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  1. Yes, of course I am being quite insulting, I am responding to highly insulting posts. Do you think the comments about Thai women or women in general on this thread have not been insulting? @cyberfarang If your partner in crime was trying to make the point that most and not all women don't contribute equally to household expenses then why did he say that any man who believes his wife contributes equally is deluded? He actually called the two people who said their wives did contribute equally liars...not much room for misunderstanding there....I think you must be suffering from selective blindness as far as those posts are concerned. I could quote the comments here but we both know what he said so I don't see the point in wasting my time. As to my 'holier than thou' attitude, I can see why you feel like that but I make no apologies for finding the sight of drunken old men cavorting with prostitutes in public a distasteful one. You can, as you say, live your life as you see fit and by the same token, I can think what I want about your behaviour. Letting your hair down is not analogous to getting inebriated and sleeping with prostitutes as far as most people are concerned, even if it is acceptable behaviour in your social circles. And actually, you are breaking the law if you are sleeping with prostitutes in Thailand. Perhaps not a widely enforced law but your logic doesn't stand up on that point.
  2. Mark1066

    I have been calculatin'

    I think enlightening you may be beyond me. Sorry.
  3. Mark1066

    Another word for ma / very

    I can't edit this post now but on reflection I would say your tongue has to be under your front teeth rather than behind them, when pronouncing ต, in a similar position to when you are pronouncing the 'th' consonant cluster in English ( but not quite so far forward).
  4. I would absolutely agree that the majority of "Western guys in relationships with Thai women in Thailand are mainly the financial providers" but I think that state of affairs says a lot more about the desirability of most of the Western guys who come to Thailand than it does about Thai women, or women in general for that matter. However, the poster I was replying to claimed that expenses were never shared fairly and he is obviously not man enough to admit when he is wrong. There are two of us in this thread alone who enjoy such a relationship. (If you aspire to lazing around all day drinking beer that's your business of course. I won't pretend I haven't done this in the past but nowadays, with a child to look after and so many more interesting things to do, I genuinely find the idea of such a lifestyle quite unappealing. I certainly don't want to hang around with prostitutes and get drunk, but that's another topic entirely)
  5. Some people may be lax about complying with the law in their home countries but it's worth bearing in mind that, in the UK at least, foreigners are not required to tell the police where they are living every 90 days. In short, my point is this: given the enthusiasm the Thai government shows for tracking the whereabouts of foreigners, it seems faintly ridiculous that the system for tracking the whereabouts of their own citizens is such a disorganised shambles.
  6. Mark1066

    I have been calculatin'

    You seem to be choosing to only read half my posts and then misunderstanding them. This is the salient point I am trying to make: Nowhere did I say the current trend would continue or the movements of the last decade would repeat themselves in the future but for people to base future investment decisions on the hope that whilst the majority opinion may have been wrong for the last ten years it might not be wrong for the next would seem to be even more myopic than you are accusing me of being. I do not focus my investment decisions entirely on exchange rates; exchange rates are the topic of this thread, hence my focus here and now (well, I do focus on exchange rates when making short-term investments but that is because of the nature of those investments and is not relevant to this discusssion). In summary, I am saying that telling people who emigrate to Thailand to bring as few of their assets as possible is not always good advice and I illustrated that point with an example of a UK citizen, much like myself, who moved here in the last 10-15 years. I am not saying one should transfer all their assets, I am questioning the expertise and reasoning of those who recommend bringing none of them. EDIT: So really we are both saying that one cannot forecast future exchange rates but we are coming at it from different angles.
  7. Mark1066

    Visa Service

    Sorry, didn't see this post until after posting my last comment.
  8. Mark1066

    Visa Service

    Yes, a separate topic and not something I care about but in case you have any sympathy for them, the people who were forcibly removed had 8 or 9 years to sort their own lives out and register somewhere else (and six months grace from my wife as she went to the effort of obtaining their phone numbers from the old owner of the house and contacting them to let them know first). They have bought two cars on hire purchase agreements using this address, which they have defaulted on, now owing 1.4 million baht to the seller and that's just one of their debts. Now, while having them on the TB in no way made my wife liable for their debts, it did result in having a bailiff's notice pinned to our front gate on one occasion, which is something I can live without.
  9. Mark1066

    I have been calculatin'

    I'm not talking about two single points in time, I'm talking about many points in time. And I am not saying that every single person who has moved here in the last 15 years would have got the timing just right but I believe it's safe to say that many would be better off now, even if all they'd invested in was a deposit account with a local bank. Yet the forum sees a steady stream of posts from people who think they are giving sage advice when they repeat the hackneyed old phrase, "Never bring more to Thailand than you're willing to lose". The fact that thousands of expats have seen the value of their nest eggs back home erode precisely because they followed this advice seems to elude those dispensing their investment wisdom through these pages. As an example, I have lost count of the number of times I have read a post on this forum from somebody who says they would never buy a condo here because they could be thrown out at any time and lose everything. However, I have not seen one single post from somebody who has actually bought a condo in Thailand, subsequently been thrown out of the country and lost their entire investment. Perhaps it has happened to someone but I've seen no evidence of it. Speaking as a UK citizen, I could pick almost any time in the last 10 years to illustrate my point, except April 2013. If you happened to have moved to Thailand in April 2013 from the UK, it is conceivable that you could be 0.2% worse off in terms of the GBP/THB exchange rate movement between then and now. Pick any other month in the last ten years and you would be better off, in many cases far better off. I'm not saying investing in this country is easy or foolproof, I am just questioning what seems to be something of a consensus on this forum regarding opinions on where to keep your liquid and other assets.
  10. Mark1066

    Visa Service

    Yes, I agree with your translation but that's not how they deal with it at the Amphur or whatever you want to call it. They actually thought my wife was being a little heartless and didn't want to comply with her request to remove them. I don't think she could have been fined though as she only bought the house 4 years ago and they moved out 8-9 years ago. She also told them six months ago to sort it out and they didn't. A rather nasty family who have lots of outstanding debts that they are obviously trying to evade.
  11. The drinking is really not all that relevant is it? The main point of my initial post was to address his disgusting attitude towards women. I made the mistake of thinking I was dealing with a normal adult - I'm not quite sure why - but as soon as he was presented with facts that didn't affirm his misogynistic way of thinking, he threw a hissy fit. The fact he is not worried about his extremely odd mindset is neither here nor there really. Most people with serious mental issues are blissfully unaware of them. In any case, as he is not capable of defending his own opinions without having a tantrum, I don't see much point in us discussing them.
  12. All day or the rest of the day - makes very little difference to me. I'd really dislike drinking from lunchtime until bedtime every day. However, the alcoholic intake of the poster to whom you are referring would seem to be the least of his worries.
  13. Mark1066

    Another word for ma / very

    I believe it is just informal spoken Thai, not an error on the part of the speaker. You would sound quite odd if you insisted on pronouncing ไหม with a rising tone in daily conversation. And in your earlier post, I believe you were confused - you said that ด was hard and ต was soft but it's actually the other way around. ด is unaspirated (no puff of breath as you enunciate) whereas ต is aspirated. The position of the tongue is also different for these two consonants. For ด, the tongue touches the roof of the mouth, in roughly the same place as when making the sound for D (perhaps a touch further back) and for ต it is right behind the teeth, touching them (at least that is the only way I can make the correct sound for ต)
  14. Mark1066

    Visa Service

    Why don't they have to notify someone when they move out as well? The whole system seems crazy to me and open to abuse. We just kicked 2 people off our tabian baan who have not lived here for at least 8 years and they started bleating about it as it caused them problems.