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  1. Pishing Mail that looks like one from Microsoft? Did anybody else ever see such a website? Their deep scan would have provided a lot of help, I'm certain.
  2. Robert Alexander Williams, 45, who holds a Colombian passport but whose birthplace is believed to be the United States, was arrested on Saturday morning in Khon Kaen. Holds a Colombian passport, but born in the US? A deal with the CIA, some drug deals and all is fine.
  3. jenny2017

    Is there a law in Thailand about such behaviour?

    I speak Thai, am polite and never get cheated, though I do get mistakes. Not knowing your level of Thai, but also Thais have such experiences, not only foreigners.
  4. jenny2017

    Is there a law in Thailand about such behaviour?

    As I didn't want to make a scene over "a few baht", I left the shop. But worth whining over it? Get used to this country, some things are different and comparing with other countries won't get you that far. P.S. I'd have sent a Thai to the shop to buy it for me if it was so important.
  5. Or a 37-year-old virgin, nothing is impossible.
  6. He might find another, but very dry, tin fold hat soon.
  7. He had passed her in the corridor and looked like a man with the weight of the world on his mind. I bet that this was not coming from a Thai person. 100 baht anybody? RIP, no more great cheese and Vanilla Fla for you. Sad.
  8. Even the poorest farmers spray! Washing should be part of it, no matter where the rice came from, Organic is often not much different.
  9. There's also a positive aspect of eating all the Formalyn. When my day has come, they need less to inject into my body to keep it fresh until the cremation. ( sarcasm.
  10. I've got three flats in London city, a beach house in Los Angeles and a good business with 350 employees. Aeeh, could you pay for my beer, please? I'll give you the money tomorrow.
  11. jenny2017

    16 Year-old Coming From US to Thailand

    I agree, but truly believe that it's important to think about it before anything happens. Kids do stupid things from time to time. Older people included.
  12. jenny2017

    Clean Air Conditioning

    If you've got three or more units to clean, it will be much cheaper than 500 baht per unit. 300 per unit is a good price when they really do all work.
  13. jenny2017

    16 Year-old Coming From US to Thailand

    I don't think that there's anything to worry about when traveling. Just don't let him drive to Ko Phangan, it's too obvious that too many youngsters there are taking drugs and some of them end up in jail. You might give your son a little lesson on Thai girls before he arrives.
  14. jenny2017

    Clean Air Conditioning

    Regardless of who is coming to your place to fix anything, you should always have both eyes on them.
  15. I've heard the story from a different view. One of them fell in love with a waitress, who were all wearing the same uniform. Not knowing that his love was the wife of the owner ended up in losing the right to visit. The rest is known, but what's true and what's made up?
  16. A group of men were later bailed by police but shortly afterwards someone allegedly glued the locks at the bar. Lee and his family, who were inside at the time, said they felt like "prisoners in their own home." But you've gotta be careful that they don't glue your locks that you're trapped inside the pistons.
  17. She's got some. but you must know here to see them .
  18. Noi is looking for a foreigner like you, OP. She's very dominant.
  19. jenny2017

    50 foreigners arrested in weekly crackdowns

    He's not the Big Joke.
  20. The educational hub of South East Asia with Mr. P as a politician and Tele Tubbies as cops produce World Class Liars. Their cams on their helmets are awesome.
  21. National police chief Pol General Chakthip Chaijinda fled to France with his team on Sunday night in what is reported to be an effort to seek Asylum from the Interthirdworld head office to secure the wellbeing of the kind monk, now known by his lay name Phra Chamnong-Kissmaibuddprayuth.