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  1. yeah but you have sculptured lights very up market, and you cant deny the road is there
  2. cookieqw

    Dengue and alcohol

    pls let us know how much his insurance bill was. and to help other people on this forum that you have got to know, what kind and what for his insurance was for
  3. maybe the one cutting thru the dark side ??
  4. yes i see apple store in pattaya but go to apple webpage and they do / did not have a store in thailand authentic copy the only one i saw as reseller was ground floor tukcom
  5. 80/56/17/18/13/101/63 they just love their numbers
  6. But cover their mouth when using a toothpick.... ?????
  7. A few years back on one of the Spanish islands a young DJ regularly drugged young girls in full view of parents offered to take them back to cabin then. Well you know. He was British. Bad people all over
  8. cookieqw

    HIV+ soldier accused of raping 75 boys

    army hands him over to police, maybe he did the same with army recruits, best keep that quite !!
  9. and the fire investigation officers said ????
  10. cookieqw

    E-cigarettes set to be legal in Thailand

    the deck chairs will be a blast with all that strawberry smelling mist hovering under the umbrellas
  11. they will not grant a licence if you dont do the lifesaver in UK