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  1. jackdd

    Moving a vehicle tax/insurance not paod

    That's one purpose for what they are used, but that's not the only purpose for which they exist. I think in general red plates in Thailand exist for the same purpose as in most other countries, to be able to temporarily drive a car which is missing registration, whatever the reason for this missing registration might be.
  2. jackdd

    bike insurance

    Usually people buy class 1 insurance for the cover of their bike / car, not for the health insurance part
  3. Then ask arround until you find somebody who does it cheaper or do one of the things ubonjoe suggested
  4. Just go to an agent in Pattaya if he is staying there
  5. Because you provided your work permit
  6. jackdd

    Moving a vehicle tax/insurance not paod

    Thailand has "red plates" which serve the same purpose. But i'm quite sure they don't come with insurance I don't know if you as a private person, can get red plates, you should ask the DLT.
  7. Probably because you provided your yellow house book @op: You don't have to go to the DLT first, you can go straight to the immigration office to get a certificate of residence The questioning was indeed strange, and i did never hear of anything like that
  8. jackdd

    Ingredients in Coca Cola in glass bottles?

    On your picture are no ingredients It just says one bottle of 250ml has 110 calories, 0g fat, 0g protein, 26g carbohydrates, 15mg sodium and that the numbers regarding the daily requirement are based on a Thai person older than 6 years and based on 2000 calories per day.
  9. jackdd

    Green book transfer

    Depends on your local DLT. If you want to know it 100% you have to ask them.
  10. jackdd

    Thai script in posts

    Currently the forum rules say "English is the only acceptable language" So theoretically if one person would ask where to buy a vacuum cleaner and somebody would reply to him telling him that he should go to Homepro and ask for เครื่องดูดฝุ่น (which he could just show the people at Homepro and they would understand him 100% instead of writing it as transliteration which might not be understood), this would be against the forum rules. Obviously nobody should make whole posts in Thai script, but in many cases it makes sense to include Thai script in a post (also for example as source). I would suggest an update to the forum rules which says that pieces of Thai script are allowed in posts if they help the understanding.
  11. jackdd

    Help! Ripped Off

    I would go to their shop/office and have a talk with them in person If they don't agree to give you the money back while you are there i would call the police and see if this helps. If this does not help you can try to contact the consumer protection board, maybe they can help. In case this all doesn't help anything you can decide if you want to get a lawyer involved, but the question will be if that's worth it
  12. jackdd


    What did you check on your arrival card for the purpose of your visit? Tourism? Did you show them your WP? What did they ask you and what did you tell them?
  13. jackdd


    Some posts got lost in yesterday's server downtime. He replied already that he is German. @OP What did the immigration office say why they deny you entry? Did you have many tourist visas or visa exempts in the past?
  14. jackdd


    You have a valid work permit for Thailand, but don't have a non-imm B visa You arrived with a Singaporean passport without a visa and wanted to enter Thailand as a tourist Is this correct?
  15. jackdd

    Which fast family car?

    If the biggest car you ever used before was a Honda Jazz you might indeed get the impression that the Evoque is big Here the specs for you: Honda City: Leg Room, Front 1063 mm Leg Room, Rear 910 mm Front + Rear = 1973 mm Range Rover Evoque: Leg Room, Front 1019 mm Leg Room, Rear 925 mm Front + Rear = 1944 mm So a Honda City provides about 3cm more leg room than a Range Rover Evoque