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  1. Long-time homeless American deported

    hell definetly miss his kids . And i bet hell miss thailand too , at least for a while . Hes gotta be having health issues that hell be able to address so thats good . He might not like the latest rap songs hell hear . And he better work on his spanish.....i believe his story might make a good book . Probably so much more to it than we know now.....
  2. Long-time homeless American deported

    ' adjusted in thailand ' not preparing him for the deathmarch of the usa homeless ? haha ....right...costs are higher for what ? homeless license ? hell get foodstamps ( free food) and the possibilties of much more ( i know , no guarantee immediate free lodging there will be a list)....what about medicade insurance isnt that an improvement of his current situation ? . He will qualify . Or is this another danger hell face after he 'adjusted' to the easy life of the thailand homelessness without hospital care , free food on schedule , ect....i suppose the unhealthiness of the usa diet is another danger from the free food hell eat.... and whos to say he cant get a job and make a few more extra dollars ? that is if he dont die right away from the busriding , free food eating , hospitalness and infrastructure of the usa.....GOD help him !!!
  3. Long-time homeless American deported

    most places ? hes smart enough to survive for 20 years here hell find a good place....maybe your right , he might move to manhattan to be homeless....if being poor in thailand wasnt a death sentence i think hell cut it in the us of a...glamorizing it ? looking at the bright side as opposed to whining about the injustice of it all .....being poor aint a death sentence only an obstacle
  4. Long-time homeless American deported

    hes ssi and food stamp shoo in right outta the gate...the guy being deported....no more rice , no more talking in second language , finally be able to pet a cat without getting rabies....HONEY IM COMING HOME ! might even reunite with class of 1967 sweetheart that he digs up on facebook
  5. Long-time homeless American deported

    not the article 'saying hes loaded ' the one saying hes destitute in asia......american hospitals , food stamps , and a housing voucher will make him 'rich'...do you think his standard of living might be a little low now ? maybe your right hell hate his 800 a month welfare check and free food . Maybe he wont like riding the bus
  6. Long-time homeless American deported

    what do you mean it wont be enough for him to live on ? did you read the article ?
  7. Long-time homeless American deported

    coming to thailand at 47 he probably had 5 or 10 years minimum work history . Hell qualify for ssi regrdless . His situation will improve
  8. Long-time homeless American deported

    many dont realize the homeless in the usa have many different areas and levels of accomodations to 'choose' from......smaller areas of pacific northwest many shelters , some good mountain scenery , even some free breakfast/mission/hangout places . Almost fraternity like cuz so many are youngish backpacker types . Its almost ' hip ' to be homeless area ......as opposed to homeless residing in lasvegas.......not a lot of freebies and a more seasoned (old) , real, connish , and desperate bunch...........i suspect the deported guy is tougher than all by now . Im confident he had 5 years working history minimum for pension . Even if he didnt , they could 'disable' him and hed qualify for something . And he will get about 200 month food allowance regardless and will qualify for medicade health insurance .....i like his future considering what hes coming from
  9. Long-time homeless American deported

    im not surprised . No other way he wouldda survived . And i bet he had means/and good rep early on . Probably simpler wants and needs (even earlier) that enabled him to carry on and live day by day
  10. sounds to me like it was 'davids ' idea ? hard to believe thai woman decides to kill herself than convinces husband its a good idea . Sheds a little different light with less sympathy . Talk your wife into suicide and leave a guilt trip for your parents on the way out the door ( this will stay with them forever regardless )
  11. Long-time homeless American deported

    i agree...this poor bastard gotta be more than a little mentally ill by now ....he says hes 'been living rough' for a few years.....if hes been in thailand 20 years (like article says) this means he wasnt always homeless and probably came here with decent nestegg or savings . Misfortune , bad luck , bad planning , whatever i still feel sorry for him . I bet he didnt come over here to freeload......does anyone ? Shame on the the thaivisa wizards that run this guy down......the good news is foodstamps , possible lodging allowance , less soi dogs , and fat angry white women are in his near future
  12. extending 30 day visa on arrival exemption ( usa passport ) in chiang mai . What approximate time to show up at immigration office and be front of line ? bring passport , 1900 baht , departure card , official address , photo ... i can get photo made next door right ? ...anything i missed or added greatly appreciated....thanks in advance !
  13. looking for tube shaped pillow

    thanks for the info everyone ! i know where to go now and ill get one tomorrow
  14. anyone know where to buy tubeshaped/cylinder type like pillow that they sell in the usa at chiropractors ? ive looked around with no luck ...must be firm , unlike the ones you see at airport....also , willing to buy bed foam / mattress covers , ect if anyones got one they wanna sale ( ill pay good price and dont care if torn , ect ) these thai mattresses are terrible ( for me )
  15. she might have planned on staying awhile....many doctors in the usa will up your supply if your going to be away longer than the norm...kinda a courtesy thing if youve been treated awhie