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  1. Zero. Don't need the visa, the chicken feed, or the polyester suits.
  2. My system. Four color shaded files and one binder. Cost: 26 THB. Clear: for the application and photo. Pink: P for passport copies, including TM30, departure card, and last 90 day report. Blue: B for bank letter, and stamped copies of bank book. Yellow: Y for Yellow Book copies and/or anything else that may prove address. My interview took seven minutes.
  3. In CM, you can use fixed deposits, and most banks have no way of updating them on the day of your letter, unless you add 50K. I get copies of my book stamped and dated along with the letter. ATM can't attach to fixed deposit accounts, so that doesn't need to be ruled out, like it does with savings accounts. Banking in BKK and getting extensions in Phuket may actually win this weeks Hardway Club: Stories of Retiree Martyrdom Award for wasting a ridiculous amount of time, money, and travel. No wonder you use an agent.
  4. Nudity may be considered obscene if it is distributed to minors. IOW, don't give your old copies of Playgirl to a minor and if you do it online; you are in a heap if trouble.
  5. Child Online Protection Act of 1998 has a different standard. Community standards would dictate that their photos were not suitable for minors.
  6. Workspace is a bad idea. Spend the money on a bigger place. The DNs are visa running losers. Those making good money online, keep it close to the vest.
  7. BuddyDean

    Sticky Rice price drop

    Be careful MJ, people have been scolded on here for talking about things that proper British gentlemen would not talk about back home. Of course his business failed miserably and he has since disappeared. Their is still a glut of rice. The farmers should diversify their crops. Cranberries, perhaps?
  8. BuddyDean

    sukhumvit SOI 71. Is it worth investing?

    Something to be said for white noise...those inverter ac and frig just might be too quiet for BKK. Hatari wall fan can be your best friend.
  9. BuddyDean

    sukhumvit SOI 71. Is it worth investing?

    Yeah, 5 million is probably pretty close. I hear the investors are happy with 5% gross in the better areas. That would put it at 20,833 per month. Not worth it to me, when I allow for 40% expenses. Not hard to find REITs paying 6%.
  10. BuddyDean

    sukhumvit SOI 71. Is it worth investing?

    how many SM? What would it cost to buy?
  11. BuddyDean


    Have you given Monopoly a try? We played it 50 years ago, and I noticed they still play it at some language schools.
  12. Four years? That's about when the gay British teacher cliques starting disappearing.. only because they were shown the door, even though they were more than willing to work for 2 GBP per hour, fake degrees and all. Good riddance, plenty of sour grapes. Thai lefty elites loving London..not surprising, they would eat a pile of goat Shiite if they thought it was HiSo. Plenty, of other, Eurotrash, filling the white face void here..word is the Thai kids can actually understand the Ukrainians, but not the majority from inbred island.
  13. If you can't roll with the punches, you should probably avoid budget airlines, travelling to Thailand, and air travel in general. The legacy carriers in the US used to give 10 bucks....now, that is much more rare. People can be stuck at airports for days if a big storm hits.
  14. If their site was accessible to minors, then it surely would be covered by laws regarding nude photographs and minors. Saw a guy get 10 years for sending a nude picture of himself to a student. Trump helped out the blacks against his better judgement and is likely regretting it, even though he was in China at the time. He has taken a lot of flak from the militant gay lobby, and it is safe to say he will not mention it. My informal survey shows four out of five Americans would like to see them caged for a while. A higher number in Thailand. Thai citizens certainly do not get a free pass for crimes they commit in the US.
  15. BuddyDean

    I need help with a few Chiang Mai things

    Finding one that doesn't want to be seen with you around town is better than hitting the lottery and much easier.