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  1. Anotger question is see there is a re entry desk at suvanabum is it possible to do re entry stamp 2 weeks before flying at suvanabum airport ?
  2. Great we we are planing to be at changwattana 6am and hopefully receive the firsr Q number May i know whats the duration will complete if we possesed the first few Q number ? Thank you this is our first time applying for a re entry
  3. Thank you, I think we will need to do re entry permit at Chang wattana because we have appointment for a scnenghen visa this week. We tried to apply a Q number online for re entry permit at Chang wattana but the Thai website is not working there is an error middle of registrations Is it possible to go Chang wattana early morning and at 7am and get a Q number so that we will be first in line? What is time to process each passport?
  4. Hello Friends I would like to seek your advice, My wife is on Non Immigrant ED Single entry, we search on internet that she needs to do Re entry permit stamp before leaving the country, we get to know there is a One Stop Service at Chamchuri Square that can do Re entry stamp. http://bangkok.immigration.go.th/en/location2.html We would like to know is it ok we do the re entry stamp at Chamchuri Square or we need to go Chang Wattana ? this is her first time applying for it . If its chang wattana do we need to get online Q number or we can just go there direct early morning Regards D
  5. Davai

    CCMiner program on new laptop

    I think you have an issue instead of helping giving tips on how to eliminate the unwanted situation but instead you talk as if you are in my shoes and knows and assume I am. That cheap to install pirated product I bought a 80k baht laptop and u think I don't have the money to install original software? My friend I think you are just trolling
  6. Davai

    CCMiner program on new laptop

    The laptop comes with a Windows licence I have too much in my hands and I left it with them to do all the installation Anyway I'm formating the HD and doing a clean install
  7. Davai

    CCMiner program on new laptop

    Yes I was told by a friend too the shop might install it on my laptop to mine and use my resources' I bought the Laptop from IT City pantip I asked them to set up my Windows 10 and they brought it to a third party store while I went of to do some other shopping After 2 hours my laptop is done I got it back when I went back home I realise its not the original Windows 10
  8. Hi guys I just bought a new MSI i7 laptop with Nvidia Graphic card for gaming purposes in Pantip and asked the seller to J stall some words program and Adobe I notice my laptop have loud sound like it seems the ram or graphic card is working on something All background program are off but seems the computer is working in the background After a few hours I received a notification saying CCMiner has stopped,, when it stop working the loud sound stopped and my computer runs smoothly What is this CCMiner?
  9. Davai

    Pattaya Baht Bus

    For the past 3 month I've been taking the Baht bus from my apartment in Jomtien to Central Festival for 10 baht each no matter where either central festival or central marina Today morning I took the same route and charges 10 baht In the afternoon 1 hour ago from this post I took the same route again from jomtien to central marina with my wife hopping in the baht bus as. Usual from our home Out of shock the driver ask for a 20 baht each total of 40 baht why I asked him why in Thai he said I am entering a different area It became an argument for 5 mind and hee insists on asking 20 baht each I threthen to call the police and he surrender and drive away with 20baht I then called my Thai friend who is working in Bangkok according to him baht bus sometimes try to get extra if they think we are tourist Have anyone else experience this kind of situation?