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  1. Hi Frank great story, I am a great advocate of doing what you want. As you have asked for advice, you must be aware that Tesco has a very large presence in Thailand, why don't you go on line and find out about the opportunities they have for store management in Thailand. I have been told they pay their managers the equivalent that they pay in the UK ??. You could join one of the airlines, train as a pilot then transfer to a Thai airline, you have so many options, but they all require a level of education. I also go along with what the other guys are saying bite the bullet and finish your education the world is your oyster. A lot of us can relate to how you feel ref education, the time spent is a lot shorter than the years you are going to have to work, education makes work a lot more enjoyable and gives more choice. Money doesn't buy you happiness but you will need it to live and to do the things it buys. I hope you sit and think about what we have said, and give it all a lot of thought, you will work for at least thirty years if you retire at fifty, if you make it big you could retire earlier, so I wish you luck in whatever you do, and keep posting.