower unpacked a bit then went out for a 2 hour came back at 3:00pm and sat in bed and realized it was hard as rock! It was ridiculous and i realize i could not sleep and had to leave. The owner was indignant and only refunded 200 out of the 600 baht. Which i think is unfair. Do you think i can contact the tourist police and they would help get my money back?