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  1. Media1

    Thai Gov’t monitoring online information

    How are those 30 million baht watches going..LOL your day will come
  2. just another rat weak man. There's thousands on the roads. With 0 reforms. A grim outlook
  3. 10 years jail no parole for this trash
  4. Media1

    Foreign prisoners to be transferred home

    l bet the Thais dislike the law. Unable to inflict absolute inhumane incarsaeration to foreigners haha. Disgraceful jails and still unreformed lol.
  5. They teach them sweet <deleted>. This ain't the AU or USA
  6. Nobody wants the army
  7. it's a big rort. They get money off rich families for there son not to be there. Army in Thailand is a joke. It should be a career path chosen only
  8. Maybe she wants to be a broker. Get her into a course. The money you spend with be better than the losses that are coming
  9. They are animal.like but the dog is much nicer.
  10. Yes your wife has to much spare time..Get her another job
  11. Nice head ok l.believe you cool lol.
  12. Media1

    Spend The Night At Don Muang?

    in that situation l.tske 4 seats goodnight