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  1. John Richards

    Go-go going as Chinese women fuel Thai tourism boom

    You can't have supply without demand
  2. Called radar jammers in the UK as they scramble the signal from the radar gun - however you're now looking at 12 months in prison for using one!!
  3. So you don't want them to do anything as they will embezzle the money and finish with a request for them to do more - you appear to be confused!
  4. HP support if it does go pear shaped is the worst in the business ! If HP hardware goes bang you bin it and vow never again !
  5. John Richards

    ‘Ying Kai’ jailed three years in forced-labour case

    Apart from the justice you're commenting on right ?
  6. ....he says from the safety of his keyboard
  7. John Richards

    Bomb blast in Sweden triggers alert for Thai expatriates

    Just say the <deleted> word cos I haven't a clue what you're on about ?!
  8. Doesn't it ? Or does someone have to trawl the web for you to provide the education you're after ?
  9. So congratulations you mean ? I know positivity walks a lonely path on here but credit where credits due
  10. Spot on but that common sense will agitate the doom laden ! If you go looking for trouble on an English village green you'll find it - if you can act like an adult you'll be fine.
  11. I envisage a run on the Tesco share price - in "man abandons global giant in All Bran fit of pique" scoop
  12. John Richards

    Thailand moves toward abolishing death penalty

    Nor in ANY nation on the planet - in the U.K. DOZENS of people who would have been executed were later found to be not guilty. People who want the death penalty tend to be low intelligence specimens who believe the state sponsored murder of innocents is an acceptable price until of course it's their family member!
  13. According to FIFA there are 203 nations on this earth so with my pedantic head I would say you're talking nonsense.
  14. John Richards

    Phuket Denies Lifeguard Shortage Is Killing Tourists

    I've never faced dangers in Thailand I wouldn't face in any other country on this planet - I've heard you can get medication for being hysterical though !!