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  1. I wish to pass on my email. There maybe a more suitable position working on a lower platform
  2. Disgusting although I don't listen or trust Thai media. Large gangs lol. What would they know. Every week some Thai is reported for assaults on children. The media not need to look to far.
  3. He has no clue. That's why a election is a must do ASAP
  4. Only 11 ? There must be some mistake
  5. This is true. The The.is at fault. He probably had no helmet or licence. Which also means he is not to even be on the road. Let the Thais cry and scream.
  6. A back hander would have been in order
  7. Yes the education and law had failed the public and it's come to that correct.
  8. Yes one big Thai scam..forget Hub. Globally the slogan in land of scams. All legal
  9. He should be in a cell awaiting court. <deleted>
  10. Yes the RTP should be disbanded and replaced by temporary soldiers until new intelligent men are hired at good salaries and every dime back into the state coffers
  11. No it''s a Thai man its normal behavior
  12. He maybe called in by the JUNTA as part of the reshuffle in cabinet.