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  1. jimmyaaa

    chiang mai visa run options

    so much truth here....i took tuctucs first week in chiang mai ( before i started using grab and uber).....200 , 300 , 400 baht quotes for 50 -100 baht uber rides.....and they WILL let you walk off without giving you fair price . Pride and greed......thank god for uber and grabtaxi
  2. the weinstein affect per thailand
  3. jimmyaaa

    Advice for Thai couples as divorce rate soars

    after wandering around asia the last several years , it looks to me things are heading that way . Facebook and social media 24/7 telling women to quit being victims , dont need a man , alone is wonderful , blah blah . Many asian women admire western women and culture from afar ( sadly enough) .....had another thai girl tell me how great anjolie jolie , is , looks , ect....the end is near !!
  4. jimmyaaa

    Advice for Thai couples as divorce rate soars

    how does ' buddism' feel about divorce ? its ok , not ok ? ill have to look it up.....
  5. jimmyaaa

    chiang mai visa run options

    so 3500 baht and 500 stamp fee for whole trip ?
  6. jimmyaaa

    chiang mai visa run options

    thank u ubonjoe !
  7. Usa passport holder . Used 30 day exemption on arrival , and 30 day extension expires soon . Anyone had recent good experience making border run by land ( i dont care where to but must leave outta chiang mai ) ? Staying overnight or 2 , or same day either way....normally id fly but considering bus/car to see the countryside.....Thanks in advance !
  8. true racism exposed...yes hes white...yes obama was black....but god is still great and trump will make our country strong again and this cant be denied by any true american that loves his country.....its very obvious
  9. yes ! god bless donald trump....nomixed gender generals , build the wall ( or try to ) , and let america take pride again....hard guy to like on a personal level , but so what ....its about time we had a patriot running the white house again
  10. jimmyaaa

    I need help with a few Chiang Mai things

    sounds too good to be true dont it ?
  11. jimmyaaa

    I need help with a few Chiang Mai things

    ya if he start bottom nimman and walks all of it a zillion places for rent , some way cheaper than advertised
  12. jimmyaaa

    I need help with a few Chiang Mai things

    and ill add get on the facebook groups here in chiang mai...several rental groups available.....many cheap deals....also use uber initially...u just cant beat it when your new or ever for somepeople.....but walking around going to front desk , bulletin boards of places look like youd want works too.....you can avoid agencies andworth doing so if u put in the effort
  13. i didnt know there is withdrawal period after a few days....how many were you taking o.p. ?
  14. i bought coffee for the agent as a token of my appreciation afterwards....that doesnt bother me quite so much