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  1. e3whu

    DNA test

    Can anyone recommend somewhere to get a DNA test in Bangkok or nearby? Unlike previous posters I'm not requiring any legal status' with it, just confirmation. Some places are quoting 38k baht, which is absurd when it costs 59 Euros in Europe. Many Thanks
  2. Can you tell me what happens if one requires an emergency USA passport- What are the qualification requirements and what happens with VISA's etc. Thank you
  3. e3whu

    no visa entry stamp

    I've researched that there are boats for hire on both sides of the border- and it's common to use them to transit across. I've spoken to somebody who once lived in Laos and he said he used to use them to travel to Thailand to do his shopping. I know it sounds ridiculous but I don't see any other options.
  4. e3whu

    no visa entry stamp

    Good morning all, My girlfriend did her first land visa entry a few months ago and there was a massive mistake made. I appreciate the severity of the mistake and would like to get it resolved ASAP. She was unaware exactly what to do, so on re-entry on the friendship bridge, there was no exit stamp from Laos and was waved through in Thailand. Her passport currently shows her as being in Laos with a 70 day overstay, She is in Thailand, I've been to multiple immigrations and they've been of no help trying to fix the issue here in Bangkok and Pattaya. She's due to fly out back to the USA in 10 days. So I view the 2 options as: 1- Just deal with it at the airport and face the potential 'illegal entry' charge, 2- try and regain entry to Laos. This is my preferred option as we can just pay the overstay and re-enter Thailand and she can take the flight. I've read that there are boats that take people across the Mekong from Nong Khai. Does anyone have any information about this? Do they take white westerners? What are the risks? Thank you all in advance, I'm extremely keen to get this sorted without her facing any possible prosecution.