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  1. Sit down and relax and let us make the world great again.
  2. RyanWalker

    ‘Big Joke’ to continue with crackdown

    Hmm.. maybe they look down on you mate, certainly not look down on me. Maybe you have to look in the mirror and see <deleted> is wrong with you
  3. You will be zero loss to society. Tic toc.. time is running out senior
  4. Well.. lovely ladies mates. Got to get meself back in the UK then
  5. Yep, many lost souls floating around
  6. This becoming daily news now. Boring
  7. My gf is Chinese, just 2 weeka ago had to pay 3000bht for visa on arrival. 2 week visa that is. This is too much! These things backfire eventually though
  8. Never kiss at the point of orgasm.. almost lost me lip too.. leaaon learned mate?
  9. Yeah everyone handles a breakup differently. Rather speak to mates if you recwntly had a breakup. Sometimes a breakup can be a blessing in disguise. Went through a breakup meself lately. Life can be cruel sometimes
  10. RyanWalker

    Mid Life Crisis ??

    Not all stories are negative though. I came here when I was 29 years old. 8 years ago. Purely because my own country cannot cannot provide me with a decent worthy job. I also started on the 30k a month and took care of family too with that 30k. (Still managed to go out and explore the normal Bkk night life ? so needless to say I almost never had money. But here I am at age 37 now. Still doing the same, but working for 110k a month now, with no degree, CELTA or whatever. I am perfectly legal too. So thete are success stories and happy ones out there mate. If you want to make a change, go for it. Atleast you can say you gave it a shot if it is not working out. If it is working out, you won. GL
  11. Yeah I never needed any bank statemwnt for no extention and I've done them all so unless this is a new thing.. never heard of it. Done my last extention a month ago.. and it was 5min with no statements.
  12. RyanWalker

    Chinese visitors: you ain't seen nothing yet.

    Any specific reasons for your wish?
  13. Pretty clear that he got deniet entry into Thailand based on the visa mate so please wake up
  14. Yeah people back home might find out or might not but you will know about this for a long time.. good luck getting your Thai gf to let the baby go.