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  1. Bla bla they are employees what will happen then they will be reported and doubt with by there superiors. You not half Thai are you lol. They need to be reported priks
  2. Bottom.line there robbing people and breaking the law. You must give a receipt for any government service. I think they need to be reported to BKK
  3. Yes they are robbing us. You can refuse at the desk. I did 2 years ago. I got the form. But she will call that gay guy over and he will say go go. You need to take it up upstairs with the bosses It is a free service they should be fired
  4. Dad's army years of tail chasing
  5. Sir you people do a great job on your own. It truly is a job reserved for Thais lol
  6. Of course Pinnochio is milking it
  7. Correction the Australian divers rescued the kids. VERNON did the talking. Seems he has talent for it. He has no balls
  8. Lol a imposter and weak old man is what l think of Vernon. Useless old <deleted>
  9. I thought this read people reject Prayut lol
  10. Media1

    International Avocado arguement

    They not want to be seen as cheap. But l do lol