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  1. Thaksin never participated in a fair election. He paid 500 baht for every vote. Thats known as vote buying. LOL.
  2. Why not just give her a try. It could help.
  3. These thai girls are lying. How can you tell? Their lips are moving.
  4. I saw her on beach road pattaya with her guitar yesterday. She was humming very nicely.
  5. ovi1kanobi

    Thai Colleges Urged To Do More About Sexual Violence

    Pass out condoms to freshman girls. problem solved
  6. 800 baht a gram very fair price. She should walk free.
  7. What a ignorant article who cares. wish I could get back the time it took too read. Real dribble!
  8. I have trouble with girls in uniform or school girl outfits.
  9. Does anyone have a link to this facebook thing. Iam just currios and doing some research. To help an old friend.
  10. No lao kao tax. You can see what happens It ain't pretty.
  11. They were just playing tag.
  12. Even Pierce Bronsen would know those breasts are copys! That hat looks like one of her implants.
  13. And I guess you think drunk driving does not kill anyone. LOL. And what about liver failure? If you sell to a drunk driver, And he kills someone. Its the seller's fault.