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  1. 12 out of 50 whitening cosmetics found to have mercury

    Bhaesa , i bought this product a few times (at a BIG SHOP that is everywher) as cheap moisturizer. Man am i pissed off! check your stash: omg, Vasaline has traces of mercury. Is nothing sacred? Does anyone have any idea of a moisturizer that is safe? I guess aloe stick.
  2. Thai defamation law and online reviews

    I don't think google or TA would give up your identity very easily. But better set up a pseudo account that can't be traced to you. Obviously do no use your real name.
  3. transfer money into thailand bank

    https://bx.in.th/ looking at this one. Seems rates are better than my country. I think they are closer to action of Korea and China.
  4. I want to buy some crypto currency. From what i can tell the coin exchange in Thailand gives better rates than exchanges in my country. If i transfer money to a local thai account then buy crypto, is there any problem with taxes in Thailand?
  5. New roof advice

    You could put a ridge vent on top. Not sure that you need it, looks it is separate from the top of the house. https://buildingscience.com/documents/published-articles/pa-crash-course-in-roof-venting/view
  6. Millennials arrive today, and it looks as if they are here to stay... 1. Constantly texting on their phones. Walking into a restaurant, guesthouse or bar is like a cybercafe with people hunched over phones with intensity. They even judge you by your phone, you do have a phone...right? 2. Texting when you are having a conversation with them. They think nothing of picking up their phone and texting in the middle of conversion. 3. Yawning without covering their mouths. Seems very rude to me. 4. Tattoos. Some really ugly blue ink in the most conspicuous places. Hey lets get a tattoo, what could go wrong? 5. Piercings. Aren't they attractive with nose rings? 6. Bad beards. Works for some guys not all. Most of they look like wood jacks erjacks. 7. Paranoid of others. Desocialized. You need an app connection before striking up a conversation with a millennial or they think you are trying to hustle them, steal their gf/bf etc. 8. Couple who got to hostels. Ok, so you are young, in the prime of your life, with your girl or guy in an exotic location so you decided to stay in hostel, a shared accommodation so you can't have sex? What's up with that? 9. Political correct. Just don't question feminism or if a millennial plans to ever have children or get married. Don't go there... they be triggered! 10. Victimitis. It's all the old white guys fault, the patriarchy ruined the planet!
  7. New roof advice

    Not sure if anyone mentioned this but those concrete roof panels may contain asbestos. Should be careful when taking them off and probably want to avoid putting new ones if they contain asbestos. Good idea is take them off in the monsoon and make sure the dust doesn't fall inside the house. I think clay roof tiles would be a good choice personally.
  8. Vegetarian resturant lets birds eat from the buffet

    Well they are Buddhist and very nice people actual, i like the food they are always very kind and give me big portions. I suspect they don't want to offend the birds, LOL. There is only one other veg place in town which is not as good...
  9. That is the other thing in guesthouse i notice some lazy idiots like to move the bed or tables around in the middle of the night but dragging them. I give them a few chances but at some point i politely write them a note so you don't have to confront them asking them quiet up.
  10. I really like this place and eat there almost every day. Lately i've noticed that that small birds fly in and eat from the trays and from the rice pot if it is not covered. I mentioned this to the lady and she said,,"soarry, soarry.." and shooed them away. I notice these bird are always out from of the restaurant waiting there. Should i be concerned with H5N1?
  11. OMG yes this is big problem. I wake up many times at night in some guesthouse when people slam the doors. Some young people take great glee in slamming the door every time they leave the room. In Cambodia they have a solution! They put foam rubber strips along the inside of the door it is genius, it makes it impossible to close the door. The other problem are the Neanderthals who walk on the balls of their feet instead of the their toes...
  12. arrived on Aug 21st

    ok thanks.
  13. arrived on Aug 21st

    Don't they give you 1 day free? Oh i see 21th is day one, damn.
  14. I've got a 6 month visa but have to leave after 60 days. So Oct 20th is the last day. I can leave the 21st without fine or 22nd?
  15. Need Help on making Block/Grass Driveway...

    If you have a wet area then you can install some drainage pipes underneath. You level the soil and pack it down so it is tight, it should be good soil so the grass can root and grow. It can be a mixture of sand, clay and top soil. It is a good idea to lay these on a bit of slope so water rolls off. You can use a string lines for the keep the bricks level, one for you X & Y axis. Once you get all the bricks down then you fill with grass seed. Water every other day for 1-2 weeks. Don't worry if you they are one or two not level, you can take a pry bar and easily pull a couple up and adjust the soil underneath. It will take a couple of weeks for the bricks to settle.