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  1. Best way to do this is ?

    Cheers oldgit - thats very interesting and has sort of comforted me we are sailing the right side of the line - I did on one visit have to really bite my tongue when the guy checking her passport scared the crap out of her by walking off with it, leaving a piece of paper saying denial of entry (found out later this is just admin while he has her passport) then wandered off for half hour. He then called me over as I was waiting behind the passport checks in the terminal, proceeded to ask me 3 or 4 aggressive sounding questions and then told her to have a nice holiday. If I hadn't so happened I had her return ticket on me I swear we could have been doomed! Fighting the urge to thump the scrot - I did ask him why he would have doubts that the British Embassy didn't have but decided not to pursue it for obvious reasons. Still there will be a 10 month gap between visits next time so should be ok and of course a marriage certificate !! Same old problem, give someone a uniform ..... PS I'm shocked I've mentioned several times marrying a Thai and I haven't been hit with a barrage of she's going to sell your kidneys, buy a lambo, purchase 2,000 buffaloes yet - the forum must be maturing !
  2. Look what Thailand could do if there was no corruption

    wow - just wow !
  3. Would this curiosity extend to anyone falling downs the stairs globally or restricted just to Thailand to fit nicely into the stereotypical profile ?
  4. Best way to do this is ?

    I realise I may be talking to myself now, no change there, but this has confused me Your visa may be cancelled and you may get a long-term ban on visiting if your travel history shows you’re repeatedly living in the UK for extended periods. Yet it appears to be a requirement that you have built up a history of (up to) 6 month visits over a shortish time to be taken seriously for a longer visa ! Appears to be a dangerous tightrope walking exercise !
  5. Best way to do this is ?

    Found this oldgit which concurs with you And along with the premise, the person has built up a history of performance over a long period of time, like 10 years or so. You have had 3 visas over the course of 8 years, but to have an application taken seriously you would need about a dozen over that time and all for the same reason. Based upon what you wrote you will have difficulty establishing both premise and performance, so it's fair to be pessimistic about the outlook. You can always apply however; it's simply a matter of checking the appropriate box and paying the fee. If they decide you do not qualify for a 10 year visa, they will work their way down the line looking for something you do qualify for until they get to the standard 6 month visa. If you qualify, you'll get the standard 6 month visa and they will keep the difference in fee. I did find something that says if you own an aircraft that's registered in the UK that's a reason to get a 10 year - so I'll look out for an old battered tiger moth on my travels ! Wouldn't it be a great system if there was an interview process where they then told you what they were willing to allow and the fee is 'x' !
  6. Best way to do this is ?

    Cheers - appreciate the reply. Money isn't a massive consideration at those levels so will look into that
  7. Best way to do this is ?

    Apologies - I'll ask for your permission next time I want to post something
  8. Best way to do this is ?

    Nope - hadn't heard of it but just looked it up on here - thanks Helps me but isn't going to help on the paperwork front for her coming into UK and the insane hoops you have to jump through. Plus if we did it every year its surely a matter of time before they start rejecting them I would have thought. Thing is we don't want to live permanently in either country !
  9. Best way to do this is ?

    Brilliant - thanks for all your help Mo !
  10. Hello, After 6 years of annual visitor visas to the UK for my thai gf and the absurd amount of paperwork each time, we're getting married early next year in Thailand. With my romantic head on one reason is to cut down on the 'kin paperwork I thought this would result in. Initial investigations however seem to suggest that if we're not sure where we want to live (we change our minds every month) I am going to have to carry on visitor visas for my WIFE for the foreseeable future as a spouse visa is only issued if you intend to live in the UK right ? Is there nothing else we can apply for ? We just want to come and go as we please with a house in both countries. We were even mulling 6 months UK summer, 6 months Thailand like that - but sounds like that would hit the buffers pretty soon ? Any advice/suggestions welcome
  11. Because most burglars ransack the place unless you have really polite ones