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  1. That's still no reason to ride with 3 or more people on a motorbike and without helmets. When i went to school i had to take the bus, this thread here is specifically about Bangkok, where taking the public transport is an option. Outside of Bangkok taking a bicycle would also be an option (inside BKK i would consider a bicycle as too dangerous)
  2. But if the police would be willing to do their work and not just wanted to collect money, they could probably confiscate the motorbike and maybe even take the children to the police station where they could then be picked up by their parents. If they would do this regularly then probably the parents would not allow the children to drive like this anymore
  3. But even there have to be some kind of exceptions. What would happen if you were in a coma? Maybe an international hospital is aware of these things and would handle it for you, but if it's a small provincial hospital i doubt they are aware of this.
  4. I didn't read everything because this thread is quite long already, so excuse me if somebody suggested it already: You don't know if your friend is really in IDC or what's up there and probably you don't have know anybody in Thailand who you can trust? In your situation i would ask the people here if somebody who can speak Thai (or let his GF do this) is willing to do a phone call to the IDC to confirm if your friend is really there. Of course you have to give the details of your friend to this person. This way at least you don't waste your time and money if your friend is not even in the IDC
  5. I always wonder why you guys want make it so complicated and suggest getting a tourist visa Just extend your visa exemption by 30 days at any embassy. Then after a total of 60 days you make a visa run to any other country (does not matter which it is and if you fly or take a bus) and come back to get another visa exempt and extend it, then you have 120 days in total. If you need something like 122 days just stay in the country that you make the visa run to for 2 days before you come back to Thailand.
  6. HONDA PCX 150 2018

    If you guys had clicked on the link and looked on the pictures with the battery packs, you would have seen "Detachable mobile battery pack", so i'm quite sure you can take the batteries out and charge them in your room I'm using my PCX to travel the country, but 99% of the people use scooters just to commute to work or for buying stuff, if the scooter can go 100km on one charge it would be more than enough for them. A bit of a problem is that you will probably lose the under seat storage and probably want to put a top box. If it will be a success or not depends mostly on the price, i think in general an electric scooter is way more useful than an electric cars because they are usually not used for big distances. If your boss does not mind you charging it at your workplace (so you get free electricity) you would save about 7000thb in gas per year if you drive 10000km per year, that's quite nice. Let's see how much you save if you have to pay it by yourself after they release information about the electricity usage.
  7. HONDA PCX 150 2018

    Here is a link: http://greatbiker.com/เปิดตัว-2018-honda-pcx-hybrid-และ-pcx-electric/
  8. Pros & cons of dating a Thai(man).

    That's a good post I doubt police would do anything, violence in a relationship is "Thai culture" And even if they did anything, what would happen? 500thb fine and a wai? Definitely yes. But i have to clarify: Usually they lie to save face, not to deceive someone
  9. Why go to immigration? You want to be arrested? In this case you could probably just turn yourself in at any police station
  10. What do you want to report?
  11. I've never seen a good offer on Airbnb, everything that i saw is totally overpriced. If you look at the link that you posted... most are shared rooms, or a room with a shared bathroom Go on this website: http://www.renthub.in.th/en Select your favorite area and then on the right at "Narrow your search" select the daily rates. If a place offers daily rental they also offer rates for 1 month.
  12. Do these hotels exist?

    At the nice beach in Bangkok, right?
  13. Actually i explained this before already. This would be step 1, to get an estimation of the return and investment, the required work and to see if the family can handle this. This would then be step 2, if step 1 shows that this could be a viable business. But of course with the focus on being a profitable business, not a hobby.
  14. I personally also prefer bigger dogs, but they require much more work. So i think starting with small dogs is better. I can just put a fence in their garden, and the dogs can run around there in the morning and evening, which should be sufficient for these small dogs, so nobody has to walk them every day for 20km which would be required for bigger dogs, especially for dogs of the "working races". About the papers, as mentioned before, i just couldn't find anything on Google in english regarding Thailand, probably i have to tell my GF to look for this in Thai. Obviously they don't come for free, but it would be good to know which costs this implies. Does anybody have any idea how to get adult dogs? If i'm seriously going to do this probably i have to contact the breeders and just ask them for this, which will for sure come at a price and not be cheap. But as i mentioned before, i would do a testing phase to see if it's economically viable (also if the family of my GF is able to handle this) without making a high investment, so i would prefer to try it with "normal" dogs, but don't know yet how to get these dogs.
  15. Probably he is going at speed because the police is chasing him, if they stopped he would probably go slower