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    Thai.....learning the language ??

    Thank-you for the responses much appreciated Hi Tonray, If you recall is it the Pimsleur approach gold edition that you are referring to ?
  2. Ok so I have challenged myself to try and get at least a start of a basic understanding of the Thai language. This will be remotely until my next trip back. Looking for some help with direction to the best resources to help me better comprehend what is being said and maybe work on speaking also. Specifically I am looking for MP3 downloadable info so that I can listen while I sleep as I have used this method in past with Spanish and helped my comprehension significantly. Any and all info specific to my request is greatly appreciated. Cheers
  3. StewB1

    Bangkok tour guide

    Hey tonray thanks for the info and encouragement it just seems a little overwhelming at first. I'm hope to get the hang of it once I am out and about.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion price looks decent and it certainly does seem out of the way. May look for something closer in until at least I get oriented.
  5. Thanks again....I now need to work on getting a Bangkok guide and some accommodations nailed down. Cheers
  6. StewB1

    Bangkok tour guide

    Newbie to Bangkok Looking for a tour guide to orient myself with the city for a few days and need some reasonably priced suggestions??
  7. Ah good to know Ayjaydee. Sigh of relief...as I was cutting this close leaving Saturday.
  8. Thanks for the info guys much appreciated. What still concerns me is the reference to international and nothing stated about domestic arrival (Vietnam). My second leg of the journey will be a domestic arrival from Vietnam to Thailand. Is there anything in print re: domestic arrivals being granted 30 day visa From the link above it only references international?? http://www.thaiembassy.com/thailand/changes-visa-exempt.php " They are granted to stay a maximum of 30 days if they are entering Thailand via an international airport."
  9. I read somewhere do not recall where at the moment that if I fly back to Thailand from a domestic country (Vietnam) that I only am granted a 15 day visa. Is this incorrect? I have a call into the Thai Consulate for clarification but getting through is a b*tch.
  10. Newbie here in a bit of a jam and apparently out to lunch. I am a Canadian that has a 2.5 month tourist trip planned to SE Asia. The first 28 days are in Thailand I then fly to Vietnam for 22 days. I mistakenly thought I would be granted another 30 day visa when flying back from Vietnam but believe I will only be granted 15 days. If this correct, do I stay the 15 days in Thailand and then fly to Siem Reap for 3 days return by air and will then be granted another 15 day tourist visa. Any suggestions or advise is very much appreciated.