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  1. " Essentially, an "agent" has exactly the same official status in terms of provision of immigration assistance as any other individual. There is no such thing as a "licensed immigration agent" in Thailand. Agents often have connections that allow them to elicit favors rarely accorded to average people. As an example, senior immigration officials are allowed to waive seasoning of funds in the bank when applying for an extension, but they will usually only do so for agents (who provide their own favors in return). Agents will also often be able to arrange exemption from rules that are officially non negotiable. When this is done, because it is contrary to correct procedure, there is a small risk of the recipient of the agent's services encountering future problems". Why are you telling me all that? It's got nothing to do with 90-day reports which is what I commented on. Essentially.
  2. Yeah, that "inflatable" stuff is the worst. "Most Thai owned properties are almost devoid of hard and soft furnishings." What?
  3. But those same laws somehow do favour Thais? How do you work it out that it's just the foreigners that are at a disadvantage?
  4. Judging by the state of the "garden" that was shown he'd probably find a rubbish tip quite acceptable.
  5. As you clearly find this man's nasty death very amusing do you think that's something that you should be shouting about?
  6. "...it's almost a daily thing that some Thai male kills his wife or girlfriend because they are cheating..." Really, got any statistics to back that up? "True, it also happens in the West, but with no where near the regularity it happens in Thailand". Really? What are the statistics, then? "...but it seems that far too many of them stopped growing emotionally around the age of 12". Nonsense, obviously.
  7. Gun shops. Having, buying or selling a gun is not illegal.
  8. Yet another sad, hackneyed "fragile Thai male ego" comment on full display yet again.
  9. Anyone can do their 90-day report without attending an immigration office and without paying an agent!
  10. How many foreign doctors or lawyers want to work in Thailand and have the necessary fluent Thai language skills to do so that makes you pick on those two professions? "Two easy categories of all take money and give little back". What money is it that you suggest the Thai government "takes"? What money do you expect the Thai government to "give back" to tourists and retirees?
  11. The officer is presumably not interested in detaining her, so far, as he hasn't any credible evidence that she killed anyone in any other accidents nor that she was drunk. Sitting in the road and pretending to cry a lot doesn't mean that she is drunk! She may well have been detained after the tedious video ended when the person taking the video realised that there were better things to do in life than film nothing for so long.
  12. Just Weird

    Sick of the Thai bash

    Thing is, starky, the massive majority of Thaivisa posters are the personification of perfection in all aspects of life and therefore they are all entitled to have a go at any Thai person or Thai event (in their feeble minds, anyway). They also do not understand the concept of hypocrisy.
  13. Just Weird

    Sick of the Thai bash

    "Rossi did not race his go-cart / bike on the streets, weaving in and out of lanes.." Really? How do you know that? "...and he did not have 1-3 other, younger school kids on the bike either.." Really? How do you know that? "...and Rossi DID wear racing clothes and s helmet...! Really? How do you know that? Regardless, you really missed the point of the OP, didn't you?
  14. The RTN, the government and AOT.
  15. "...not everyone on the team has the capability of doing a UNI degree." How do you know? Which of the twelve are the incapable ones?