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  1. once again another display of incompetence. It's not new bikes doing the damage you silly men. It the old vehicles ploughing smoke which l encounter every 6th vehicle in Chonburi. You know this and are once again ignoring the fact the police are useless lol. No reform has taken place. So now you lie again to get money and not solve the issue. Just like you lie about reforms. This is why it imperative your removed from office. Next I vote for a 15 year school kid.
  2. A scared government lol.
  3. He is a despicable human being and needs a cage and a face muzzle attached.
  4. will he have his English translation app. The genius will need it. Even then no one's listening
  5. They are the most useless.l ever seen
  6. No financiers stupid lol..They just don't want you robbing any longer and have had enough of a useless government. Move on
  7. The people if Thailand must man up.and demand it stop work. stop all
  8. He needs to be grabbed and sent to UN for crimes against humanity and sentenced to death.
  9. l would not bother reading. Once these characters are out of office. The new PM.needs to bin defamation attacks at the drop of a hat and adopt the western genuine version lol. This law is to protect a corrupted government..Also.no government body should have access anyway lol circus show.
  10. You naive bro..i can get a visa and show nothing through contacts no more than 10000 baht a year
  11. Coins.co.th?

    Only 1 company BX EXCHANGE . Easy reg and good company. Best in Thailand.. Every exchange offers different coin trades. They have the basics. Live online charts and free app