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  1. This is the first known viral reporting of Asian begpackers and they turned out to be from the wealthy nation of Japan. at least the wealth is distributed faily evenly across all sections of Japan, not like the country of the photo
  2. all those emergency services and not one defibrillator, well done to the girl for trying tho and the team for getting the stretcher thru that throng
  3. Government defends its corruption-fighting record

    the empty seat is for Elliot Ness
  4. maybe take the garbage route, wont be stopping for a breather on that run, probably get a PB as well.
  5. i bought a bottle of water for 7 baht in departures 2 weeks ago, well chuffed,
  6. um not really that would mean they would have to actually do something
  7. ha ha some clever bugger decided as their is no smoking on the beach he left his pipe there
  8. a lot of boxers turning up of late
  9. Good luck to the bloke, but one Aussie I met did give me words of advice, keep your head down
  10. yep i buy 2 chicken skewers and they get put in a plastic bag then they get put in another plastic bag, yet they do away with the bit of plastic around a bottle top. that is why we are not in the 21st century
  11. They got behind in the rent and are now obliged to live in a filthy shack with Thanyalak's mother. dont think the mother will be too pleased to read that !
  12. the old adage comes to mind " if you dont ask you dont get, but you dont get for asking "