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  1. Amazing Service from TOT upcountry

    That’s because Leo gets to the parts no other beer gets to lol 😂
  2. Hands off our subs we may need them! Oh forgot we don’t have enough sailors to man them. But we could do a share with the Thai’s on their aircraft carrier, we could supply the aircraft cos they have the carrier.
  3. UK in general is ok, but some areas have hard and some soft water, I remember a very large international company bottling water direct from the main tap water. UK water companies were not allowed to employ Asians because they were carriers of typhoid (the ones that have corner shops and restaurants).
  4. The only method I know of getting smoke smell and coating out of soft furnishings is to use dri ice spray/ jetting and you will probably have a problem finding anyone in Thailand, it removes the smell and the carbon film.
  5. Hi Frank great story, I am a great advocate of doing what you want. As you have asked for advice, you must be aware that Tesco has a very large presence in Thailand, why don't you go on line and find out about the opportunities they have for store management in Thailand. I have been told they pay their managers the equivalent that they pay in the UK ??. You could join one of the airlines, train as a pilot then transfer to a Thai airline, you have so many options, but they all require a level of education. I also go along with what the other guys are saying bite the bullet and finish your education the world is your oyster. A lot of us can relate to how you feel ref education, the time spent is a lot shorter than the years you are going to have to work, education makes work a lot more enjoyable and gives more choice. Money doesn't buy you happiness but you will need it to live and to do the things it buys. I hope you sit and think about what we have said, and give it all a lot of thought, you will work for at least thirty years if you retire at fifty, if you make it big you could retire earlier, so I wish you luck in whatever you do, and keep posting.