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  1. i certainly wouldnt lose any sleep over it
  2. i buy 600mg tabs of ibuprofen, but i dont suppose that is in the same class as the stuff you guys are talking about
  3. i do believe touching of the head is a real no no in thailand
  4. yes, i was transiting bkk, london - singapore late 60's and i just walked out of airport, didnt walk far but i was definately outside by the taxi ranks. very laid back back in the day
  5. if you sign up to a cult that that plays with your lower regions you cant complain, and they didnt, well not for a long long time anyway
  6. The first edition, available in Thai, well that'll help non thais but if these books are for thais why would they take any notice of what they say -- they have never done in the past every foreign worker should be given a copy of this book so they can make sure they are not being exploited ha ha who am i qqq ing kidding
  7. accidents are avoidable. limo leaves plenty of room to stop driver behind doesnt. as i said =f you haven't got time to react your not a driver you are a monkey
  8. because you can only react to what happens in front of you = if you haven't got time to react your not a driver you are a monkey
  9. They knew that a metal door could not be locked and were able to avoid four CCTV cameras by vaulting a wall in their exit from the property. but how did they get in
  10. all men for a start, she obviously didnt see him so no idea of age, and what cctv cameras are there for exit but not entry
  11. and how did the untaxed fuel get into the boat can you just do this without signing any paperwork or paying for it. it departed thailand