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  1. Pretty callous comment, when we know the victim could well die of prostrate cancer.
  2. "A cult film or cult movie, also commonly referred to as a cult classic, is a film that has acquired a cult following. Cult films are known for their dedicated, passionate fanbase, an elaborate subculture that engage in repeated viewings, quoting dialogue, and audience participation. " Hence Avatar.. But I must admit that my understanding of the "jargon" was a bit vague..
  3. Dear Hunter Apocalypse Now Babel + 21 grams Avatar
  4. Yeah, I stopped using my downstairs air conditioner yesterday and today the planet's average temperature dropped by 0.5 centigrade...
  5. KiChakayan

    A BIG thank you

    This is sooo very kneejerky... When I read Colin's post I felt, yess... this is Thailand too! But the true kindness of some people here, and many other good or great things, shouldn't stop anyone to point the finger to what's so blatantly wrong. To the change that is so dearly needed to make everyone's life a great deal better.
  6. No big loss anyway. If one takes a cold pragmatic look at the situation.
  7. KiChakayan

    Bangkok's tallest building opens skywalk

    Mine peaked when I was 25. Now I take Proscar, so no good for CIFs
  8. Don't ride a motorbike, get yourself a car. Avoid driving a night. Get an A1 insurance since you are going to hit a motorbike sooner or later. Make sure your missus drives when you are drunk.
  9. Man, anyone who doesn't agree with you on that has loose morals. But we are in Thailand: don't repay your debts but give money to the monks, to build a wall with your name on it.
  10. KiChakayan

    Brexit turmoil hits the pound

    Ohhh you remember WW2, I remember the One Hundred Years War. Please don't be ridiculous. I guess there are a few like you across the Chanel, but I don't think even Farage or Johnson could have written such nonsense.
  11. Macron's popularity ratings are quite low, so I guess he is trying to gain a few points with a "Gaullian" stand against the big ugly bully state. Ruling France is an impossible task..
  12. KiChakayan

    Refusing condoms boosts STDs among teens

    Real problem here, out in Issan. There is a mind boggling number of teenage pregnancies, or pregnancies occurring in young couples where the commitment of the male partner is zero. Before age 35 or 40 the local males are amazingly irresponsible dogs. I try to convince my girls that for a woman the first pregnancy shouldn't occur before 27/28, and that they should look for partners over 35, not Thai preferably. Anything other should be treated with condom + contraception, possibly abortion. Breaks my heart because I don't like condoms either.
  13. How many times did you get bitten by humans?