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  1. I have now. So that's what the ignore function is for....
  2. Do your own research, I'm not your secretary. You are just making yourself look ridiculous: when faced with the fact that 97.01% of Thai people do in fact service their loans, all you can do is nitpick about whether these figures include credit extended by non-financial institutions. You and others on here make uninformed assumptions about what Thai people do and don't do, perhaps due to the type of locals you associate with (?) and cannot bear it when it is clearly demonstrated that you are talking out of your backside.
  3. If you're prepared to conveniently ignore the fact that countries like Austria, Denmark, Belgium, France, Spain, Ireland and Italy all have higher NPL ratios than Thailand (ridiculously high in the case of Ireland) then feel free to take the moral high ground. At least you've finally admitted that is actually what you were trying to do in the first place. The simple fact of the matter is that you, and a few other people on here with a rather ridiculous sense of superiority to the local population, cannot admit that you are wrong so you resort to nitpicking. Whether or not the NPL figure I found includes non-financial organisations is not something I can be bothered to research and even if the figure is just for bank credit, it demonstrates that the vast majority of Thai people do in fact pay back their bank loans and credit card debts. The fact the consumer debt to GDP ratio is lower in Thailand than it is in the USA and UK speaks volumes for the mentality of the average consumer in these supposedly more advanced economies. We can look at government to GDP debt next if you like - around 44% in Thailand and 105% in the USA. Still feeling superior? I'm not sure what you mean when you say 'you started with the comparisons'? Are you suggesting we shouldn't make comparisons? One cannot make a judgement as to whether consumer debt in Thailand is high without comparing it to other economies. You might like to I guess, because then you can make factually incorrect statements without being challenged.
  4. The BOT supervises and regulates both financial and non-financial institutions that provide credit so they would have access to stats covering both.
  5. here's some quotes from people not taking the moral high ground in this thread: Probably because the words "lend" and "give" seem to have the same meaning here. I wouldn't offer credit to anyone in Thailand. Would you? Too many people in this country use credit and forget or decide not to pay it back. Credit = Burnt fingers here Not sensible posts, just a misplaced sense of superiority, something that seems to afflict many posters on this forum when it comes to discussing Thailand.
  6. NPL ratios include all of the above. It's a good idea to know what you are talking about before you presume to ciritise others.
  7. People mentioning the 'local habit of not paying back' and stating that they wouldn't lend money to Thai people is not taking the moral high ground? Have you actually read the posts in this thread?
  8. The non performing loans ratio in Thailand is currently around 2.9%, which would suggest that not paying money back is not a local habit but rather a ridiculous generalisation made by foreigners based on supposition rather than fact.
  9. It's 68% according to my sources and whether we take your figure or mine as correct, that compares to 78.7% in the USA and 86.7% in the UK so I'm not sure why Westerners on this forum feel they are on some sort of moral high ground when it comes to consumer debt?
  10. It's the debt to GDP ratio you should be looking at, not the bare figures. Of course credit will increase as an economy expands.
  11. It isn't at an all time high. It has come down 7 out of the last 8 quarters.
  12. How often does that happen though? I’ve only paid duty on 2 parcels in 15 years that I can remember. The amount I was asked to pay for one of these parcels was a little more than I thought it should be but not astronomical by any means and considering what they haven’t charged me duty on, it wasn’t worth arguing over.
  13. Mark1066

    package from amazon

    What courier or postal service did you use and what was the breakdown of the import duty and sales tax you were charged?
  14. I gave up with Lazada about a year or so ago. They could never understand why I was not happy that orders took 7 days to reach me when they were coming from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Also, they allow vendors to lie about their location and, worst of all, their site is full of fake goods, even though they claim to have a 'zero tolerance policy' for counterfeit products on their site. I spent weeks badgering them about the numerous fake Ernie Ball and D'Addario guitar strings for sale on their site and couldn't get them to do anything about it until I emailed Ernie Ball in the USA and their distributor in Thailand. Even after all that, and a number of conversations, all they did was remove the particular product I complained about from one vendor, allowing them to carry on selling other counterfeit goods. I stick to overseas vendors now: it's easier and I don't have to deal with gormless call centre staff who haven't a clue what they are doing.