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  1. KiChakayan

    Begpackers in Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

    I think that the laws for foreigners working illegally should be equally applied to foreigners who are begging. This being said, other people messing up their lives is none of my business.
  2. This thread isn't about wanking; it is wanking...
  3. Thanks. I discussed it with my missus, and we came to conclude that any civil action would involve establishing which of the family assets belonged to the deceased. Compensation of the victims could then be drawn from his assets. As Thais understand Thais she pointed out that the family would spare no efforts in minimising his share.
  4. I wouldn't mind if his rating was even lower as this would show that he is implementing the required tough measures. Reforms that have been made in Germany, 20 years ago, and 30 years ago in UK.
  5. Nope, hence my post. Look at the last sentence. Maybe the missing question mark? But I don't know why I waste my time to answer such post.
  6. I still hope for a Germany, Benelux and France Federation to become a reality. This would require the French got their economy and debt under control. Maybe if Macron can get a second term; but I doubt it, the French just lack the discipline. Having the "European Federation" sitting at the UN would look so good. Neither the Russians nor the Brits would like it though.
  7. Was he a minor? That would be the only reason a civil action could have any chance to succeed. Or is this TIT case, once more.
  8. Maybe if you took things with a pinch of salt you Bia Singh would taste better. I know what the situation was in France and UK in those years. And I emigrated to Australia in 1981... And don't say "France isn't Britain", since your so pertinent figures put them into the same boat.
  9. Actually I think they came mostly on our terms. But then came Maggie, amazing woman... And, somehow, while I've always had admiration for her, today most Brits despise her. In my opinion they prefer to ignore the fact that in 1979 UK was a budding third world nation and that Maggie and, ironically, the EU allowed them to regain status and competitiveness.
  10. KiChakayan

    Male Breast Reduction Surgery

    Taking testosterone supplements to treat gynecomastia cause by the infamous Finasteride could have some interesting effects, couldn't it?
  11. KiChakayan

    Venus to shine brightest on 25 September, 30 November

    As far as I am concerned, the best spot to observe Venus is on Soi Cowboy.
  12. Well, you may be entitled to have anti French feelings but you got your facts all wrong. De Gaulle came back to power in 1958, and got re-elected in 1965. During his accession to power there was some rough play but France and its Algerian colony were in a state of civil war. The students demonstrations were in 1968, and there were indeed a handful of casualties mainly due to police brutality. Far from gaining power De Gaule was led to the way out during these events. He left in 1969 following a no vote in a referendum, on "regionalisation" and the extension of the European Community. The French were indeed routed in 1939, but mostly because of an absolutely inadequate strategy which relied almost entirely on the Maginot line, the French Chiefs of Staff, were to old and dumb to imagine that Hitler could invade Belgium to bypass the French defences. During the German invasion De Gaulle was a Lieutenant-colonel who's main distinction was to have written a book on "blitzkrieg", which, some people said, inspired Hitler. So, the next time you want to go French bashing, do your research. And if you are interested I could give you some facts on Gallipoli too...
  13. KiChakayan

    EU pushes October Brexit agreement, threatens no deal

    I did some research on the insanity topic. Couldn't help.
  14. De Gaulle was a man of vision...
  15. KiChakayan

    27 rats caught on Pattaya Beach

    Plenty pussy there. Doesn't work apparently. Or maybe I am a bit naive.