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  1. What if someone cant avoid airports, if someone got 2 back to back Visa from Laos and wants to switch it up and go to Hong Kong, is it really posing a risk because you go through an airport? it seems like thats a better idea then just going to Laos over and over. I think that would raise more red flags. But If you get a new un-used visa, you go back to suvarnabhumi and they say no you cant enter.... does that make your Visa invalid? then if that happens what are your options? Also about the "thicker US passports" this is only available if you apply for a new passport in Thailand? they will give you a US passport with more pages or is it the same if I wait and apply back in US? As the Passport I have now which i applied for in US only has like 25 pages so im not sure if it changed if applying back in US or if its the same one
  2. What I'd like to know is what is the benefit of getting a Non Immigrant Visa over Multiple Entry Tourist Visa? you still have to leave every 90 days. Is the difference that with a Non Imm you can extend for 1 year so you don't have to do border runs?
  3. ok thats good to know, so if i ever get a red stamp in the future with my Visa it would be an insurance policy to bite the bullet on the $120 fee and apply for a new passport.
  4. If they give you a "red stamp" does that mean a last Tourist visa at that specific Embassy? For example if I get 3 back to back TR from Vientiane and they give a final visa plus a red stamp that say no more. But then I go to malaysia or hong kong for the next TR will they also say no because I have a red stamp from Vientiane or will they go ahead and issue the Visa? Also how long does the red stamp stay in effect? What if they give a red stamp, but you go to Hong Kog and get a fresh visa, then after 3 months go to Vientiane again will that not count? Or the only way to avoid issues is get a new Passport?
  5. Ok gotcha! One last question, I was reading about some people who get a new passport having to go to Immigration to transfer current Visa to new Passport, what is the purpose of this and I wouldn't need to worry about this do I? When I get a 30 day extension, they will just look at my old passport and stamp it in the new one, right? if I just show both passports, then I don't need to worry about transferring anything, no old stamps or visas to my new book, just start fresh again? why would people need to transfer anything to their new passport is that only if they don't want to show both passports?
  6. Wow thats crazy, I wanted to fill the empty pages with 1 stamp with more stamps. But I just don't have any more room for when I need a new Visa which needs a blank empty page. So I will have to continue showing two passports because my METV is on my last page and is good until January. So when I do my border run, I have to show them my canceled passport with the Visa and they will just put the Entry/Exit stamp in my new passport (With no Visa yet since the valid visa is on the last page of my full passport) Kinda wish I could do something about the page that only has 1 lonely stamp on it though. But because now that Im going to countries that need a full blank page for Visa theres nothing I can do
  7. My current valid Visa is on the final empty page of my current passport so if I apply for a New passport, do they just print another copy of that same Visa I have in my current passport and put it in my New passport? So when I leave Thailand, will they stamp the exit stamp in my old passport or will that be canceled by then and I will have 2 copies of my Visa, the one in the final page of my passport and then that same Visa on the first page of my new passport? Or will they be required to stamp out on my old passport and put the stamp out on the new passport also showing both Passports has the same exit stamp? I'm a bit confused because I don't want to apply for a new Passport because I still want to fill up my current passport. It's not full, I just have like 1-2 stamps on each page but I don't have a full empty page for a new Visa, so thats why I wanted 2nd passport for full page Visas and keep my current for stamps that I want to still fill up. I want a full passport but I just dont have space for the full page Visas, so what should I do? Am I able to have 1 Passport for Stamps and another just for Visas or once I apply for a new Passport then the current one is null and void? Kinda sucks because Immigration would always skip to blank page and have their stamp on a new blank page so it ruins the whole page for when I needed a blank page for a Visa
  8. See here is the tricky part about the METV... If you apply for it and don't enter Thailand immediately, you are only wasting the days you spend in Thailand before the 6 months it expires. For example, if you apply for METV, on 1 January it will be 6 months from the date they put it in your passport. So if you wait a month before you enter Thailand, and enter 1 February... that means you won't get a full 9 months out of it, because if it says "Enter Before 1 July," that means you will do a border run before 1 May, and then back in say 2 May, you have to leave again before 1 July, which would only be 60 days because if you stay 90 days, then your METV will be expired at that time... So really if you waste 1 month after you get the Visa in your passport and plan to stay in Thailand long term with extensions, you will only get just shy of 8 months worth out of it. Also what if you have your own Business or self-employed, what letter would you have to provide for that to the Embassy? Are there times where they won't ask for Bank statements showing funds or Employee letters? Or does this depend on which Embassy you apply at? It seems like the METV is a bit more tricky to get approved for compared to a SETV, where they don't ask for much paperworks for that.
  9. So if the METV says "Enter before 1 June" and today is 1 January, say for example, I enter Thailand and get a stamp on 1 January which is valid until 1 March... If I leave and come back they will stamp me out say 15 January, and if I come back, they will stamp a new 60 day period for when I come back in? So if I keep going in/out, I will never need to extend the 60 days to 90 days, correct? Doing that extension will only be if I haven't left the border 60 days from my entry then i can extend for 30 days and stay a total of 90 days without traveling.. but if I go in and out then I will just be filling up my passport with new stamps up until the expiration date which says "Enter before" date?
  10. Thanks, I didn't even know about Ban Phu Nam Ron. I'll have to look up on that. The total cost for transportation would only be 950 Baht plus 500 Baht, is this round trip? And how many hours is the transportation time? Ideally if I can leave and get back to Bkk in 6-8 hours that would be my best case scenario that's why if I have to pay extra, I don't mind flying out to Malaysia or Hong Kong for that extra time convenience compared to say being on a Bus for a 10 hour round trip.
  11. I recently paid 5000 baht for METV and then another 1900 at Immigration for a 30 day extension. My 90 days are almost up and I will need to leave Bangkok but I want to leave and come back on the same day. I would like to know what are the cheapest options that I have to do this as this is my 1st time ever having to do a Visa run. My accomodation is in Sukhumvit area/Phrom Pong and so far the first plan I can think of doing is either going to Don Mueng Airport and fly to Udon Thani and then take the Bus up to Nong Khai and paying $35 for Laos Visa, and then turn around and re-enter Thailand back to Udon Thani. But I want to know if there is an easier way or more efficient way than that? I also I would prefer not to have to go to a place that I have to pay for a full page Visa in my passport, like at Laos, and save the $35 fee since I am just leaving the border and re-entering the same day to activate my 2nd entry on my Visa. Another option I was thinking of was flying out from Suvarnabhumi to Kuala Lumpur, get my small stamp and turn around and fly back to BKK on the same day. This option will let me leave early in the morning and return back on the same day so I don't need to worry about accommodation costs. I am looking for other recommendations maybe a more convenient one that I am not aware of yet, are there other ways can I leave and re-enter on the same day for a good price? How about to Myannmar? But wouldn't I need to pay additional for the Visa there for US Passport? There's also a flight to Hong Kong which is about 3 hours and back and they don't put any stamps in the passport at all. How much cash should I budget to spend for this Visa run on my METV?? Also to better prepare me for my next Visa run after the next 90 days because I plan to do it all over again before the 6 months expires to get an additional 90 days.