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  1. Davai

    CCMiner program on new laptop

    I think you have an issue instead of helping giving tips on how to eliminate the unwanted situation but instead you talk as if you are in my shoes and knows and assume I am. That cheap to install pirated product I bought a 80k baht laptop and u think I don't have the money to install original software? My friend I think you are just trolling
  2. Davai

    CCMiner program on new laptop

    The laptop comes with a Windows licence I have too much in my hands and I left it with them to do all the installation Anyway I'm formating the HD and doing a clean install
  3. Davai

    CCMiner program on new laptop

    Yes I was told by a friend too the shop might install it on my laptop to mine and use my resources' I bought the Laptop from IT City pantip I asked them to set up my Windows 10 and they brought it to a third party store while I went of to do some other shopping After 2 hours my laptop is done I got it back when I went back home I realise its not the original Windows 10
  4. Hi guys I just bought a new MSI i7 laptop with Nvidia Graphic card for gaming purposes in Pantip and asked the seller to J stall some words program and Adobe I notice my laptop have loud sound like it seems the ram or graphic card is working on something All background program are off but seems the computer is working in the background After a few hours I received a notification saying CCMiner has stopped,, when it stop working the loud sound stopped and my computer runs smoothly What is this CCMiner?
  5. Davai

    ThaiVisa Token

    Is ThaiVisa considering to set up its own ERC20 token ?
  6. Davai

    Pattaya Baht Bus

    i think its fair from jomtien to naklua after the rounabout 20 baht , usually before the roundabout they will accept 10 baht
  7. Davai

    Pattaya Maternity Delivery Cost

    Hello thank you it's a girl Everything is good at the hospital all the nurses and doctor speaks English don't need for any Translation service they do not have this so no problem for English The food, it's always Rice, chicken soon and veggies, but I had food cook from home and bring it over to the hospital daily :) As for fruits there is a seller that comes to the Ward and sell them by packets 20 baht each We don't really need fancy hospitals lol, as for birth certificate the hospital will do it foor you just need to collect at Pattaya city hall with a receipt given by the hospital at a specific date , just need both passport of parents translated to thai which cost 1000 baht for both passports and child name with thaii translation
  8. Davai

    Pattaya Maternity Delivery Cost

    Update My wife just gave birth at Bang Lamung Hospital Natural birth Total cost THB 10,700 Including 3 Night Stay :)
  9. Davai

    30 Days Extension for Pregnancy

    I think we are lucky because the day we went all the immigration was looking happy no sour face
  10. Few days ago I went to the Chonburi Immigration early morning with my wife who is 9 month pregnant and now awaiting for the big day for delivery She had her 30 days extension last month and few days ago we had 60 days extension This is our story As you know me and my wife are Russians we do not have a a tourist visa but in a 30 days stamp at the airport when we arrive On her 8th month of pregnancy we went to the immigration office in jomtien Document we brought Passport TM7 Form Copy of passport front information Immigration stamp page Reporting of Address paper Hospital Maternity Book Doctor letter on pregnancy in Thai language that stated how many month pregnancy A friend told us to go a ask the reception for Counter 1 , after show the reception our documents she gave us a Q number 101 first in line 8am the officers still having breakfast all of us waiting they only starts to work around 820am Our number was called we smiled at the officer handed our document he check the paperwork from the Banglamung hospital and say ok he can only give us 30 days extention reason was because our hospital letter is in English. He said it's ok next extension bring the same letter but in Thai language, we paid the 1900 baht and after 20 mins we received my wife passport with a 30 days stamp. Easy Next extention few days ago she's 9 month pregnancy any time will pop We went again same paperwork this time a very nice lady officer at counter 1 attend to us in less than 5 mins she she asked you asking 60 days ok I will talk to my boss, she said you can go to restaurant outside eat breakfast because boss not yet arrive, we went to have nice breakfast at the immigration restaurant outside after 30 mins we went back in We sit down at the chairs provided then instead she called out my wife name she politely came to us and smiled ok my boss say 60 days and she showed us the stamp on the passport extention another 60 days But 1 slight problem he Boss will be late today so she suggested to us since she need her boss signature she will have to retain the passport and asked only me to pick up the next morning, my wife don't need to come. Oh and we paid 1900baht for it Next day Im first inline again I saw her while having breakfast I smiled she remember me and handed me the passport and said after born if want extention bring the same letter from doctor if my wife is not fit to travel :) I wai at her and said thank you so much for the help Now all the stress about extention is over and we made friends at the immigration :)
  11. Davai

    Pattaya Baht Bus

    I was asked 20 baht around 1030pm from Jomtien night market to jomtien soi 16 few days ago I said no I give u 10 baht the driver shouted 20baht no 10 baht , I showed him the middle finger beczue he shouted at me for 20baht luckily a motorbike friend of mine came and ask the driver what happen and ask me where I took the bus I said from night market I was the last to drop My thai friend motorbike guy told the driver why he wants to do this to foreigner and made him sure that I wasn't a tourist they had talk in the end the bus driver ok he thought I was a tourist and apologies and drove off