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  1. Have you left Thailand ?

    So you weren't even a good English teacher......starting to understand the lack of history, geography etc.......
  2. Have you left Thailand ?

    Gonna have to call troll on this one, but thanks for the entertainment!
  3. Have you left Thailand ?

    A student of some twisted form of history but most definitely not geography and incredibly racist to boot! You should hang your head in shame!
  4. It's the Socks and Sandals Thread

    Are the SAS crew the same ones that wear crocs...just wondering?
  5. Have you left Thailand ?

    Am guessing that you are pretending to be so dumb. Vietnam does not share a border with Thailand, and The Malaya insurgency(yes a neighboring country) was put down by the Brits, not a bunch of barstool Rambo warriors like yourself.
  6. Soi Bukaw

    Isn't that what you just did?
  7. Have you left Thailand ?

    It's like Woodstock...if you can remember it, you weren't there!
  8. Have you left Thailand ?

    Another hero who thinks he's saving the world....Chuck Norris salutes you, but stop watching so many movies!
  9. Soi Bukaw

    Funny how peoples' historical recolleciton of a place seems to start when they first encountered it.....Buakhao had alot happening more than 14 years ago, well b4 soi LK metro.
  10. Noisy Karaoke Bar Shutdown

    https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/02/us/international-enrollment-drop.html Better fast forward to the future as your data is 5 years old, and the trend is actually in the opposite direction, including in the places you mention!
  11. It's the Socks and Sandals Thread

    The check shirts can be had for 50-100 baht outside some of the shopping places, though some may be used
  12. maybe there was a lederhosen wardrobe malfunction miscommunication?
  13. Have you left Thailand ?

    maybe it's time for a rebranding,....have you considered sanemin?
  14. It's the Socks and Sandals Thread

    You are overthinking this.