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  1. My wife recently did hers with the British Council and I have just checked their website. They have five remaining dates available this year. They can be found here; https://thailand.ielts.britishcouncil.org/iorpsea/html/registration/showExamSessionListUKVIServlet.do And this is what you are looking at;
  2. That's a very interesting post to me. I was going to ask a similar question. My wife is going to apply for a UK settlement visa and has multiple entry/exit stamps in her passport, 1 each from Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong from trips with me, and then around 30 entries and exits to Cambodia which are all same day returns (single day trips) from buying stock at the market on the Cambodian side of which her mother sells on the Thai side at a market. Should all these trips be broken down in to singular dated travel and included in the application. It does state in the application to list all travel outside of Thailand, and a copy of all pages of passport will be provided with supporting documents. Listing them all individually seems rather excessive but probably the safest option even though these trips seem rather irrelevant to a settlement via application.
  3. Yes thanks. This is paid at the end of the online application.
  4. I'm now re-reading through the guidance notes and it's rather unclear as to whether or not the signed application form and completed appendix 2 form is actually handed over in Bangkok or submitted with the rest of the supporting documents directly to Sheffield. The order we are doing things is as follows. Fill out online application, make appointment for biometrics in Bangkok, pay online and then print out application and sign. Go to Bangkok and do biometrics and hand in passport. (At this time I'm unsure as to whether or not my wife must hand in the signed copy of the printed online application and appendix 2 form or they should be included with the rest of the documents being sent directly to Sheffield). Send all supporting documents from within the UK directly to Sheffield with paid return post to UK address. It's all as clear as mud. 555
  5. Thanks again for all the help 7by7, and again it is very much appreciated. I really want my wife and I to get this application right so please excuse the constant questioning. I think I'm about there now with regards to understanding everything required, I may still be missing something though! Documents my wife will take to the application center in Bangkok are; Printed online application form signed and dated. Completed (in ink) financial appendix 2 form. Current valid passport (original). Previous passport (original). Documents I will send to Sheffield after wife has been to application center in Bangkok are; English test certificate. TB test certificate. Marriage certificate & certified translation. Copy of my passport (self certified). Letter from me outlining our relationship and situation. Evidence of relationship. Six moths pay slips from my job. Six months bank statements showing the salary being paid in to account. Letter from my employer stating payslips are genuine, how long I have worked for them, my type of employment and my salary. Letter from property owner highlighting relationship to them, property description, people who live at property and stating that both myself and wife can stay there FOC. Evidence I currently live at the property. Evidence that the property is owned by the letter writer. I believe that you have up to 20 days to submit the documents to Sheffield starting from the date the application is handed in and biometric information is taken in Bangkok. In the opinion of those who have experience with this type of visa does the above look like a successful application if the financial requirements and accommodation requirements are met? Is there anything you would add to the list? Thanks for all the help.
  6. Indeed, however when you fill the online visa application form in there appears to be no financial appendix for the sponsors financial information. Other sources are stating that it must be printed and filled out with ink. The other question is regarding my wife's PREVIOUS passport. Is she required to copy every page (including blank pages) of this and present them with the supporting documents? Sign and date each page copy?
  7. Sorry for so many questions but I have been reading through the guidance notes in the Appendix 2 (VAF 4A) Financial Requirements form and it states the following: However when I google it and find a link to the form it comes up as broken. Is this form filled out online with the main application or is it filled out offline and submitted with the supporting documents as the Appendix 2 Financial Requirements form appears (yet to confirm) to be? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  8. I doubt that would affect many people as the next generation of British passports are more than likely going to be genderless.
  9. Dog export permit

    Hi there is some good information here. The owners of the site are very helpful and will answer any queries you have regarding re-locating your dog overseas. http://www.samuidog.org/dogtransport.htm
  10. Thanks again 7by7. It says in the guidance notes for the Appendix 2 form: I take it that this is another document that I must submit in the the supporting documents pack I send to Sheffield? I believe this is the form in question; https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/261405/sponsorship-form.pdf
  11. As it stands the boyfriend of a gay man from Ghana who says he is persecuted in his own country because of his sexuality can apply for a visa free of charge, does not have to pay NHS surcharge, and his boyfriend who is already in the UK does not have to meet the minimum requirements regarding accommodation and finances, the only requirement they have to prove is that they were a couple before the first one left Ghana. Of course once they are sorted they are going to need their 'sisters' to come over to. You think this is fair? That is why they are laughing at the people of the UK.
  12. The same rules don't apply to family members of asylum seekers as do to family members of people born in the UK. There is no requirement to show adequate maintenance and accommodation without recourse to public funds and refugee family members are exempt from the minimum income threshold of £18,600. A refugee can be in receipt of welfare benefits but still sponsor his or her family members to come to the UK. There is also provision in the Immigration Rules for a refugee to sponsor the entry of children to whom the refuge is related but who are not his or her own children. For example, the children might be nieces or nephews or grandchildren. Again this is exempt from the minimum income threshold of £18,600. A refugee can be in receipt of welfare benefits but still sponsor his or her family members to come to the UK. Where a family member of a person born in the UK needs to pay a ridiculously high visa fee (about £1500 for spouse visa at the moment) for a family member of a refugee it is free of charge. Where a family member of a person born in the UK has to pay an NHS surcharge (£600 for spouse visa application) the family member of a refugee does not have to pay anything. Yes the law applies to all who live in the UK, but some people get preferential treatment and don't have to meet the same requirements as the indigenous population. Then people with their heads up their <deleted> are shocked when the local population has the audacity to think it not something to be celebrated. And by the way any refugee who has reached the shores of the UK by any other way than on a plane has already passed through multiple safe countries and as such has no right seeking asylum in the UK and that IS the law, and as you say 'the same law applies to all'.
  13. Yes he is British so is bound by the rules whilst they write different ones for the family members of asylum seekers and refugees.
  14. If he were an asylum seeker/refugee then he could apply for visas for his wife and children free of charge and without having to meet any of the requirements relating to finances and accommodation etc.