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  1. webmark

    Hidden Assets Investigation

    i trusted
  2. webmark

    Hidden Assets Investigation

    for the kids
  3. webmark

    Hidden Assets Investigation

    Why ? i should exhibits my whole life here ?
  4. webmark

    Hidden Assets Investigation

    Don't judge me, you don't know me and you don't my wife. I will share with her 90% of what i own, i just try to find a solution to save something for my kids in the future.
  5. webmark

    Hidden Assets Investigation

    I didn't talk to you blockhead
  6. webmark

    Hidden Assets Investigation

    Thanks mate !
  7. webmark

    Hidden Assets Investigation

    me too
  8. webmark

    Hidden Assets Investigation

    That's very interesting, i never heard about it, rent with option to buy. How does it works ? For example, if i want a condo what should i say to the seller ? I suppose that a need contract from a lawyer right ? Thanks you so much
  9. Hi, Married to a thai woman, i plan to buy a studio far away from where we live and i want to hide it from my wife If we decide to divorce, the judge will conduct some investigation to evaluate the value of my assets. Could he find this studio ? How could i do to hide it and save it from sharing in case of divorce please ? Thanks Mates !
  10. webmark

    Need to rent a house in Chaiyaphum

  11. Hi, I'm looking for a house furnished with 2-3 bathrooms to rent in april/may 2018. Do you know any place ? No more than 20 km from downtown please. Cheers
  12. webmark

    hydro/aquaponic gardening

    Hi, i would like to start to do a hydroponic system to grow some lettuce. Is it a obligation to install a greenhouse ? Why do we need to use it ? Thanks :)
  13. Hi, My kids will go next year to prathom and mathoyom. Could you share your view or experience about Satri, Phakdi, Bandekdee or Mary Upatham please ? I really appreciate your advice
  14. webmark

    Moving to Kanchanaburi - Advice needed

    Hi, we plan to move in Kanchanaburi, my kids will probably go to Daruna school. Could you advice me the best area to live in Kanchanaburi, quiet, residential, convenient and not polluted ? Where does the foreigners stay generally ? Is there any moo ban where i have a chance to find a house to rent ? Thanks for your help :)