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  1. I think the rules for border crossings at Myannmar has changed and requires an e-visa before entering, for US Passports. http://www.mip.gov.mm/the-burma-immigration-emergency-provisions-act-1947/
  2. Nice, thanks. Seems like Ban Phu Nam Ron is the best option for me. Do you recommend using the Visa Service for 2000฿? Also I'm a bit confused about No man's land.. when I get to the border at Ban Phu Nam Ron from Kanchanaburi, I will pay 960฿ to cross No man's land and arrive at the Myanmar passport control and then pay 500฿ to stamp into Myanmar? Or is it 960฿ total to get across No man's land and then stamp into Myanmar? And then once I'm stamped in, It's no problem to just turn around and go back and stamp back into Thailand, this wouldn't be a problem?
  3. My tourist visa is about to expire and I read that I have 2 free visa exempts by land, so I want to use these 2 land crossing exempts up before I apply for another Tourist Visa. What's the quickest and easiest way to go on about this from Bangkok/Asoke area? Where do I go, Phu Nam? I'm thinking a day trip using Bus or Minivan and back the same day. Is it cheaper to go there on my own or is the convenience using a Visa service van worth it? Just stamp out, stamp back in and back to bangkok with new visa exempt. I also have a US visa so I need to know if I can do Visa on arrival and how much it will cost. What are my options?
  4. I've been staying in Thailand for 2 years now using Tourist Visas and over 10 Visa Exemptions traveling to all the countries in SE Asia. The Immigration officer can see where I travel to and my history in Thailand and have never once told me that they had a problem with it
  5. I used to always get scared everytime I go to the Airport because I always read about being questioned and playing russian roulette and being rejected entry... but so far from all experience in the 2 years that I've been here... I've only been questioned twice. They just want to know why you are in Thailand and if your working. If they see see that you are constantly traveling, with no overstay, this is a good thing. If they see other recent stamps in your passport, that's a Tourist in their mind, so having a Tourist visa and choosing to fly back into the airport should be a good thing, not something to be afraid of. from my experiences at the airport, the officer I get at arrivals just spends a few minutes flipping through each page in my passport checking to see my history, so they know how long I've been here.... but I've only got questioned twice, the first time was when I was just entering solely on back to back Visa exemptions, on the 7th entry, he asked me "Why do you come to Thailand? Are you working here? Next time apply for Tourist visa" this was before I was educated about Tourist visas because like everyone else when they first come to Thailand, US Passports are eligible for visa exemption, so people think this is the "tourist visa" that we are priviledged to have. but once he noticed I was leaving and entering on the same day, with the visa exemption, the officer was the one who recommended the Tourist visa, and told me next time to apply for Tourist Visa. So that's what I've been doing ever since. It seems like as long as they see that you are actively traveling they haven't had a problem with people using Tourist visas. They just want to make sure your not working on a Tourist visa.
  6. That's wonderful. Thanks a lot, as it saves me an additional trip to Changwattana. I already got my 30 day extension in there, so I wasn't sure if THAT needed to be shown in the new passport. But I will just stamp out as usual, just providing both passports at customs this time.
  7. Picked up my new US Passport today at the Embassy in Thailand and was wondering what the next process is? they gave me this letter that says "Dear Immigration, please transfer the bearers stamp from the old passport into the new" and told me to go to Changwattana to do the transfer..... I'm only here on a Visa exemption stamp with 30 day extension, but what I've been reading on here is that I can just go to the Airport and provide this letter and my canceled passport and new passport which they will use to stamp me out and everything should be ok? Or is there a new rule now that since my old passport is canceled, I need to transfer my entry and extension stamp into the new passport before leaving? I read on here that I could just show my entry stamp in my canceled passport and they'll stamp me out in my new passport. But if not, what is the process like at Changwattana? Is it at the same location I go to get my 30 day extension stamp in my passport?
  8. Vientiane gives the Red stamp on the 4th Visa. So since this was your 3rd you were ok. But next time will be your last time to go there for a Visa unless you get a new passport at US embassy in bangkok then you can go 3 more times. I would just keep to 3 because even though you can get a 4th Visa and a red stamp, it may prevent other embassys from approving you in the same passport too. So stick with 3 stamps and go to another embassy or get a new passport and go back to Vientiane.
  9. If i apply for a new passport under visa exempt, do i just stamp out on the new passport while showing my old passport?
  10. When I first started traveling to Thailand, I never applied for Visa because just like many other countries, a visa isn't required with Us Passport to travel there. So my first Visa exempts I only stayed for a few days. Until i decided to stay long term, I started to do extensions and then fly to Hong Kong and back to Bangkok the next day, then fly to Malaysia and back then it was my 6th Visa exempt, he got notified and saw I exit/entered on the same day, and then told me next time I need a Visa. so thats when I did my research and learned about 60 day visa plus 30 day extension, so since then.. I've done that 3 times and had no problems entering. But now I am not plannig to stay longer than 30 days so I decided not to get a Visa. I had no problems coming in just questioned "why you come to thailand? you working?" and that was it. I will fly to Japan in November and back to Bangkok on another Visa exempt and then fly to Hong Kong in December so I hope that I wont get rejected when I am not getting these stays extended, but when i decide to stay in Thailand for more than 60 days I will apply for the Tourist Visa again, which will be after January
  11. I've been only been applying for a Tourist Visa when I plan on staying at least 60 days, as its cheaper. 1000 Baht for 60 days compared to 1900 Baht staying with a Visa exempt plus 30 day extension. I have a history of long stay in Thailand. 3 TR's from Vieantiane and currently entered on my 9th VE since my Visa expired, I took a trip to Malaysia and back to Bangkok without applying for Visa because I made plans to go to Japan at the end of October, so I didn't want to go through the process of applying for Visa and worrying about re-entry when I know I am good for 30 days. When I entered without a Visa which would be my 9th Ve stamp, the IO spent what seemed like 5 minutes flipping through my whole passport and probably checking to see that I dont have any overstay. And asked me why do I come to Thailand and if I am working.. I said no, I'm flying to Japan at the end of the month. He stamped me in and that was it. Although I did have my onward flight confirmation and 20K cash ready, he didn't ask for that. I am flying out again in 3 weeks to Japan in November, for only a few days then back to Bangkok on another VE, which will start my 30 days all over again (and will be my 10th total VE in my passport) so hopefully that goes smoothly. If I get denied entry then I already have a plan to fly to Hong Kong and then i can spend two days to apply for Thai visa out there and return again.
  12. Also make sure to double check your last pages in your PP that you mention are actually labeled for Visas. The US Passports are tricky and the last 3 blank pages have "Endorsements" on the page. and will not be approved as a blank page for a Visa.
  13. lopezkoa

    KL visa run

    So they will accept Electric and water bill instead of hotel booking itinerary? Also did you need to provide flight ticket into Thailand and Out of Thailand and Bank statement?
  14. I have a question about the unlimited 30 day visa exemption by air, with a US Passport, since there are currently no rules as to how many times you can fly in/out you can get 30 days free of charge which would be so much more convenient for me since I am not staying in Thailand longer than 30 days anytime soon. Although there has been people saying that after 6 entries they will question you... but whats the worst that will happen? has there been any reports? I want my home base in SE Asia to be Bangkok, but I am only staying in the country for a few days at a time and traveling to other countries, I have plans to travel to Japan, Singapore, Cambodia, for only a few days at a time and then round trip back to Bangkok, so when I start to rack up 6+ Visa exemption they will most likely question and ask my purpose in Thailand like if you are working? or ask to provide 20,000฿ and proof of flight leaving Bangkok in less 30 days. If I can provide all this, what would be the problem? Many will say that it depends on the IO upon arrival and if the IO is having a bad day and rejects your entry, then Plan B would be to book a flight out of Bangkok to where ever you want and then fly back the next day to try again? Or Plan C? Has there ever been any reports on someone racking up too many VE by air and then booking a flight out to a bordering country to go to the Thai embassy and then applying for a Tourist Visa and then booking a flight back to Bangkok and trying again?
  15. The reason I ask this is because I didn't even notice this until I read about someone being turned away at Laos for having 3 blank pages... but it says "Endorsement" on those last pages in the passport. I didn't even notice this, all the other pages in my passport says "Visa" at the top. But I recently got a Thai Visa in vientiane and I had 4 blank pages. But my Laos visa went on my last blank page that says Visa at the top, and the last 3 are endorsement pages but i have my Thai visa put on the 1st Endorsement page, then i have my entry stamp and extension stamp that fills up the 2nd endorsement page... and so now i thought i have 1 last full page available for my new Thai visa in Hong kong. But I am praying that they don't give me any problems with this!