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  1. jenny2017

    Waterbill explosion - what shall we do?

    WHAT CAN WE DO? Any ideas? Watch out for smiling people who greet you with a wai.
  2. You are kidding, aren't you? A better bargain ATM would be precise.
  3. His first night fresh off the plane started at midday and didn't end until 4am while another night seems to have ended with a "surprise visitor"...
  4. I said them I was there first and to step back, the man looked at me and...smiled. I told him please don't smile it's not a situation that requires a smile. He smiled more. Contact us now or request a telephone or email call-back As ex sufferers we know how you feel but we also know how to recover. Just one call to our team of qualified recovery experts will prove to you that you can and will recover. Call us now: Freephone 0800 0699898 SIMPLE RECOVERY INSTRUCTIONS & UNLIMITED PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT IF/WHEN YOU NEED IT VERSIONS: ONLINE - PRINTED - WORKSHOP - RESIDENTIAL SIMPLE RECOVERY INSTRUCTIONS & UNLIMITED PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT IF/WHEN YOU NEED IT VERSIONS: ONLINE - PRINTED - WORKSHOP - RESIDENTIAL
  5. jenny2017

    What makes Thailand so unique?

    Thailand is indeed very very unique. A girl that looks like a man can be a he, or she. Or both. A man that looks like a girl can be a she, or a he. Or both. A man in a skirt that looks like a woman can be your daddy, your mother, your uncle, or your aunty, you never know. Isn't that unique and amazing? The Thai culture is way more advanced than for example America's. ( Sorry, wasn't a good example to start with, as it's too young for) Thais have created new ballgames and my favorite one is Pingpong, but only when certain muscles shoot the ball out of a dark and sometimes very scary looking thingies, once the balls are chewed up, they replace them with bananas. Almost anybody can take over the government and tell all the people that they ( female foreigners) are not allowed to wear bikinis at the beach, otherwise, they'd create innocent Thai rapers. Only 200 kg + types can do so. Anyway, its stupid to lay in the sun all day long, isn't it? Almost all messages end with happiness, also called Thainess. Most marriages end with tears and foreigners are happy to invest into the lonely Isaan heart community. Foreigners who live in unique Pattaya always tell their friends that they live in Thailand, but they can't even order a noodle soup after being here for 25 years. The Nana barstool junkies who drink their first beer at 9 am can't be wrong. Beer doesn't lie, people do. Sometimes I see two cars in front of me if there's only one, that's also unique. But then I drink one more beer and close one eye and all is fine. Does anybody know how to open up a GoFundMe account? The girls, my scooter on finance and booze are expensive and working for 35,000 baht a month is pure stupidity. Hey, I'm not unique, the country is. I'm almost native now.
  6. I guess many foreigners will have bigger problems not only in Hua Hin. I hope my mate in Phuket gets his condos sorted. Wouldn't be nice if they make troubles.
  7. But many like the dodgy style, don't they?
  8. jenny2017

    Please watch out for PayPal Fraud...

    Would you have read my post, that was the first I did and I also deleted the mail. "It barely qualifies as a scam"? Please give me a break. BTW, if your mom, or dad would fall for it, would you still call them stupid? There are enough people who just don't know basic things and this thread was only a warning that these buggers don't get richer as they already are. And looking at the writing, it could also be from one of the ASEAN member countries, without naming it now.
  9. Of course do dogs not give birth to babes. The Wikipedia entry for “Mammal” defines the word as follows: Humans have a neocortex, we have hair, we have three middle ear bones and our females have mammary glands. We also nurse our young with milk secreted from those glands. So, by definition, we are undoubtedly mammals.
  10. jenny2017

    What makes Thailand so unique?

    1. The best English speaking people on this planet live in Isaan and work as English teachers, usually at government schools. 2. People here never lie. ( They could lose face if they did.) Anyway, it's better if you don't know all. 3. Thailand must have the most balcony bungee jumping activities in the world. 4. All Thai girls and women love us, foreigners, too much. 5. The educational system is so good that not even one students yet failed in 250 years. Bamboo sticks are used to have more fun in learning how to march. In the beginning, there's only the educational hub, then the medical, now the article 4 hub of a little, unsatisfied and mentally underdeveloped soldier. 7. The former so skinny and sooo ugly girls become bigger and softer and rounder and rounder. like the American counterparts. And we can save a lot of money for pillows. 8. You can live here over 20 years, and they still let you do all the fun stuff to get another visa and work permit for another year in paradise with more and more documents that are fun to fill out. 9. Prizes of almost all have skyrocketed, but good luck that we don't have the burden to have too much money. 10. Only foreigners are allowed to pay more to get into a national park, a swimming pool, or a morgue. 11. A joke's hunting us, too many people now try to move around to feel safe. 12. There's so much Formalin in squid and some meat that we can use it for free, should something happen to us, or a relative. 13. People who told you to fix something at your house turn up a month later to give you more time to enjoy this country. 14. We may build houses for ten different Thai women at the same time, but if they tell us that we are not allowed on their land, we can't go into our houses and don't see them with their brothers in, or on our beds. 15. The beauties here don't care if we are old, fat, ugly, stupid and bold. They love us how we are. Oops, I think it's time to stop here before P. visits me with TAT.
  11. Dear, farang! Dogs are not listed as people. It´s an animal. Actually it goes under the family of mammals. Also, humans belong to mammals, because they give birth to babies.
  12. Why not helping poor people and poor dogs?
  13. jenny2017

    Please watch out for PayPal Fraud...

    It was an e-mail directed to me. Thank you very much for your input! I've reported them at PayPal and deleted it, as they told me. I was trying to trace the mail, but it didn't exist, so they seem to use some special software that's hard to trace.