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  1. I've donated a small amount and hope that it will help him. It could have been any of us and I believe that the truck driver was at fault, as usual. I hope he's getting well soon, without any complications.
  2. You're now insulting all peas in the world.
  3. The woman was there to shoot photos with her bf, or husband. Please see the guy behind her. She's just sent an update on TV.
  4. But an ordinary girl wouldn't show the part of her body what we guys usually, (excluded Jingthing and friends) like to see. P.S. Where could the original photo be now?
  5. She's either an exhibitionist, or she's making photos together with her bf. Good girls do not sit like that and let others make photos with open legs wearing a skirt. it's not a GoGo bar, isn't it?
  6. And was wearing a helmet. Insurance policies are mostly so tricky that you really have to read it thoroughly through. If someone is suffering from severe head injuries it's pretty easy to find out if he/she wore a helmet.
  7. I've just found out that our son is currently studying agriculture after three years of wasted time studying electronics, of which he doesn't have a plan. The local college seems to be a place to keep the "kids" off the roads but educationally seen a waste of time. We live in Sisaket province and the farm of the parents in law is around 25 km away towards Surin. The soil is quite sandy and I've never seen other farmers having a second harvest, which could also be the lack of water. Anyway, he's made his decision and with a bit of luck, he can go to New Zealand for a while to study all about animals, plants, machines that are needed on farms, which is a project his teacher came up with. Currently, they only grow white rice, the only other plant that brings a little bit of money is pepperonis, the little red and green ones.Some people in Kantharalak, 60 km away, and on the way to Cambodia, seem to be successful growing Durian and perhaps other fruits and veggies, but the soil is much better than the one here. A long time ago, having a lot of time on the farm, I was trying to grow potatoes, more a pilot project. They grew, but my wife took them out when they're very small. I'm wondering what fruits and veggies would grow in a sandy soil? My apologies for the long story, but I thought it's useful to understand where I'm coming from. Farmers, please share the experiences you've made in Isaan, or somewhere else in Thailand. I was thinking about asparagus, potatoes, then perhaps buying some cows, but there's not enough food for them and buying food would not just be expensive, it would also be time-consuming. Any ideas on how to give him a good start? Thanks alot in advance.
  8. Rims/Wheels Repainting in Udon Thani?

    be happy, there're shops out there that would you charge 10 K plus for such a little job.
  9. Congratulations on your new hips and your new fake teeth. I'm just wondering who the loser here is?
  10. The Chonburi hospital seems to be quite good.
  11. My apologies. If you read the OP, there's no information if it's a private or a government hospital. Post # 4 then starts with a similar problem, a guy who has a friend who's in a private hospital. That was also my point that this is causing confusion.
  12. The difference might be that private hospitals are always looking for a reason to keep a patient longer, while government hospitals are always crowded and they're happy if they can release patients.
  13. That's bs, Germany doesn't need Syrians.
  14. The OP doesn't say if his friend is in a private hospital. Another poster jumped in asking a question about his friend who's in a private hospital. It shouldn't be allowed to derail threads and people should make their own when they're causing confusion. Please see # 4
  15. Lol. That's also called inflation. The former beer for one Mark was then 0.75 Euros or 75 cents, and people thought it was cheap. In the end, it took a long time for all involved to understand that most items were way more expensive than before. Let's blame Merkel for all, she must have started Brexit as well.
  16. , I’ve sent the poor bloke who’s just lost his leg a few bucks because I believe that he deserves it. But not some <deleted> who want to have another beer. It’s so sad to see more and more foreigners begging, others steal handbags or other things. Not long ago, when I had to wait for my doctor’s appointment at the local hospital, but when a Thai woman in front of me realized that a Farang sat behind her. She immediately took her bag she had on the chair next to her and put it on her lap. I was well dressed, necktie, shirt long sleeves, but many of them seem to believe that we’re all same. But I'd never give some foreign beggars beer money, sorry, that's insane.
  17. OP, the bill seems way too high. I had a motorcycle accident and broke my leg underneath the knee four times. The doctor implanted a plate, and I was five days in a private room. A befriended nurse helped us to pay less for the room, but the whole bill was 128,000 baht. If your friend or you know a Thai person with some influence, it might help to have an amount reduced. And your friend, ( if it's not you..) should get in touch with his/her family and friends and get the money from them. Please don't rely on GoFundMe if there're people who can lend him/her the money. Paying back might show your friend that it was a mistake not to have insurance.
  18. My science question was a funny example of how to test an applicant applying for a science teaching position at a Thai primary school how much he/she knows about science. There are applicants who don't even know what a herbivore is, holding a BA of science in biology. It wasn't about students at all.
  19. Are all the boyz sitting in their Milk bar?
  20. I've just installed Nero 2018 and it comes with a great feature, called "Music Recorder.' Radio stations from almost all countries around the world, including videos, etc..... A great program.
  21. Update: I've downloaded the new NERO 2018 which includes the Music Player. But now I've found out that you can easily download the player from here: http://download.cnet.com/Music-Recorder/3001-2133_4-76464065.html
  22. Using my imagination, I could see them begging for money on the roads in Bangkok as well. Aeeh wait, they didn't make it to Khao san......... It's quite understandable that Thais are fed up with people who want money and then party the money away and blame them for being stupid. BTW, what's 20K? People spend that in two days and then go begging. How can the ex-teacher sell Moo Ping? he must know the laws.
  23. Windows 10? Windows keeps a copy of the update on your machine and it seems that you might have an older OS installation or even two on it. Please see the thread. OS=Windows 10 Delete old OS's and old updates, you don't need them. In addition, download the Advanced System Care 11 Ultimate and do all steps, it's damn easy.