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  1. Correct thank you and this can be certified by my embassy anyway. Some will disagree but who cares lol
  2. He was only trying to survive. Hungry looking for food. He never planned to be in the sea
  3. They are little scum bags. Stealing from hard working people
  4. Media1

    Teacher charged in fatal Chon Buri accident

    it's a toss of a coin. There all guilty
  5. These characters are typical of what Thais dont want. So the reporter answered the question for all..There will be another delay. By the dinasour. Extinction is avoidable
  6. They are the back pedalling kings. There urge for power has made made them look like embeciles
  7. Media1

    Filipina Flight Attendant Breastfeeds Passenger’s Baby During Flight

    l would not want my child drinking from her body. No thanks No
  8. Media1

    UK pension via pay pal

    l use transfer wise the best exchange rate and fast service
  9. Media1

    UK pension via pay pal

    4 pensions first l have ever met. Your cruising
  10. LOL minor offence not 100k. Somchai would have got a warning and some paint remover 200 baht. And 1000 Baht fine
  11. They have done much damage and it's come back to bite them
  12. 4 million and the police never pursued the boat. They panicked and tossed it. That was there big mistake. it was then pieced together at a later date
  13. Media1

    Need your input for new bike

    None... But if is a must..The cheapest one