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  1. Good luck they look forward to seeing you to
  2. The family only want the money. Any country woman with little or no education are not user friendly in the nationality department. Theread used to brain dead poorly spoken Thai men. And they love them lol.
  3. You don't need to be a scholar to work it out. Put your thinking cap on son
  4. Big deal. You just raped the country with price hikes in supermarkets and tobacco. Another scam for you to win votes. You will fail where spreading the word
  5. His on growth hormone which is expensive. So he probably sells YABBA at the temple
  6. Prayut’s visit to US may happen soon

    The only news people want to here. Is his no longer PM
  7. What else can expect from Asians. Another Chinese scum bag that needs to be executed.
  8. Of course they sell flowers and want donations and it's one big rort.
  9. Most have no care and give birth for a hobby. They never had good parents themselves and don't know black from white. Simple
  10. Dear PM You keep promoting the great.Thai justice system haha. Let's wait and see Sir. In my country these 2 scum suckers will be serving life Bashed daily and probably dead within 3 months. Knifed. Unfortunately you allow this to reoccur due to your tolerance of scum that destroy children's lives.
  11. Hey thanks for releasing there names and pictures. Excellent work. These 2 will see what pain really is. I are sure.
  12. Agreed pretend army that has done nothing for anybody.
  13. What a terrible statement and a weak excuse. As a former soldier and a person of morals. I will say Thailand invested billions on a army that is not worth a nickel. I will also say I have no respect for that general.who has a lot to answer for. What did he call himself a supporter of human rights. What a joke. I despise