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  1. But if it's his wife's land then this contract doesn't help him anything because it can just be voided by her if they should divorce. Before you buy (it will be in your wife's name because you can't own land as a foreigner): Do you either trust your wife 1000% and / or are willing to walk away from the house / land in case you guys get divorced? Other than that, this here is Thailand... recently somebody opened a thread here because his neighbour started running a noisy rice mill every day... could also be anything else that you can imagine that could annoy you (noise, smell...). If you bought the house there is not much that you can do but accept it. If you rent a house you can just move if it annoys you too much.
  2. When do we get a Fair Go ?

    I think i've never seen a Thai house that doesn't have a water tank and a pump. And even if the water is flowing as slow as you describe, with a tank this would probably not be a problem. Maybe just offer the guy who came to fix it a 500THB tip if it's working as before again, then he has some motivation to work
  3. Lending money to anyone in Thailand is a bad idea

    Of course a friend like in the English or Thai meaning of "friend", so somebody she knows, not a close friend.
  4. How good is your Thai?

    I think the word fluent is just somehow ambiguous. In general it means something like flowing. So in my opinion if you say you can speak fluent it means you can talk in the language without having to think. That fluent also includes a bigger vocabulary does probably arise from the difference of how languages are taught at schools and how you learn it if you live in another country. At school you learn a lot of vocabulary, but don't practice speaking so much. If you live in another country, like we do in Thailand, practice a lot, but maybe don't learn so much vocabulary. So if you learn a language just at school at the point where you can speak fluently (like in speaking without thinking) you also have a big vocabulary. But if, like us, you learn the language from living in the country, the point of when you can speak without thinking comes usually way before you have a big vocabulary (unless you spend extensive time learning vocabulary) I'm also not an english native speaker.
  5. How good is your Thai?

    I don't like the word "fluent" to describe the level of how good somebody speaks a language, so i didn't include it in the answers that i chose. For example myself, i speak Thai definitely fluently, but this is limited to the vocabulary that i have, which is not so big. So when a conversation about topics that are not every day stuff gets deeper and more specific i don't know the words anymore and i'm out.
  6. Lending money to anyone in Thailand is a bad idea

    Definitely yes, but as common in Thailand as illegal lotteries and illegal gambling like card games in general
  7. How good is your Thai?

    I wasn't aware of this, i thought multiple choice means selecting nothing is also valid. I can't edit this anymore, maybe a mod can.
  8. How good is your Thai?

    We currently have the other thread about english skills, so i thought one regarding the Thai language skills of the users here would also be interesting. I think the questions and the answer that i chose are clear, if anything is not, just ask. (Let's consider Isaan to be a dialect of Thai)
  9. Lending money to anyone in Thailand is a bad idea

    I also think that you should not lend anybody money... unless it's a good friend where you know 100% that you will get it back, but also then not more than you are willing to lose. A while ago a friend of my GF asked my GF to borrow 5000THB, i told her to not do it, but she didn't want to listen, so she did it. What she didn't tell me at first... her friend pays her 500THB interest per month until the credit is payed back in full. So more than 10% interest per month. In the last few months the friend payed her, let's see if it will continue until it's payed off. But with such an interest rate you probably make money even if sometimes people default the loan.
  10. Why should it be necessary for her to speak english? (Considering she is living in Thailand) If she considered english to be relevant in her life she would at least be able to read and speak english already. I think many Thais (i'm talking about Thais who grew up in Thailand) are able to speak and read english. But i've never seen any Thai who is able to write a longer text about anything without making lot's of spelling and grammatical mistakes. The problem is that this is never taught in school. So if you plan to open a language school i would focus on professional adults who rely on written correspondence using English language and who want to become more proficient in it.
  11. If you got a denied entry stamp for not having 20k THB, and then you go get the money and come back, what do you expect him to do? The reason why he denied you does not exist anymore. And if you don't act stupid you will not get a denied entry stamp at all. If he would ask you to see 20k THB, you tell him you don't have them in cash now, but can go to an ATM if he really wants to see it. He will then either be like "nevermind", because just too much hassle and just give you the stamp, or he would allow you to go to the ATM, you get the money, show it and then get your stamp, you just have to act nice and polite with him. The Thai-Laos borders are generally very relaxed, Thai-Cambodian borders are not so relaxed, but also far from strict. At Nong Khai i even once managed to take a motorbike out of the country which was not in my name (should not be possible, right?), i didn't even have to offer a tip, just talked nice with them. The IOs at the Nan border (Laos as well as Thai IOs) were kinda confused about what this motorbike was doing in Laos, but just talking nice with them also solved this and i was back in Thailand. At a Cambodian border i failed to do this.
  12. Actually i think the OP as well as people who answered here are confusing things and didn't read properly: OP said that her daughter has Thai and Chinese (Hong Kong) Citizenship. And that the daughter has a Thai passport right now. Then she asked how to renounce a Thai passport. People who replied interpreted this as renounce Thai citizenship, but i think that's not what OP actually meant. Of course if she had to choose between Thai or Chinese citizenship she would choose Chinese.
  13. They never asked me for anything at Nong Khai, got a visa exempt there just a few weeks ago. And land borders are not like an Airport, you are not trapped there. If they ask for money and you don't have it you just walk to the next ATM and get some (7/11 is like 200 meters away. Of course, this is not really legal, but nobody will care about it). In the worst case that you can't go to the 7/11 you would have to go back on the Laos side, use an ATM there and exchange the money. If you are there with your own vehicle even that takes less than 10 minutes.
  14. You say the child is Chinese citizen, so you should be able to to just apply for a passport in China? (Just don't tell them that she also has a Thai passport if that's a problem, unless you tell them they won't know?)
  15. On page one i posted the link to the original Thai law, this is all information that exists and that's as precise as it will get