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  1. bleble

    Can anyone recommend a good BMW thesedays?

    Unlike girls that I always find too big, I never find cars big enough (maybe a ego thing). Yes, the latest model is my perfect car, but not sure that I would upgrade if I already had a E which is certainly enough. I got a S because I didn't want to think after buying a E that I should have got a S-class :-)
  2. bleble

    Can anyone recommend a good BMW thesedays?

    hahaha, what is the problem with Benz image ? I would never buy a BMW because of the image actually, and because they should first learn to give a face to their cars: when you see a BMW coming without a star in front, it just looks like an improved Toyota.
  3. bleble

    Samui Trash island of Thailand

    People in charge are broke, they spent all the money to buy luxury watches :-)
  4. If you find any street stall selling steak, they also have beef. Of course low quality beef, but it's technically beef.
  5. No street steak restaurant sells only pork. They all also have chicken, beef and fish.
  6. I have no experience, but is it true that the ones from beach road are the worst / most dangerous ? The ones that Tim sharky likes the most :-)
  7. I just know that I know many people that were drinking diet coke during diet and it helped them as lot. When they were feeling like eating something sweet, they just drank some coke zero instead of eating sweet. As easy as this, and it works, whatever studies...
  8. Totally agree. Ex mods should not be allowed anyway, just as mods.
  9. Some people really have nothing more interesting to do in this world it seems... It must be sad to be an old retired guy.
  10. bleble

    Regarding 'Fruit Wine'.

    Are you sure that fruit wines are not mixed in Thailand ? They receive real cheap wine from abroad and mix it with something to make it taste like sht, then sell it cheaper ?
  11. So for you, when someone drinks 2 L of real coke a day, the solution is just to let them do ? Of course not ! If they drink diet coke they won't absorb as many calories whatever "scientists" say.
  12. bleble

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Do you know where the kebab stall at BigC Central Pattaya food court has gone ? Is it a long time that he closed ? It was good and cheaper than most restaurants as I remember.
  13. Yes but real sugar makes you instantly fat, so the choice is easy !
  14. We were drinking it when going to raves all over EU, and especially in Spain. It was good to help the X to reach the brain ! hahaha...
  15. How can you compare anywhere to Phuket which is the worst beach of whole Thailand with the worst stupid tourist who go there because they know nothing and just follow advertising ?! Of course Koh chang is better than Phuket ! Because anywhere is better than Phuket ! And Thai from Phuket are worst people I have ever met my whole life. So yes, you are right, Koh chang is better than Phuket, but 90% other Thai islands and beaches are also better than Koh chang.