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  1. jackdd

    Money transfer

    It's not an usual electronical money transaction, because in my online banking in the field which normally shows the bank account number of the sender it just shows something like 000000001. Maybe they deposit cash or a cheque in the account? Unlikely but not impossible. Let's say it would be as simple as this, which it most likely isn't: They send money from Europe to their bank in Thailand and then send it to the customer's account. How do you want to get a FET for money that went through two banks? And what if their bank in Thailand had money from other sources in it, which part of the money is then the foreign part? Nobody will issue you such a FET
  2. There is a section in the Immigration Act which limits the max. temporary stay for most purposes to 1 year, so they give the maximum time possible. Probably there is also a law somewhere which says a visa can only be valid for maximum 5 years, so when you buy 20 years you get 4 times 5 years. Of course it would have been more convenient if you would simply get an "admitted until" stamp with the end date of the TEV (and a TEV visa with 20 years), but that seems to be not possible with the current laws, so they took what they could get. His visa would still be valid, but there is another problem. If you spend many years in a country, and are willing to spend this money on a 5 year visa it might be because you consider staying there forever. But the ban will stay in the Immigration System for the rest of your life, and if you ever got banned from Thailand you can be refused entry just for that. So this might give you some extra troubles in the future, and you might think about staying somewhere else where you don't have to worry about being refused entry every time you arrive even with a visa.
  3. jackdd

    DMK to BKK

    Thai Smile Airways and Viet Jet Air fly to / from BKK, so for future travels you should try to use one of them if you have a connecting flight from BKK, much more relaxed
  4. jackdd

    HIFI / Soundbar -Shop Paragon Area???

    Did you forget that you opened the same thread already?
  5. jackdd

    Unemployment in Thailand: stats and facts

    And the other 38% work in Homepro, Global House and similar stores.
  6. jackdd

    Unemployment in Thailand: stats and facts

    Maybe you should go out more at different times Bangkok just has millions of people, so it's always busy. Bangkok has rush hours, yes in the middle of Bangkok is always traffic jam, but in the rush hours it's much worse. Between about 7:00 and 10:00 and 16:00 and 20:00 the traffic is much worse than at other times. Yes, there are always people in the banks, but if you go in the lunch break or after people finish work there are much more people than at other times.
  7. jackdd

    Money transfer

    Transferwise offers lower fees than the banks, so they won't use bank transfers to get the Money to Thailand. The money that you retrieve from Transferwise does most likely come from inside Thailand so no FET
  8. jackdd

    International Driving Permit

    I'm obviously talking about an official document and not something that you print by yourself or somebody else like the trustworthy people running this website or working at Kao San road print for you. In this thread are two people who say their DLT (Bang Chak and Ubon) didn't accept the 1968 IDP, only accept 1949 IDP: Same for Phuket Pattay as well
  9. jackdd

    International Driving Permit

    And you think somebody who bought his license at Kao San road would take his insurance to court over it? (Not impossible... but highly unlikely) I provided nearly only facts, i'm sorry if facts scare you.
  10. In the past i always got the exchange rate according to this, with different cards: https://www.mastercard.us/en-us/consumers/get-support/convert-currency.html https://www.visaeurope.com/making-payments/exchange-rates It can of course be that that's not always the case
  11. The exchange rate is set by Mastercard / Visa My experience withdrawing cash over the counter:
  12. jackdd

    International Driving Permit

    I'm quite sure the judge talked Thai and said neither IDL nor IDP But something like an IDL doesn't even exist so when people say IDL they usually mean IDP It's ok if you don't like it, i don't like examples anyway, see my example with the helmets from before. I prefer to stick to what is written in the law. In the first post of this thread i provided quotes of Thai law and the 1968 convention according to which 1968 IDPs are not valid in Thailand, so that's currently the fact. Of course i might be wrong, i never said that that's the whole truth, maybe some ministerial order exists somewhere that makes them valid, but nobody could provide it yet, so most likely it doesn't exist. If you know where to find this, post the source
  13. jackdd

    International Driving Permit

    In the UK and most states of the US and Australia you don't need an IDP, the domestice license alone is enough, because other than Thailand they have laws which say this, but i don't stay there so i don't care about this We didn't get much details, but the judge said his IDP is not valid, and the person is from Belgium, so according to the other website i posted before he can only get a 1968 IDP, which is most likely the reason.
  14. jackdd

    International Driving Permit

    I can't search for something that doesn't exist, so if you think it exists provide a source Once I saw people passing a police checkpoint on a motorbike without helmets and the police didn't stop them. So if i apply your logic we don't have to wear a helmet when driving a motorbike, because the police there didn't stop/fine them. I hope in this topic we keep to: If you say something is in a specific way, then provide an official source which confirms your opinion, preferably a Thai law, ministerial order or similar from the Thai government.
  15. jackdd

    International Driving Permit

    You are not the first person who says this in this thread. Can YOU provide any source (Thai law, ministerial order or similar) which says that a 1968 is valid in Thailand even though Thailand never ratified the 1968 convention? You are probably spreading misinformation