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  1. Ok, Joe I think I have a better understanding of this now. "As I wrote you need the re-entry permit after September 25th, 2019 since you will no longer have a valid visa to use for entry to the country. If you entered on September 25th, 2019 you would get a permit to stay date until September 24th, 2020. You would then need a re-entry permit that would be valid for entry until September 24th, 2019 and when used you would get a permit to stay to that date." Can you please confirm the date of September 24th, 2019 from above is actually meant to be September 24th, 2020 ? Thanks for your patience and help.
  2. Joe, Thanks for the prompt reply. Much appreciated. If I leave Thailand March 2019 and return by September 25, 2019 I get another year on my (Non IMM O-A) and if I wish to travel multiple times out of Thailand from September 25, 2019 through until September 24, 2020 no re-entry permit (TM8) is required until September 25, 2020. Is this correct ? Also at what date do I need to start the Non IMM O-A process again in Canada? Thank-you.
  3. Thank-you for your response. Greatly appreciated. Just received my (Non IMM O-A) and it is valid from Sept 26 2018 until Sept 25 2019 1) So if an ( Application for Extension of Temporary Stay in The Kingdom ) (TM.7) is not required until after the first year of my (Non IMM O-A) being valid. I am required to submit a (TM.7) prior to Sept 25 2019 in order to get an additional year. Is this correct ? 2) With the 90 day report....when submitting the (TM 47) do I also need to submit a (Notification Form for House Master, Owner or the Possessor of the Residence where Aliens have stayed) (TM.30) at the same time?
  4. Have applied for the Non Imm OA visa in my home country and would like to ensure I correctly follow the process and avoid any unwanted hiccups.. Looking for some help with clear concise answers to the following: 1. (90 day report) What forms, processes and timelines specifically do I need to provide to immigration to report after 90 days in Thailand. And how much? 2. (Second 90 day report?) I plan to leave for home before my second 90 day report is due (170 days total approx.) but will return to Thailand before 365 days is up. If I report the first 90 days do I still need to report after 170 days? 3. (Leaving Thailand temporarily for other countries during my 170 day stay) If i understand correctly I need to report to immigration for a Multiple Visa before departing Thailand or my Non imm OA Visa is void. What forms are required of me and what time limits are imposed upon me? How much ? 4. (Returning to Thailand before my first year on a Non imm OA) How and where do I apply for the second year extension and what forms and processes are required. And how much?
  5. Question for those more knowledgeable than I on the subject of extended ( 3-6 month) stays in Thailand: A 50+ year old Canadian planning a 3-6 month stay in Thailand (non work related) wants to know what is the easiest and most reliable way to arrange my stay in Thailand. Do I have only two options? 1) OA visa (retirement Visa) sounds like a lot of work !? 2) Exit Thailand every 30 days... and re-enter up to 6 times. Does not seem so easy or practical either? Please anyone with first hand knowledge on the subject I would appreciate your help.