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  1. Hi, am looking for a mechanic in Bangkok that could setup my Ninja 300 for racing. Can someone recommend me a shop in town that could provide these following items : - 415 chain + sprocket kit - suspension setup : New shock + upgraded forks springs + heavier oil etc.. - Racing plastic/fiber glass fairing - rear sets - possibly brake upgrades Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone, I'm planning to buy my first bike and would really love to have a kind of cafe racer style. I've seen a couple of projects at "ZEUS CUSTOM" which is a shop that renovates and mostly turns motorcycles into cafe racer. Since am not familiar with motorbikes, I really have a poor knowledge about what kind of bike I should first get. However for the moment my plan would be to buy the Stallion 250 and then make it custom at ZEUS SHOP. For those who has experienced this at ZEUS CUSTOM or any similar shops, I would like to know an estimate of the total cost for customizing a bike ? Also can anyone tell me any good dealership for Stallions bike (Brand new or secondhand) + an idea of the price PS: The picture below is an idea of what I would like to get (Stallion 250 Customized by zeus) Thanks a lot Cheers!