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  1. Thai labor law for teachers with contracts?

    Your visa/extension/work permit has no legal bearing on getting a bank account. Every branch sets their own rules. But really, if having a work permit was the only way............how would the thousands of retirees have bank accounts?
  2. I expect journalists to be perfect, and he is not.
  3. Then your best option would be to go and get a tourist visa, it will certainly be the cheaper option.
  4. And people wonder why there was a crackdown on Ed visas and extensions.
  5. For a "journalist" the English in the opening post is terrible. Nothing puts people off reading articles more than poor English.
  6. Maths Olympiad preparation

    This site has past questions; https://mks.mff.cuni.cz/kalva/apmo.html
  7. Strange, I would have thought you would have been discussing only your case, not that of random other people. "I have now also gone to the consulate in Kota Baru and (after a detailed interview with the Consul) they have given me a single entry Non-Im B without any more documentation than letters from my employer and the police reports. (The Consul actually phoned my employer and the company accountants to confirm this, and stated in front of witnesses that he is baffled by the attitude of the Labor Department.)" How did your ever so friendly talk get from your Non-B to other people's Ed visa?
  8. They do indeed have some Thai staff, but not at the frontline. To say that the consul is going to interview every Ed visa applicant, (if they are 2nd or 3rd) is utter tripe.
  9. Total and utter tripe! Let us just for a moment assume that you meant Ed visa applicants and not tourist visa applicants. You are aware that consulates are staffed primarily by locals, so please explain how the Malaysian, (or any other nationality), worker in the consulate will test anybody on their Thai?
  10. And yet the 1 Satang is still in use, no, not by the "poor people", by the banks in Thailand - you know, the "very rich" people. That would seem to turn your argument around totally. Also, that article does not mention anywhere about small denominations being aimed at "poor" people nor does it mention any other coin than the British half pence. To try and justify your case with such tripe is ridiculous.
  11. And just where did you pull that load of tripe from?
  12. Why didn't you do the report for your "friend"?
  13. Wrong, all that matters is where YOU are, nothing else. But, as has been said, chances of getting caught are small.
  14. Thai labor law for teachers with contracts?

    Not strictly true, they are liable, but under a different set of rules; Part 6 Working Protection Section 86.17 The affairs of a Formal School only on the part of the Director, teachers and educational personnel shall not be subject to the law on labor protection, the law on labor relations, the law on social security and the law on compensation. However, the Director, teachers and educational personnel of a Formal School shall receive remunerations not less than those prescribed in the law on labor protection. Working protection, the adoption of Working Protection Committee and the minimum remunerations of the Director, teachers and educational personnel of the Formal Schools shall be in accordance with the rules prescribed by the Commission.
  15. Thai labor law for teachers with contracts?

    Show me that! I would love to see that written in Thai in black and white!