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  1. airbnb, first experience not so good! beware

    i agree ! In fact , i even use an expired credit card number when booking ( a random made up number doesnt work ). Call me paranoid , but i dont have to worry about phony charges , room not as advertised , ect when i arrive . And sometimes ive even got a cheaper cash rate (in asia) when i arrive cuz i havent been charged yet and book through the hotel themselves . Very good experiences with booking.com
  2. looking for the right place !

    ya i think ill check out this location along with huay tung lake , royal flora ratchupruek , bikebpath along canal road , suan buak , ect.... ill find the running/nature location for me that fits then just rent something close by.....even a great rental for me sucks if i gotta commute in the morning to run.....i dont mind taking a taxi at night a few kms to go out , shop , ect a few times a week....thanks for all responses and any quiet/no vehicles /scenic walking jogging areas not mentioned much appreciated
  3. looking for the right place !

    thanks ya i looked at that place online seems like an option and looked ok
  4. looking for the right place !

    ya dream scenario is 1 km from town , third floor nice view overlooking some mountains/scenery , with walking/running path close by . Definetly want the best of both worlds (convenience and quiet) with not too remote and not too much city....chiangmai gate ?ill take a look and thanks basically dont wanna start my morning dodging jeepnies/bikes/tuctucs/ect fighting my way to my morning nature fix
  5. looking for the right place !

    definetly looking for tourist lodgings initially....im pretty flexible and wouldnt be afraid to rent longer term if i find area i like
  6. looking for the right place !

    thanks nick ! i wont be buying a motorbike but do occasionally take one when needed (im in asia now) ...im not an experienced driver and dont think its worth it (for me personally) ...and i walk a lot and actually prefer it if not surrounded by complete chaos (standard asia big city style) ! ideally , i find right location i can run/hike/walk in the mornings ( for health) and only do it for actual transpo when needed . I can usually make do foodwise anywhere . And i dont mind paying for cabs when needed
  7. Hello ! Im an american , mid forties , active , experienced traveler coming to chiang mai to test the waters on staying indefinetly . Im hoping a member here can give me a tip on my first stop/rental......Initially i am looking for a quiet motel/guesthouse that is surrounded by nature/trees/landscape that has walking/running trails or paths within few minutes of residence . Only looking for daily or weekly rental initially (not afraid to go monthly if i like it) . I walk alot so several kms away from central is ok . Mostly eat out and occasionally cook simple . I have a few beers twice a week so near nightlife not important . .......The biggest draw of your area (to me) is it appears to be surrounded by scenery , not big city , and reasonable cost of living.....thanks in advance and see you in 3 weeks ! p.s. anywhere from 300 baht to 1000 baht for nightly rental costs . I dont care much about furnishings ,simple is best and location is everything