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  1. pearciderman

    Hell's Angels in Isarn

    Not sure why you felt the need to compare what you did, but there is a vast difference in learning a lesson and being less able than someone else. Maybe you would do better to think before trying to get your post count up.
  2. pearciderman

    Hell's Angels in Isarn

    What was/is the name of the club? I am sure some members here would be interested in joining your charity works.
  3. pearciderman

    Why are 50 and 500 baht currency notes used sparingly?

    It was the average Joe in South Vietnam who helped the North Vietnamese troops and not the South's or the Americans, so it has everything to do with why the USA "lost the war".
  4. pearciderman

    ATM count your money !

    I am guessing that the piece of paper that came out was exactly the same size as the notes that you withdrew, else it would have/ should have gone into the reject bin in the ATM machine.
  5. pearciderman

    Why are 50 and 500 baht currency notes used sparingly?

    One of the major factors of the war in South Vietnam being lost was the fault of the South Vietnamese themselves. "Defeating the Communist guerrillas would have been an easy matter if the South Vietnamese people had refused to hide them in their midst. Instead, American and South Vietnamese could only grope after the elusive enemy and were rarely able to fight him except on his own terms." https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/22/opinion/vietnam-was-unwinnable.html
  6. How did you tell that he was a caucasian westerner from his post?
  7. pearciderman

    Why are 50 and 500 baht currency notes used sparingly?

    A few ? You mean 18,465,000 farangs ? That is how many it would take to "dry up" the 500 Baht notes if each farang took out 10k in 500 Baht notes. (I am guessing you meant foreigner as opposed to caucasian westerner).
  8. pearciderman

    Deportation illigal work

    I suggest YOU read what I wrote, nowhere did I say you could continue to live in the country if you are blacklisted, what I did say is that blacklisting and deportation are 2 separate things and they do not always go together. Also, learn that leaving the country of one's own volition is not deportation. Even if you are leaving and being blacklisted for an overstay.
  9. I was banned for a short while for using exactly the same term.
  10. pearciderman

    Agency threat 45.k fine

    I wonder how much is "less than honest", you are 72, that is 12 over the age of retirement in Thailand. So this wonderful agency is lying to the school, the children and the parents - top agency, NOT.
  11. pearciderman

    Deportation illigal work

    If blacklisting and deportation go hand in hand, how come you can be blacklisted, (say for overstay), but not deported?
  12. pearciderman

    Deportation illigal work

    Absolute baloney! Might be problematic as they do do a criminal records check here in Thailand.
  13. pearciderman

    Deportation illigal work

    Evidence of this is where ? Don't make me laugh, tell that to the digital gonads and begpackers.
  14. Seems like you must be there with her, so why don't you show her.
  15. pearciderman

    Deportation illigal work

    Why avoid entering on a tourist visa? That can be converted to a Non-O in country and then subsequent extensions.