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  1. May be he got out on bail and then sneaked to a non-EU country by border and then flew from there to Malaysia. Most European borders are open.
  2. onera1961

    Multiple entry tourist visa

    You can get an METV (multiple entry tourist visa) only in your home country. The visa is valid for 6 months (that is you must enter the country within 6 months - the visa validity period) but each entry will give you two months (60-day) permission to stay. Permission of stay and Visa validity are not the same thing. If you have travelled outside your home country (especially to a non-EU country that requires a Visa to enter for UK citizens), you would know the difference between the two dates - visa validity dates and permission to stay dates. If not, please ask. Once you're inside Thailand you can extend your permission of stay (again not visa validity) to another 30-day for 1900 baht. Another option is to go out of the country and enter again during the visa validity period (here visa validity date of your original METV visa) and that will give you another 60-day permission to stay. If you want to stay for year in Thailand, you may have to go back to your home country to get another METV (multiple entry tourist visa) or you can go to a neighboring country and get SETVs (single entry tourist visa). Each SETV is valid for three months, and each permission of entry is valid for 60-days, including the date you arrive in the airport. Another poster has already posted London thai embassy web site. Please go there and read about Tourist visa to familiarize yourself.
  3. If all embassies would have stopped embassy letter, may be it was TIs fault. But other embassies are gladly issuing them. Irony is that the people that needs embassy letters from these three embassies are the most vocal about the ethical and moral issues against people using agents' help. My guess is TI must have caught a few people with embassy letters from these embassies when asked about proof of income. They may have fumbled, showed some ineligible and easily faked documents, etc from their home country and some body may have screamed stat dec . But we would never know the whole story. At least I personally know one guy who has been lying for decades in his embassy letter. The poor guy does not even have money to hire an agent.
  4. This has been going on for centuries in former slave states. They won't be content with unless they can bring back the "good old days" when they could intimidate, lynch, segregate, impose poll tax, and imprison people for free labor who don't look like their uncles. This is their legacy and they're still fighting to restore that legacy.
  5. Agent to rescue. One Thai agent was asking too much money (don't remember how much but it must be more than 500 baht) when I inquired.
  6. With an US passport and SETV, I was able to open a Bangkok bank savings account after I got a certified copy of my US address from the US embassy (50 bucks and the process is same as income affidavit. You only take an oath under perjury. They even did not look at my state driver's license for address verification), a lease document for my Thai address, and 500 baht initial deposit. No online access was given but phone banking and ATM card was there. After I got an O-A visa, they updated the account for online access.
  7. onera1961

    Internet TV for Dummies

    I don't know what I have in my condo (included in condo rent) but I get around 800 channels in many European, Middle Eastern, English, and Thai languages. Yes I do get USA cable TVs also. Not all but plenty. But I don't have any cable boxes or anything.
  8. Really? If true, I guess police is now raiding all dead farangs accounts. it gives another reason to use agents.
  9. And prejudiced to towards UK, Americans, and Australians. All other embassies (including Canada) are gladly issuing income affidavits.
  10. I meant you rent it for the whole year or own it. You stay there or not is immaterial. I have permanent home in the USA but I hardly stay there even when I am in the USA
  11. It is called voter suppression. Vary popular in former slave states. It is in their genes. Before, they could do it openly by intimidation, lynching, poll taxes, etc. Now they have to be more innovative.
  12. Can't you write a will? May be bank can suggest the process to get the money in case of your death. I don't think Thai banks take the money of all Thai people when die.
  13. Are these condo + Hotel. Do they rent moth to month? If you don't mind, what is the rent/month?
  14. Do you have a permanent place in Pattaya? If not, how can you do 90-day reporting from Pattaya?
  15. 25 pages of post for what? Because somebody is working and making money? Why it bothers you if it is legal or illegal? There are people for that and let them check it up? And why people are speculating one way or another?