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  1. Don't worry, i'm not retired and i also don't plan to spend the rest of my life there, so the biggest commitment i will have is the deposit of a month or two. Probably i will never buy property in Thailand At everybody discussing the air quality: I think we are all aware of the smog in Chiang Mai, for me personal it was ok when i was there in the past, we will see how i think about it after i spent more time there. The discussion about this is off topic and it will also lead to nothing, for some people it's ok, for some people it's not, you will probably not change the other party's mind, if you want to discuss this further it would be nice if you could open a seperate topic for this discussion.
  2. jackdd

    Pink card park access

    When looking at the number of foreigners i see in national parks i would estimate (of course this is completely subjective) that if the parks charged 45 instead of 40 THB for every national in the end of the day they would have the same income and 5 THB more wouldn't stop anybody from visiting. Maybe in the end they even had more money because more foreigners would visit. And actually it would be quite easy for them to make a much fairer payment system: Increase the cost per vehicle. Poor people arrive with 10 people on a pickup or 3 on a motorbike, richer people arrive with two people in a car. My suggestion would be: Free entry for everybody, and something in the region of 200-400 THB for a car and 50-100 THB for a motorbike (The parks where people don't have to drive arround inside do obviously have to stick with payment per person)
  3. jackdd

    Pink card park access

    Are there also places in Australia where the visitors have to pay 10 times the price of the locals? If Thailand would charge twice the price for foreigners we would probably not see many complaints, but 10 times as in most national parks is ridiculous.
  4. I've been there in february once for a few days. Was ok for me back then (might of course vary from year to year), so this is no reason for me to avoid Chiang Mai and i will give it a try. That's of course to be expected, one of the reasons why i asked for the pros / cons, so i can judge this by myself. Before i rent a place for 6 months or a year i will of course stay in a hotel somewhere for a week and have a look at the different areas to get a personal impression. But since Chiang Mai is a bigger city i can't see everything within a week, thus this topic to narrow it down beforehand Sadly i'm in stage 3 already, even bringing the girlfriend with me I don't hang out in bars, so this in itself is completely uninteresting for me, but on the other side i like to have a few food options available in the evening in my closer surrounding (currently living a bit outside of Udon and the only options in my area here in the evening are moo-gata and soup, could be a bit more ;)), which then often correlates with bars.
  5. I plan to relocate to Chiang Mai at the beginning of next year. I've spent a few weeks in Chiang Mai before, but this has been a while ago and i did of course only experience staying in one part of Chiang Mai, so i'm not sure yet where i want to stay. I plan to stay in or close to the city (let's say max. 15 minutes drive with motorbike to reach the old city in this square). To narrow the options of condos / houses (not sure yet if condo or house) down a bit i would like to hear which area in Chiang Mai you prefer and what the pros / cons of your area are.
  6. Has to be in your name 2 or 3 years ago i entered in Nong Khai and came back at Nan, was no problem, should still be possible
  7. Not old enough to get a visa / extension based on retirement any time soon, so if tourist visa should stop working for me my only options were to marry, Thai Elite or stay in another country (I don't plan to work here and something like Iglu is more expensive then Thai Elite so does not make sense for me, and i also don't plan to study). So i hope i can continue with tourist visas.
  8. This year Laos changed some laws / rules regarding foreign bikes, you now have to get some paper from a tour company to take a foreign bike into Laos. Did anybody here ever do this and can share his first hand experience? Also tell us at which border crossing you entered Laos.
  9. jackdd

    Being finned for 10000BHT

    OP is talking about taking a Malaysian bike to Thailand and back, while people who answer here write about taking Thai bike to another country and back. I think you should ask this in a Malaysian forum, i think the chance will be higher to find somebody who was in your situation before.
  10. jackdd

    Pink card park access

    Officially you would not get the Thai price with it, but probably most people working at the parks have no idea what it is and just give you the Thai price when you show it.
  11. Every few days we have a topic here from somebody who was questioned or denied entry when using visa exempts / tourist visas. Today i want to share my positive experience. In the previous years i made holiday in Thailand about half of the year, but this calendar year i will be spending about 11 out of 12 months in Thailand. I arrived in Thailand at Suvarnabhumi last year in autumn, and used 3 visa exempts + extensions making visa runs to Laos (Nong Khai) when my 60 days were over. In the middle of this year i went back to Germany for a month where i got a METV and flew back to Suvarnabhumi. Since then i also made a visa run to Laos every 60 days to get new 60 days, i recently made my last trip for this visa and can stay now until next year. While making all these in-outs i've not once been questioned by an IO about anything, every time just got my stamp. Maybe i was lucky, maybe the IOs at Nong Khai just follow the official rules and don't make up their own rules. Let's see how it will go on in the future
  12. jackdd

    RTP Shakedown - Who's to Blame?

    Here in Udon it took the DLT about 30 minutes to register a new vehicle (and handing over white plates), i was there with the salesman and saw it in person. The week long wait is caused by the shops. That's one of a few points where you can't blame Thai government
  13. jackdd

    Inmproving performance on Forza 300

    Variator weights won't change the throttle response, with them you can just adjust the acceleration and top speed a bit. You can maybe optimize the length of the throttle cable a bit, but make sure it still has some free play if the handle bars are turned
  14. jackdd

    When to replace tires?

    Get some new tyres, yours are probably as hard as rock by now
  15. This was written in another topic, so could very well be: