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  1. Work Permit Blues . . . .

    Just a thought, but if you have been getting new multi-entry Non-B visas for your employment, then you already have "breaks" in your employment, because as you leave Thailand on your last permission to stay it is cancelled. Then you apply for a visa one day and collect the next day, so you have at least a one day break in your legally employed status, as for at least on day, you don't have a Non-B. Might be worth checking ?
  2. Work Permit Blues . . . .

    "90-day extension of stay" Wrong, it is a copy of your last permission to stay, you don't have an extension of stay.
  3. Work Permit Blues . . . .

    OK, that answers my question :-)
  4. Work Permit Blues . . . .

    Let me try and make this simple. Visa = border run Extension of stay = 90 day reports in country. So if you really had an extension = why oh why were you doing a border run? Maybe you had a visa and not an extension ?
  5. Work Permit Blues . . . .

    But he says his extension was transferred to the new passport , this would be correct, as visas are not transferred. To get a visa reinstated in a new passport would entail a lengthy trip to the MFA not Immigration.
  6. Work Permit Blues . . . .

    I am still confused, you say you have an extension, so why on earth would you be doing a border run?
  7. Work Permit Blues . . . .

    Confused - you say you have an extension, and yet you were doing a border run ? "indicating that I had a Non-Im B visa with an extension date that was later then the WP expired, "
  8. And just how do you know why the Act was written as it was? Or are you guessing as to what you think it was written like that for? See the common thread in my post? "You", please don't assume that everything that you write is correct. :-)
  9. You still keep saying this " means of earning a living" and you are still wrong. Earning a salary, stipend or nothing has no bearing on the definition of "work".
  10. I understand your above quote, but that is different to " you can't do anything a Thai can do - you will deprive them of a job", that is what I am saying is a myth, not the fact there there are some restricted occupations.
  11. Thank you for proving my point, no mention of depriving a Thai of work.
  12. Nowhere does any law/rule or regulation mention "depriving a Thai" of a job ! People still post this myth. There is the list of prohibited professions - no mention of Thais or deprivation!
  13. The Canary Islands, Spain (Kingdom of Spain) Address Royal Thai Consulate – General Loro Parque Calle Bencomo, s/n Puerto de la Cruz 38400 Spain Contact Numbers Tel: (+34) 922 37 38 41, (+34) 922 37 40 81 Fax: (+34) 922 37 50 21 There is no email or website and it looks as though they have no visa section either.
  14. ATM cards from UK.

    Are you saying that if I call them, they will post a new card to my Thai address? That would be great news. :-)
  15. ATM cards from UK.

    Strange, 9 years of nothing but Thai ATM withdrawals on my Barclays account, (including me telling them I live in Thailand) and they never once threatened to close my account.