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  1. Where did I mention anything about grandparents or elderly 'carers'? I said a geriatric father with young mother which is often the case here. As for the 'nobody thinks much about it' comment, well that is just stupid. 60, 70, 80 year old men having children is hardly something to be celebrated and I bet the kids think about it when they get old enough to understand the ridiculousness and unfairness of the situation and the shear selfishness of those who created it. BTW, though relatively common in Thailand in the poorer and or dysfunctional families, being brought-up by elderly carers is far from 'entirely normal'.
  2. Who cares? I'm sure anyone would rather have a young father and grand father than be in the unfortunate position of a toddler with a geriatric father and young mother which is so often the case in certain circles here.
  3. How does my sentence equate to what you think? Maybe he assumes correctly.
  4. I wasn't aware I said there isn't a problem.
  5. You assume I agree there's a problem which requires a solution.
  6. Should we put down all the homeless people of the world too? Well maybe only the ones living in misery eh? Heaven forbid someone try to solve the problem in a humane fashion. Turn the showers on Hans!
  7. I leased a plot of land approximately 3 rai in size, the land had access from a main road. The lease was for 15 years which was way longer than I needed as I knew I would be there for a maximum of 10 years. The land was leased from a non family member and the contract was drawn up by a lawyer appointed by myself and not the land owner and a copy of the lease was filed with the land registry department as well as copies retained by myself and my appointed lawyer. The rent on the land that I paid was 1.25 baht per square meter which equated to B6,000 per month for the first 5 years of the lease and rising 0.25 baht per square meter every 5 years thereafter. The price of land of similar status in the surrounding area was selling for between 400,000 - 600,000 per rai. I paid an initial 135,000 baht to get the land suitable for installation of the house and then had the house delivered and constructed by the builders who dismantled it for me when I bought it from the previous owner. When I decided that my time was up and needed to move on I advertised the house for sale on a popular Thai website and I had a buyer for it within days of it going up for sale, I got almost 2 million baht more for it than I had originally paid as good teak wood houses are extremely desirable in certain areas and are getting rarer by the day. I gave up my lease with 6 years left on it and I could have walked away from it with payment of 1 years rent though I decided to pay the owner of the land the full remaining 6 years though at a reduced rate of 0.5 baht per square meter, they were extremely grateful for this, and if I ever was to return to that area to live I would look at doing similar again and with the same land owner. So yes, I owned my own house but did not own the land it was built on and the scenario was still 'as safe as houses'.
  8. How do you know he owned nothing on paper? I legally fully owned a house in Thailand which I subsequently sold for a large sum. I just didn't own the land it was on. No problem though it was sold, at a decent profit I may add, and the new owner had a company dismantle it and rebuild it on their property. Not every farang throws money in to something in Thailand without thinking it through.
  9. I would suggest that either you have misunderstood the story, you have been lied too, or you have just made the story up. When I divorced my previous Thai wife we needed to go to court where a list of assets from either side was submitted to a judge. The judge then formulated a final list of assets and assigned them a monetary value. The assets could only be sold through the court, and the value of any given asset could only be altered either up or down by mutual consent of both parties, and again this needed to be done through the court. It sounds to me, unless you just made the story up, that the house has not been sold to anyone, and your 'friend' has been palmed off with a token gesture of cash. He should hire a decent lawyer and seek clarification from the courts.
  10. They all look Chinese anyway.
  11. Turns out they were just trying to tell him that he'd dropped his wallet at the previous set of lights.
  12. Hi Guemilum- We are actually not making the application until the back end of December and at the moment I'm just making sure that I understand as best I can and have the required paperwork ready. As I'm planning on sending the supporting documentation to Sheffield via Royal Mail from within the UK then I won't need to do anything regarding barcodes as these are only to do with scanning, I'm also under the impression that the barcode system is not actually being used for settlement visas, maybe someone can correct this if I'm wrong? The thing I'm still unsure of is whether the printed and signed application along with the appendix 2 form is handed in with my wife's passport in Bangkok when she gets her bimometrics taken or if the application and appendix 2 form is to go with the supporting documents directly to Sheffield. I will have her take the signed application and appendix 2 form with her to the appointment in Bangkok and if they don't take and scan them there I will take them back to the UK and put them with the rest of the documents and send to Sheffield. I know that when you make payment after completing the online application they give you a reference number, this number must be written clearly on a photocopy of the applicants passport photo page and put at the front of the supporting documents as the first page when sending to Sheffield. I will post any more details I get here. Also when we have made the application if it is successful I will make a thread with detailed guide to try and help others.
  13. Had this girl been tormenting or cruel to this dog in the past? A case of 'som nam naa' possibly?
  14. 11 years ago, on the 28th September 2006, the headline read- Police to introduce fingerprint scanning at Suvarnabhumi And the article stated- All talk as usual.