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  1. With all due respect to you (and other members), it is plainly obvious that you have no idea at all about inheritance, probate etc. (in one post you referred to the "executioner" of a will) and neither do most posters trying to assist you as you can see from their remarks qualified by words such as "I think, "I'm not sure but..." etc. You need professional legal advice, not advice from anonymous forum members who have also shown their lack of specific knowledge. You need a lawyer, not Thaivisa forum, sorry.
  2. Just Weird

    Post Office.

    I know! Why do you think that I made that comment?
  3. Just Weird

    Line App for Address

    It's the association with Thaivisa posters that they don't want!
  4. Just Weird

    Post Office.

    Open on Sundays, also. Take your passport, it may be needed.
  5. Should have looked earlier, then, shouldn't you?
  6. I was referring to him as "an idiot" in response to a poster who was calling the lorry driver an idiot when he was actually driving in his correct lane.
  7. Don't blame me for your tardiness, the link was there.
  8. You should have been quicker, then, it wasn't closed when I posted my comment! You'll just have to imagine what a partially exposed breast looks like, I suppose.
  9. Ha, could when I posted my comment.
  10. No, that's not the end of the story, it hadn't been removed when I posted my comment!
  11. He was riding on the hard shoulder, the very place he should not have been riding!
  12. The video clearly shows that at the point of impact the lorry (the part that hit the bike) was in it's correct lane! You seem to be ignoring the bike being in the wrong "lane" and being 100% responsible for the accident therefore not giving himself much of a chance.
  13. Come on, the bike was not in a legitimate position. It was on the hard shoulder and that is not a legitimate traffic lane. When he was hit the lorry was not cutting the corner, it was still on the correct side of the white line marking the hard shoulder, the trailer did cross the white line fractionally but that was after the bike rider had caused itself to be run over. One quick look and one thought by the daft rider would have averted this.
  14. The idiot in this case was the motorcyclist trying to overtake on the left.