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  1. CMULI, LMP, HiSo Hill, karaoke scams....not hard to find victims in this bunch..if they had only been given a heads up.
  2. Border runs

    If I lived up there, instead of CM, I would get the multirentry and do the same. How does the casino compare to naga world in Phnom Penh? Is there sports Betting? The fake liquor at the duty free is a big turn off..but I believe that is more of a Thai scandal. That is my fave imm officer up there with the big smile..really nice if you aren't scamming. Glad they ended the circus..missionary families of six passing the 20,000 to other families through the fence? They should be discouraged.
  3. Looking for reliable PI in Bangkok?

    2600 is "cheap"? Outrageous is more like it.
  4. Anyone following the local economy knows this segment is probably somewhere in between the retirees and the Chinese. Except their culture is built on stealing from new members of the pyramid.
  5. Possibly both, but the landlady isn't going to need an extension. Better read your lease, too, as it could open up the unpaid tax can of worms. I would get her I'd with signature, take the lease, visit the IO, and expect a fine of 1600, but varies widely. Or simply move, but might even need to change provinces. Take the lump, many of us got screwed, after jumping through every hoop thrown at us for years.
  6. Looking for reliable PI in Bangkok?

    do a national credit bureau check. probably will need their permission. Anyone selling securities, legally, will have an easily verifiable license. Girls...send me 2000+600 bar fine and I will do my best...btw..brown skin, 160 cm, 47 Kg, good dancer...doesnt really narrow it down enough.
  7. Eye Exam

    For some reason I am reminded of a guy on here years ago, when word about Zenni was new, that said they were worthless because he couldn't get something super powerful, like +7.00, in a bifocal as he needed to read while he drove. Some things you just can't make up.
  8. Found this on youtube. IMO, very accurate and truthful. It also covers a lot of the vegan issues, here, as he is one himself. He is a bit OTT if you watch the other vids, but this is spot on. Apparently, he is in a continuing drama with some of the vegan visa runners in CM. The names will sound familiar.
  9. Accident Insurance Policy

    That is similar to what Bangkok Bank will gladly sell you. A lot better than nothing, but no real protection for a serious "XZDAN.".
  10. Accident Insurance Policy

    You are welcome. It might he fairly important as to whether or not you are still covered by NHS....and if so, a treatment and evacuation plan might give you better cover for less, as opposed the maxing out even a million THB Thai policy, then needing a very expensive evacuation for long term treatment. I know cost are about a fifth, here, but limits can be 1/100th. A lot of teachers think they are covered by their employers, but if they actually looked at their po!icies it is almost a joke. Sure, they didn't have to pay for three stitches, but that is really not a good way to buy and use insurance.
  11. Accident Insurance Policy

    Depends on your home country. As a US Citizen, your home country is always the US, even if you live here year around, with Tokio Marine. They will deliver a card electronically and to your address here. I am covered for motorbike...1 million USD. I doubt they would pay if drunk or doing illegal activities. Allianz seems to be more geared to Europeans, but better look carefully at moto coverage. My agent is WWW.INSUBUY.COM in Texas....if you go direct to WWW.HCC.COM, the price is the same and they will assign you an agent. (Tokio Marine now owns Houston Casualty Company, HCC). My card has three different logos on it : First Health (Aetna), Medical Management Program Inc., and Equian (international provider network). They paid RAM direct a few years ago, before I left.
  12. Could be. Might be more a function of the Red Cross, as I had always gone to Red Cross inside the moat, for previous donations. She even made an entry on that card. They did however, look at my passport, and enter a bunch of stuff in the system. Likely, just generated the bag numbers for the day. OTOH, it did seem to be staffed by hospital personnel.
  13. New craft beer place--Nimmanhamin soi 9

    350%+ more than Heineken at Tops....should have hot, hot stripper at that price. Mosquito's and grouchy cops more likely. The only survivors in that Chinese ghetto are those very well connected. That gets me almost as excted as free wine tasting at Food land, BKK.
  14. any unique resorts north of Chiang mai

    How about Mae Tiang or Chiang Dao? Look at Agora by map. There are plenty out there.
  15. Eye Exam

    Yes, and it can vary from what they quoted you 15 minutes before...rarely in your favor.