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  1. Are the Thais harpooning protected fish? What are the much worse things that Thais do that the police allow them to carry on with?
  2. No, no photos, oh, except for the photos that accompanied the article that you're commenting on, they're all there for you to see.
  3. Jilted man kills boyfriend of lover in Bangkok

    The guns that are waving around in Thai soapies don't shoot bullets.
  4. Well, they sound like diesels because they are diesel-engined and most of them do not emit black diesel smoke because they cannot! They've been converted to run on LPG/NGV!
  5. You asked me a question, why would you not be interested in the answer? Apart from making a ridiculous and untrue claim, that sounds as though you're also suggesting that he's a paedophile .
  6. Swedish man found dead at Bangkok hotel

    Yes, they support what I have been saying. I think that you need to read the post I was commenting on, he has not shown any photos of his balcony with no access except by climbing through the window.
  7. Renew UK passport

    The link he gave you tells you exactly what to do including the address that you have to send your docs to. If you keep clicking on "continue" and read the whole page you'll get your answers.
  8. 'Crazy' Apartment Staff lady?

    I wonder if he's given in and provided a number? He didn't exactly get the response he expected, I don't think!
  9. "Tokyo has clean buses and trucks, in BKK they are extreme old and blow huge black fumes..." The majority of Bangkok buses and trucks run on LPG, "blowing huge black fumes" is a thing of the past that uninformed Thai-bashers like to bring up. A number of fairly recent surveys proved that Bangkok's air quality is a lot better than many cities worldwide. But I suppose that you live in a European city where it is possible that after riding around all day on a motorbike in a new white blouse it would still be beautifully white. Lucky you.
  10. Judging by your keenness to respond to my "irrelevant to you" comments that doesn't seem to be the case!
  11. 4 paragraphs of embarrassing nothing! How come you refused to respond to my hypothetical acceptance of Trump as a babysitter that you seemed to suggest wouldn't be a good idea? Got an answer?
  12. Be careful with personal attacks. There was no problem with my interpreting anything, I was commenting on a completely inaccurate statement someone said(may have been you, I don't know, can't be arsed to go back through everything).
  13. I don't really understand why you've posted that to me...is that your justification for another poster's blaming the motorcyclist alone for his own death?
  14. Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Next Up For Thailand

    The problem is that you loftily addressed your comment to me when I did not need an explanation of what a drug is as I certainly am not "uninitiated". If you think that my comments are banal then you clearly need another trip to Wikipedia, or to a dictionary to get, to use your vernacular, "initiated". Do you really think that my self-confessed ignorance (because I'm no longer a teenager) of the daft meaning of a set of capital letters that I've never seen before (it's not an acronym unless you can tell me how to pronounce "HTH") means that I can't understand the thread? All it means is that I can't understand the patronizing, unintelligible sentence that was rendered unintelligible by virtue of that fact that you included "HTH" in it.
  15. "Never said it was his fault". You didn't use those words but your first comment suggested it and didn't exactly exonerate him..."Straight road, No problem. He could see the checkpoint 200 meters away, but he didn´t see the car he drove into". "You are beeing very annoying and irrelevant in your replies. That's only your misspelled opinion, which is irrelevant to me, but which you are entitled to just as much as I am entitled to post the way I want to and nothing that I have said in this thread is irrelevant.