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  1. Media1

    Divorce and property abroad

    Yes and even if you own no property and have cars bikes and just go. Unless she pays lawyers she gets 0
  2. He needs a bullet not a summons. If was my daughter he not make his court date
  3. Thai government don't give a toss about these brats. They just don't want any potential loss of earnings lol. They are not there mother or father and any interviews is up to the parents. Go use Some body else. And please hurry with election dates so we can return you to the barracks ASAP
  4. I would shuffle him to a temple in a box.
  5. Media1

    What is the legal age to drive a car?

    17 is ok if you got nice milk
  6. Media1

    Cambodian couple demand Thai cops probe

    This police chief makes me sick. When you look in the mirror do you fear HE'LL. You should
  7. Media1

    Cambodian couple demand Thai cops probe

    It's imperative a real leader abolished this nonsense and it takes a man to do it. I can't see him inn the current regime lol.
  8. Media1

    Cambodian couple demand Thai cops probe

    It's disgusting makes me feel angry
  9. Media1

    Cambodian couple demand Thai cops probe

    As you can see once again the corrupt Thai laws are working as built. To protect the criminals. Jail these 2 police 10 years no parole and please hurry with a election date so we can vote you put. READY for real reforms.
  10. Media1

    Pattaya cabbies demand higher minimum charge

    Go work in a factory and see What real work is. YOU been robbing people to long. You should be jailed for extortion goose