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  1. Seanbhoy

    9 years overstay

    id like to say, just stay, if he has money, no point in getting blacklisted, don't leave. if he doesn't have money, go to Burma, that's the next place probably open, Burmese are alright, i cant speak a word of Burmese but seems decent, cross border, 20k, jobs a gooden.
  2. Seanbhoy

    9 years overstay

    zero help
  3. Seanbhoy

    9 years overstay

    zero input
  4. Seanbhoy

    9 years overstay

    your input has zero relevance whatsoever
  5. Seanbhoy

    9 years overstay

    yeah IDC is well alright, i got held there for a few hours about ten years ago, i paid my 20k they wanted a few pictures lol, talked about football and on my way. water is free, there was food too, its not even a jail.
  6. on the second day/night when I saw what id actually got myself into, I gave them my father in law telephone number (i didnt have my phone so they had to google his restaurant and call that way) and said he will pay the 20k release til I have to go to court. He said "leave him in there til he has learnt his lesson" lol I couldn't believe it. Turns out I didn't need to go to court and on that same day when he apparently said that to the police, they started talking about criminal damage (which was fictional) i think they wanted me to cry.
  7. This is the last reply, I was never mouthy to the police, read back, drunk yes. I dunno what your trying to achieve IV already said I was wrong
  8. Do you live in Asia? Everything that you type sounds like Ur sitting in New York eating a hot dog "They can cross reference your details with other legal agencies" "They don't keep you for nothing" Mate I wore the same clothes the whole time I was in there, I stank. There's cockroaches at night everywhere mosquitos. The water is not clean, you wanna poo, you do it where everyone can see unfortunately. You have no money on you? You don't eat you don't dtink. Your sharing a 10ftx10ft cell with people who are high or been accused of rape or crashed while drunk. They don't care, no telephone call no solicitor. The police watched a 18 yo accused of grabbing a girl crying his eyes out sayin "yaak gab baan" repeatedly, they just close the door so they can't hear it. They do what they want
  9. Yeh it's cool I got some interviews lined up for sales/development roles next week. I find it easy to get work cos the industry I worked in the UK is about 5 years more advanced than Thailand so I know everything already & employers love it as IV got experience working in SE Asia, selling in Asia is completely different to the west and alot of foreigners can't do it. Just a bit gutted about the job i had, it was easy and decent money, took me ages to build up a client base too
  10. Nope il upload the release form, first day they said I was still drunk so fair enough, second day so many people got processed to go court at klong 6 to be sentenced so i kept complaining and they probably kept me through spite, third day the chief commander asked why I was still in there and thought maybe there was more to it than just drunk and a few back and forths with Cambodians so he wanted to check if I'd caused any damage which I hadn't, then it was the weekend where nothing gets processed. Erm do you think in Thailand they can be bothered to liase with immigration? They can barely be arsed to put cuffs on people properly lol
  11. the police didn't know i was overstay, my passport was stolen with my bike, how would they know i'm on overstay? if you read back, i said i left it in my bike for a short period as i was going to sort something, i don't keep it in there all the time.
  12. im 31 i spent probably about 4 years of my life here - more than that actually, its a shame cos that particular day i told my wife i was going to stay at my friends in samut sakhon, his older sisters son was doing some religious thing that saturday, she fell out with me a bit cos it was two days before the ceremony was actually happening. I got arrested and wasnt allowed a phone call and nobody was expecting me to come back home. it was like i was lost in a dirty parallel universe where nobody cared where i was.
  13. dunno why I posted my letter in Thai, half of you probably teaching English and cant even read or write lol. least i;m not a teacher thank god, id prefer to stay in the can.
  14. Rather than filtering through these messages where people are just sitting behind there desk looking at the clock wasting time adding inches to your bellies, i'l nip this in the bud. 1. yes I shouldn't have had my passport in my bike, lesson learnt, I don't always keep it there I was going to sort something, I also have copies on my phone and in paper too, it was just unfortunate that it was in there when my bike got taken. 2. I followed the correct procedures in reporting everything stolen straight away ironically to Pathumtani police station. I have the reports etc 3. someone mentioned about alcohol, yes after my bike was stolen and my passport I felt like having a proper drink, just with some people that live on same street as me, I didn't go to a titty bar or go on a mad rampage down some red light district or something. I just had some beers then some stronger stuff then maybe a bit more, so if that's against the law i'm sorry. 4. respect - I live in soi rangsit nakhon nayok - older people where I live cant speak or read English so I make double or triple the amount of effort to communicate with them, in fact while I was in that hole some brought me food and water etc - i'm always respectful and not because this is Thailand because my parents taught me that way. I never ever am confrontational, I lived in Thailand when I was 17/18 - 20 years old, now I live here again I am 31 and in between a few months here and there NOT in pattaya or samui. Iv lived in samut sakhon, sai mai, rangsit where normal residents live, so i do know how things work here and aggression towards police isn't how it works works whoever said that. I even wrote a sorry note its attached, my writing is like a kid but still i tried. 5. Overstay - ok my fault, I should have been more prepared. No excuse, but that doesn't make me a bad person. 6. Being locked up - I will elaborate on this, I was the only white guy in Thai cell block, i should have been let out the next morning as all that happened was me being gobby to a Cambodian group and drunk, its a 12 hour sober up and on your way job. I wasn't, I was detained for more than 100 hours and i took it on the chin, it was horrible i hated it, iv done my punishment and lesson has been learnt. so to summarize, i shouldn't have got pissed after my bike was stolen and shouldn't have tried to solve the mystery myself but i did, what i was originally asking is, will immigration look at my paperwork and see my stolen passport, ETD and police report and let me re enter. that was my question. so i know all of you guys have never done anything wrong but i have so....
  15. are you thick? iv already said its my fault, read the post... READ you have two eyes, unless your blind then Im sorry. I got let out with no charges, no court, no fine, there is no statistic, there are no reports and my passport was taken before my extension ran out. I know for sure you wouldn't last an hour in there coming out with stuff like that.