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  1. Arriving is Official

    There will be no problem with being fined (maybe you should explain what "called out" means) for not having a re-entry permit, it's an option. The TM30 situation has already been explained to you but was never a precursor to more baffling things [sic].
  2. Arriving is Official

    So why are you trying to suggest in your posts that she will have a problem in relation to it? Out of curiosity, what is "a Shiela"?
  3. Arriving is Official

    The lack of a re-entry permit is never going to cause anyone to be fined, or "called", as she refers to it, and that is what she wrongly thinks will cause a problem.
  4. Arriving is Official

    Well, I was asking that question of you but as you asked it back, IOs speak enough English to do their job (have you come across any that don't?) and they would always tell an applicant what was required of them, obviously! How else could they do their job?
  5. Arriving is Official

    Why do you think that an IO would not be able to speak English and, even if overworked, why would that IO not tell her what was required?
  6. Arriving is Official

    Thanks for the PM (why a PM?). I am trying to be helpful by letting people know that you are fear-mongering with information that is not, in normal circumstances, going to cause the visitor any problems!
  7. Arriving is Official

    14 = TM7 (Extension of stay) She doesn't need to worry about this until she goes to Immigration to extend her stay...no risk of "being called or fined". 15 = TM8 (Re-entry permit) She doesn't ever need to worry about "being called or fined" over this. 27 = TM28 (Change of Address) 28 = TM30 (Housemaster notification) Neither of these in, normal circumstances, particularly the TM30 which is not her responsibility, are likely to cause the problems that you are claiming she is going to face. 29 = TM47 (90 day reporting) If she has a visa extension that requires 90-day reports she will be given a notification by Immigration advising her when that is due.
  8. Arriving is Official

    Good answer!
  9. Arriving is Official

    "I guess... I guess... I dont know...". That's clarified it, then.
  10. Arriving is Official

    How is the dissemination of your 'learnings' on a website that 'she' has never heard of going to help her? Her 'difficulties' (that you are imagining) will still exist even after your good work.
  11. Arriving is Official

    In which case Immigration will provide you with the forms that they need. No big deal.
  12. I understood your comment even without the superfluous elaboration. The point was that he wanted to buys goods that he needed to make a living and she was refusing him his right to do that. The only things that were weird and unreasonable were the cashier's offensively, condescending attitude and your apparent siding more with her than the customer who was 100% in the right. And I know she was fired, no need for you to point that out.
  13. " I'm fully qualified to teach..." No, you're not, not here in Thailand and that is where you want to teach, unqualified if a degree is necessary ("I'm from the US without a Uni degree..".). By announcing that you're not qualified you invited comment yourself.
  14. You're welcome. It was a relevant opinion about the unqualified wanting a serious job that requires a qualification and trying to find a way around the requirements. If my comments are that objectionable to you then report the post. Don't assume the position of the moderator that you're not by suggesting whose posts should be deleted.
  15. Oh yes it does, it's called bail, or court the next day. Or you, like you, you can confirm that you are corrupt.