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  1. The best I have had was 2016, July, air India from Birmingham,which was cancelled, put us in a hotel for the night breakfast and lunch the next day. We took off early pm, I paid £340 and got a refund of them £640 lol
  2. Wrong again lol ? how could he ask his mum, She died in a car accident...how many beers have you had? Your texts are getting worse by the minute
  3. Hey kidilo...how could he ask his mum? She was killed in a car accident.
  4. Bludove

    My Four Days in Pattaya

    Hi, I have just read the synopsis of songkran18 visit to Pattaya, as I scrolled down to the comments I guessed what awaited me and I wasn’t disappointed, I would say that 50% of the comments are from people that should have packed their bags and gone somewhere else a long time ago. I am not a lover of the place for permanent living but I do enjoy visiting, the same with London, Sydney or LA. Most of the sh*t comments I hazard a guess would be the same from them wherever these people were living. We can all pick fault with places people and products but the same people have such a downward view of life here in Thailand, slagging the Government off, the cities, the people, we are here by choice, we are guests, you can choose where you want to live, the people we mix with. So if you don’t like it, sling your hook and stop moaning, go back to where you came from.