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  1. visa re-entry stamp at the airport

    Again, completely irrelevant. You've driven through passport control in 'many countries' - so what?. We are talking about Thailand, are we not, and specifically Chiang Mai airport. How many times have you driven through passport control at Chiang Mai airport?? I'm not interested whether you find my post offensive; try sticking to the topic, which is re-entry permits in Chiang Mai, not in whatever other countries you happened to have stayed in. Please refer to the original post in this thread if you are still confused.
  2. visa re-entry stamp at the airport

    People who need wheelchairs had already been 'put aside' in this debate - if you read the posts above mine you could see that. And frankly, if you find yourself standing somewhere like this: and you are unaware that you are at passport control, you probably shouldn't be travelling without a helper.
  3. visa re-entry stamp at the airport

    Because driving past a turning is not the same as walking through passport control.
  4. TM30's still causing issues ?

    From my experience yesterday (in CM), they don't care about it if you are on a tourist visa, only if you are applying for an extension of (or conversion to) a non-immigrant visa. What I was basically told was that I didn't need to do it several months ago because I was on a tourist visa but now that I am converting to a non-immigrant visa, I did need to do it several months ago!
  5. visa re-entry stamp at the airport

    How is that relevant? If you find yourself standing in front of the immigration checkpoint and you haven't yet obtained your re-entry passport, you'd have to be completely dumb to walk through that checkpoint (please note, they don't let you drive, ride or run through passport control in this or any other country). We aren't talking about missing a turning or walking past a shop, you have to get your passport out and show it to an immigration official. Are you trying to tell me that you could do that without realising what you were doing?
  6. As has already been stated, positions in education are exempt so what you have posted is completely untrue.
  7. I was really annoyed about it because all it says on their website is that you can use their card and “pay the cash” to them - no indication of a massive fee for doing so. By the time I found that out, they already had my passport and it would have been difficult for me to get them to post it back in time for me to do the renewal myself.
  8. I care. I’d rather see drunks banned from travelling than marijuana smokers. What do you think alcohol is if it isn't a drug anyway? If you drink alcohol, you’re a drug user too.
  9. One bad thing I can tell you about Key Visa is that if you don’t have a UK debit or credit card, they’ll convince you that your Thai card won’t work, offer to let you use theirs instead and add on 2,000 baht to their fee for the privilege. When I asked how they could justify such a ridiculous charge, the guy claimed it was to cover their banking costs. There’s no charge for credit or debit card transactions in the uk and even assuming that he had to transfer money to his UK bank acccount on a regular basis to provide this service, he’d lose about 2-3% in fx fees, not 40%.
  10. TM30's still causing issues ?

    You've got to love auto-correct. We had a Cretaceous person at the last condo I stayed in.
  11. visa re-entry stamp at the airport

    I agree. If you know enough to know that you need a re-entry permit, one would think you would know that you need to get it before you actually exit the country (i.e. pass through immigration)!
  12. TM30's still causing issues ?

    What if you leave the country and come back to the same address in Thailand, less than 24 hours after you left?
  13. Chillies are an important ingredient of Thai cuisine and have been for hundreds of years - what does it matter where they were first cultivated? Do you think that potatoes aren't a mainstay of British or North American cuisine, simply because they were first cultivated in South America?
  14. Whatever makes you feel good about yourself.
  15. Exactly. I never understand the ‘You’re in Thailand so eat Thai food’ mentality. In the UK I enjoyed British, French, Italian, Caribbean, Indian, Chinese, Spanish, Moroccan, Turkish and Greek food to name just a few. Why should I restrict myself to a single cuisine when I move to Thailand?