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  1. Moving to Kanchanaburi - Advice needed

    Hi, we plan to move in Kanchanaburi, my kids will probably go to Daruna school. Could you advice me the best area to live in Kanchanaburi, quiet, residential, convenient and not polluted ? Where does the foreigners stay generally ? Is there any moo ban where i have a chance to find a house to rent ? Thanks for your help :)
  2. I'm still looking for the house, it could be 2 bedrooms too....
  3. Hi, Anyone can tell if there is any sport club (judo, Taikwondo, volley...) or artistic activities (painting, dance...) for kids after school in Kanchanaburi ? Thanks a bunch !
  4. Hi, i need to find a elementary (Phratom 1) and lower secondary school (Mathayom 1) with english program in Kanchanaburi for my 2 kids. Could you recommend me one please ? Any help most appreciated
  5. Hi, I need a house furnished with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, green garden, less than 20km from Kanchanaburi town to move on april or may 2018. Rental price/month around 15.000 THB for 1 year contract. Cheers !
  6. Hi, I need to find a primary and a secondary school which purpose a english program in Ban Phe area or a bit more far to the east. Could you advice me a good one please if it exists ? Cheers
  7. Hi, I'm in Chanthaburi now and i neef to go to Bang Saray. Is there any bus please ? Cheers
  8. i contacted AOT they said only 2 buses : BUS NO 9907 to Chanthaburi at 7h20 AM BUS NO 9908 to Trat at 12h40 PM http://suvarnabhumiairport.com/en/118-suvarnabhumi-bus-bor-khor-sor
  9. it will be fantastic Tim, i plan to travel in one week
  10. Very interesting, thanks Tim, Suvarnabhumi bus station is on floor 1 at the airport or outside ?
  11. Thanks Mate, and from Pattaya, do you know if there is any better bus VIP ?
  12. Thanks, i would prefer a VIP bus. Anyone took it from Ekkamai ?
  13. Hi.. Could you advice which is the option to go to Chanthaburi by bus from Bangkok please ? Thanks a bunch !