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  1. Kristofferson

    Visa expires on weekend

    Thanks for the info Ubonjoe. Im doing a dive course that ends on Friday, so it's mainly for convenience that I don't want to go early.
  2. My tourist visa expires on Sunday. I need to go to Samui for a 30 day extension. Will I get charged 1 day overstay if I go on Monday for the extension? Thanks for any advice.
  3. Kristofferson

    Switching passports

    That's true. I was planning on flying out and then back into Thailand. I'm just thinking now if I fly to KL, arrive on my Canadian passport then head to Penang, get a tourist visa and cross overland back into Thailand. Do you know if that at the land crossing's they have as thorough checks as at the airport?
  4. Kristofferson

    Switching passports

    My Argentina passport benefits me in Thailand with 90 days visa free, but as it has many pages full of entry/exit stamps I thought maybe switching would somehow hide my history from the past couple of years. But as Elviajero mentioned since my name/birthday are the same my travel history will most likely be known when they scan the passport. So in the end I'll probably just keep using the same passport I've been using and hope it all goes smoothly.
  5. Kristofferson

    Switching passports

    With my passport from Argentina I get 90 days on arrival. No tourist visa necessary. A few South American countries plus south Korea have this special arrangement with Thailand.
  6. Kristofferson

    Switching passports

    Thanks for the info Elviajero, maybe I'm better just staying with the same passport. If they can link them via name/ birthday, it might seem suspicious if I switch them. Just out of curiosity why do think a tourist visa would be better than just going for another 90 days visa exempt? I thought officially you can fly in and out unlimited times.
  7. I have been in Thailand for almost 2 years. I arrived on my Argentina passport and received 90 days on arrival. I did a few visa runs to KL with no problems. I have been working with a work permit for the past 8 months. I'm not sure if I'm going to renew my work permit but would like to stay after it expires for maybe 3-6 months of travelling. I have dual nationality with Canada, my idea is to fly to KL or Singapore and then return to Thailand on my Canadian passport which has no Thailand stamps versus my Argentina one which is quite heavily stamped now with a few visa as well. I tried once to change passports at a land crossing heading to Penang last year but it caused a bit of trouble. Has anybody done anything like this before? How advanced is the Thai immigration, will they catch on to what I'm doing? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.