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  1. LOL, these advanced forum functions are beyond the intellect of some!
  2. So when your friend buys a car, you buy one "more expensive"? Not sure if that is interesting or weird? Also who calls Valentine's day, S. Valentine day or gives cash on that day? That was almost unintelligible. What country are you from?
  3. There are some surf bum real estate guys obviously interested.
  4. Aluminium or carbon fibre or gold plated?
  5. goodness gracious! because he mentioned having bought a Ford Everest means he is "boasting of wealth"? That guy was the international surf bum real estate tycoon so maybe having 4 motorized wheels is a luxury....cut him some slack LOL!
  6. Love these guys who have it all figured out....until they don't!
  7. I didnt read any further as it sounded top secret....can someone tell me what it was about in a declassified manner?
  8. had to be the worst experience for this punter if he watched this while in Bangkok
  9. torrzent

    Cheap Rolls Royce for me Mom in Law

    Saw a 2 for 1 deal on a porsche and a rolls. Don't mind the cadaver smell, you get used to it.
  10. Now would that be Patron tequila, or one of the ones with sombrero on it?
  11. Does this mean he can ask for a tip?
  12. Does this mean he can ask for a tip?
  13. Hey Singlish is real easy to learn!
  14. Sounds like it would make a great romance novel. Get to work writing and submit your manuscripts for peer review right here ragazzo!