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  1. cookieqw

    NLA apologises after lawmakers caught napping

    Also, they were not asleep while the PM was presenting the budget plan, the NLA vice president said. They fell asleep only when other legislators were debating the issue, he added. thats ok then solved
  2. thankyou my original post was meant to be a little bit tongue in cheek i guess you missed that
  3. thou should practice what thou does teach 555
  4. well the cameras in police cars UK flash up all sorts of things
  5. this is a really good system that will be able to read number plates and cross reference with the driving licence agency and quickly pick out the registered owner and their licence details. should get a lot of unregistered drivers off the road.
  6. autistic rape seems quite common at the moment
  7. cookieqw

    Old Brit Accused Of Driving Drunk, Killing Rayong Girl

    the red bull fella obviously doesn't think like that
  8. cookieqw

    Old Brit Accused Of Driving Drunk, Killing Rayong Girl

    uk licences run out at 70, strange they know his name but nothing else obviously not carrying a passport.
  9. lets hope that an inquest follows the inquiry
  10. and the person rsponsible is ?????????????
  11. He urged people suffering heartbreak or severe disappointment to the point of it affecting their health, causing insomnia or suicidal thoughts, to seek a psychiatrist’s help or call the department’s hotline 1323. no mention of murderous thoughts