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  1. Fashion houses do it all the time, multi million dollar bling on models and A list celebrities
  2. And how many times does it say ‘ lea & perrins ‘ on the bottle ??????
  3. Video: Thais tricked by "farang" roadside con man

    What goes around comes around
  4. Wrong 1st rule. Do not talk about fight club on Facebook
  5. can’t wait to read the Nigerian inquest into this case
  6. Disgusting Thai woman doing this to her own
  7. Ha ha sitting next to a black or Irish is not hazardish to your health, a smoker is!!
  8. Thai govt pledges great effort on road safety

    It has banned speeding, driving while drunk or drowsy and use of mobile phones while driving and encouraged the use of crash helmets and safety belts. better to replace the words “ banned “ & “ encouraged “ with Enforced maybe ?
  9. 2nd inquest I’ve seen in a couple of days, one in Manchester one in Sydney, but there is no reporting of Thai inquests. Only a headline and never heard of again
  10. That guy in the picture looks dead to me
  11. All I know about bitcoin is that 99% of what I’ve read is about buying and 1% about selling