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  1. they have road blocks in sai mai, at the canal entrances and on the entrance to sai mai road and exit. they found 1.5million yabaa tablets and 30 odd kilo of meth last year in sai mai so i guess thats why
  2. Food trucks!! Anyone tried

    Yeh you can go onto there Facebook and check where they are Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  3. lol I don't even stop anymore for the police. that cu*ting road rangsit-vibhavadi theirs about 50 police officers in the morning all along it - when they blow there whistle i always used to stop and they always find something or just keep you there wasting your time. soon as it get to don muang i just go on the far right lane for cars only, loads of other motorcycles do it, just stay around minimum 60km - 100km and make sure you take exit before you arrive to victory monument, if you miss that you get stuck on the toll way bit where you definitely will get fined. so much easier just never stopping
  4. Food trucks!! Anyone tried

    Did you not read the reviews? Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  5. Food trucks!! Anyone tried

    http://bk.asia-city.com/restaurants/news/6-food-trucks-taking-over-bangkok These trucks look awesome, generally I tend not to eat any European food cos it sucks ars* hole in Thailand But these picks look really cool, not so expensive either. Anyone tried any of them? Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  6. thats where that bar was..... great location, guess drank the profits away
  7. I used to go to that bar at the beach too, thung waelan beach, - bamboo bar I think it was called, the owner was British a complete piss head felt bit sorry for him, decent guy, his name was Stuart, I guess Thailands hookers sucked him in took everything and racked off. told me that his mrs was the laundry lady for all the girls in phuket, I was 19, I believed him. 2 other american guys lived next door with fit girls as well, there girls were not hookers either lol. I was like, how the hell are these getting girls like this and im not even getting a word in with anyone.... anyway i figured it out eventually. best bird in the whole of chumpon was defo Fame Tour owner Akey wife or ex wife now Rowina - sexy Rowina - blow my brains out, she probably 40 odd now.
  8. i just checked google maps??? have they moved it from opposite where that one stop pub was to the train station?
  9. I love Chumphon, is papa2000 there still? the nightclub, crazy alpha male Thais fighting outside with there belts until the police stop it by firing a gun, 2005 I was last there
  10. running or maybe owning any type of

    no alcohol, just a coffee shop, running regular hours, shes a Thai lady. I do not know much about KSR, I been there twice to watch football in a Irish bar there about 4 or 5 years ago. the reason I was asking is, I saw a couple of times near Saphan Mai the big C outside where they have the food, one stall or kiosk was selling proper burgers, they had beef, pork or chicken and they looked decent. My friends from my work in the UK came a couple of weeks ago and stayed in KSR, I said I dunno what its like there probably a tip but they thought its fun. They were just buying crap food purely cos it was "nearly" the same as something back home like a sandwich or whatever. I thought what a money spinner - I had a place in the UK Manchester city center, not burgers and not a small thing but even there with city center rents, business rates, staff, produce everything it was always alright in the end, and its purely cos people at night are a bit loosey goosey after drinks they always spend there money on whatever usually food girls and taxis.
  11. running or owning any type of food/drink entity in busier areas of Bangkok, NOT a bar/club/drinking establishment/ gentleman only places. I say running as I do not know about the legal cr*p to own it. anyone know a non Thai national that has done this before in the proper tourist traps of BKK? or done it yourself? My colleague told me her sister has a coffee shop near where all the backpackers go KSR, she has to sort the police out each month with a little money but also has to pay some other guys as well. I know if your doing something that's bending the rules a bit you have to sort the police some money, but a coffee shop? my in laws sell alcohol with food in a restaurant until 4am everyday in a really residential area near Rangsit and have some immigrant workers so they have to pay police only. so anyone that has ran/owned a normal food establishment, nothing huge that is making anyone a millionaire in a touristy area - is it really as bad as how its just been explained to me? worth the aggravation or not?
  12. bangkok bank -

    I just thought bangkok bank was the main one, wonder why they don’t. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  13. bangkok bank -

    3 months ago i went and opened a bank account in Bangkok bank, it took like 20 minutes. they charged me 100 for ATM card and 200 for account fee, yearly fee. the card is the most rubbish card, its a rabbit be1st union something, you cant even use it out of the country, you cant use it on the internet. in the UK, you lose your card, replacement is free, you withdraw from any other bank no fee, any other town in the UK its free, so my question is how do i get a bank account with visa DEBIT facilities, i cant find one -
  14. Quite clearly there’s some underlying jealousy- he wants to live like that but doesn’t have the balls Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  15. driving license & confiscated

    I don’t do drugs and I dont drink alcohol