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  1. Dear BritTim i do not know how to...just this thailand ban seems like an iron wall, impenetrable...
  2. Dear Sharma the whole affair for this trip has only brought back anguish and rake up very bad memories. I had a husband who racked up very high gambling debts and I was doing Super full time to earn monies for his debts, our living and my Daughter barely a year old. he came to me one day and ask if I would like to take a short break in Bangkok and he assures its us completely free, comes with a complimentary night at a hotel and a return ticket. More importantly, he said it's an urgent trip as he is helping his Friend to validate an expiring ticket and he is also to be paid S$1000 if I can just go. I moved my appointments and agreed to help him, but said I need to be back the next day. i saw that it's a ticket Sg- Bangkok- Japan, I asked him why Japan and he said I don't have to be bothered, just exit Bangkok and passed my boarding pass to a guy waiting at arrival terminal, that's the japan sector they are interested in validating. When I arrived at Bangkok, true enough a guy was there holding a board to my name. I pass the boarding pass to him and he gave me a ticket for my flight back for the next day. He also drove me to a hotel and that's it. The next day when I was asked to go to the airport police office, the officer in charge was very very angry. Basically he threw a photocopy of a passport in my face. He asked me," looks like you correct?" But she doesn't! I was so shocked! Then he proceeded to tell me this lady has a Singapore fake passport with all my details and I am helping this China lady to be trafficked to Japan. Which eventually she will be trafficked to US by another Singapore lady who took a flight from Sg- Japan- US. The interrogation went on the whole night. Finally I was brought in to an area to rest. The next morning they said they are taking me away but i was handcuffed and was walked out of the airport onto a police truck. I was brought to IDC. The same officer then then took me to do my mug shots, fingerprinting and then threatened me to sign the document which I remembered wrote a 100 years. I did mention in earlier post that I was told if I did not sign, I will be kept here forever so I Signed! The detention cell was scary to me...water is a sickening green and with a real bad taste. I slept in cell of around 40 ladies and if many different nationalities, including babies and kids. All I could say the happiest lot were the North Koreans as they are finally arranged to go into South Korea. To summaries, my foreign ministry did nothing to help as they came to see me once and disappeared. Who got me out turned out to be the male inmates from Singapore st the next cell. They ran away from Sg to escape being caught for crimes they commit and was caught either for over staying, drug offences or human trafficking. They have a good life in IDC, they worked in the office in the day, then they have freedom to leave the cell at night, go out with the officers to party etc. These are the guys who exerted whatever influence they have, talked to the officers there and bought me a 1 way ticket home. If it hadn't been for them, I don't know what I would do. No, my Husband was uncontactable, the "Friend" was uncontactable. Husband never even came to BKK to see what he can do. Only Ines I'm eternally thankful for are the guys next door. They even sent me a Swendons cake the night before I was due to leave to tell me the good news. When I returned I was investigated for a year then name was cleared and passport returned. They mentioned that I also have to reconsider trips to Japan and US as this investigation Involved these countries...so now, I am scared to think of even going there...I never did try to join any family holidays to Japan and US, always investing excuses these 12 years....so depressing and tiring... Oh...the Husband also disappeared during that period and I have never heard from him since...my Daughter is now 14 years old... Thats about the gist of it dear....
  3. Dear Urbanjoe, i do not know if you have notices on the updates but the ship agent was notified and thai port authority checked n reverted I cannot take the boat, regardless if I don't disembark as the Thai police will be editing to take me off, sent me to detention then deport me by air, as their SOP. Looks like my ban is a serious 100 years then, I didnt recall wrongly as it's been 12 years and the records still showed as of today's check. I'm Glad to have found this forum and to be able to help any future reference to such an issue. Again thank you for kind advises thus far. If there is anyone here who knows a good lawyer to appeal such bans, please do help to refer. This sickly feeling has been going on way too Long as I was so scared to do anything since the last experience in Thailand. i want to be able to appeal on it, as I was never aware of what's going on and I was not given a chance to clear my name, regardless I do visit Thailand or not. Sincerely Circles
  4. Dear Mattd and Sharma, looks like my ban is a serious 100 years then, I didnt recall wrongly as it's been 12 years and the records still showed as of today's check. I'm Glad to have found this forum and to be able to help any future reference to such an issue. If there is anyone here who knows a good lawyer to appeal such bans, please do help to refer. This sickly feeling has been going on way too Long as I was so scared to do anything since the last experience in Thailand. i want to be able to appeal on it, as I was never aware of what's going on and I was not given a chance to clear my name, regardless I do visit Thailand or not.
  5. Dear Nanlaew i posted updates and I'm not sure you can see but you were correct. local authorities requested ship agent to check with Thai port authorities and the reply after a copy of my current passport was checked that I cannot be in Thailand and since the boat is already in Thai waters, the police will be on standby to disembark me should customs clear my passport when they come on board. subsequently I will be detained and deported via air after relevant paperwork is done. Thank you for your advice. Sincerely circles
  6. Yes I asked this too and they confirmed definitely that the Thai Police will take me off keep me in detention and sent me off as it's the proper procedures
  7. Dear all kind souls, I was told by the Singapore Immigration senior officer that I can speak to the Purser and advise that I am not going off the ship so my passport can be set aside from clearance, it is good to board as I have already cleared Singapore immigration. But I told him of the example cited for the known case that someone was taken by the Thai police and sent to detention. He made the last effort to contact the ship agent. Ship agent and back after checks with Thai Port Authorities with image of my current passport and said clearly that I cannot set foot in Thailand, nor transit ( though they explained air and sea transit may work differently) if I had not known of such consequences, the customs would have come on board to do clearance and the Thai police will be waiting for me at Phuket to take me off, detained me till further paperwork is done and deport me via air. Reason being I'm already in Thai waters. Thank you so much for all the kind help and advices as they made me very much aware and helped me to ask all the right questions. My family boarded and I of course did not board. Sincerely Circles
  8. Dear all members, thank you so much for all the care and attention to my query. I didn't know there were pages of replies and only now I see the buttons, I have been so bogged with tension and I couldn't think straight for last 2 days - I depart Singapore today at 5pm. Arrive Penang for the day, depart evening and arrive Phuket at 10am, depart 8pm and one more day of cruising before arriving back to Singapore on the 20th morning. - all the advices are precious insights and I thank you all sincerely again. from what I understood, it's true then as I'm now on the way to my cruise center, I will see if I am clear to embark. But I read that the actual clearance will actually be done in the port before Phuket? This means I might still run into trouble though I'm allowed to embark from Singapore? my biggest worry is this, with the old identity number being embedded in my new passport which bears a new passport number. - I contacted Thaivisaservice, a very helpful gentleman. He couldn't get hold of the contact in immigration till Wednesday to check if I'm blacklisted. From his tone, I get the hint that he thinks I'm blacklisted anyhow. He also mentioned that with Singapore passport, the old identity number and date of birth is in the Bar code, he is aware as he has dealt with a singaporean before. He said if I go I take a risk. Also he said once blacklisted, there is no way to lift it unless I have family in Bangkok for my appeal,. Having said all these, I'm filled with extreme stress as I'm on the way to the port now...
  9. Dear Urbanjoe, tbank you! I clicked on the link and have sent them an email. Crossing my fingers and praying very hard they can check and give affirmative reply soonest... will keep updates and thank you again!
  10. Dear Urbanjoe, thank you very much for all your interpretations and kind advice. Do you know how one can officially remove themselves from the blacklist? I was told to be very careful with looking for a Thai Lawyer as friends heard that the Lawyers would ask for full payment upfront and after sometime, either claimed that it's unsuccessful or worse tell you it's successful only to land the person in hot soup when they try to enter Thailand.
  11. Dear Urbanjoe, thank you very much for kind attention to these documents in short - I'm blacklisted and I cannot enter - because of the blacklist and the retention of the national identification number, once the customs swiped my new passport, the details will pop up and matched the manifest though it was 12 years ago - I will be considered illegally trying to attempt entrance as I'm already in thai waters and I maybe forced to disembark and be kept by the Thai police at their mercy... Looks like I shouldn't take this risk at all as the odds against me become clearer... thank you again
  12. Dear Eff1n2ret, thank you for kind explanation and your honest views, I guess I have to announce to the family for the non holiday...also in such a short time, I don't think I have much chance to get a definite yes or no to my question.., thank you again...
  13. Dear Tomwct, Not that I know. This friend disappeared after I tried to call him from the airport detention office. No I did not file any charges, I was only relieved to be back home and I was also going through the investigation from my home authorities..
  14. Dear Urbanjoe, thank you for reply, do you understand thai? There are 2 papers here, it's terribly faded but incase you can read it, even barely, may be able to help advise better? The funny thing I only noticed now after so many years, is that the Thai used recycled paper to print these out, I remembered the print was already very light when I was forced to sign... Thank you.
  15. Dear Eff1n2ret: thank you so much to your prompt help. I was told by the same Friend (she works as a cruise sales agent) that 4 years ago, a person, a similar case happened. The customer did not disembark from ship but the Thai Customs disembarked her and kept her in Phuket for 3 days, claiming there is no return ticket available. According to my Friend, this person is also blacklisted. I checked with Royal Carribean and they said that the customs officers come on board to do clearance and they cannot interfere with the jurisdiction of local authorities, I.e, they cannot prevent me from being taken away. I am trying to read the Immigration act 2522 in English and it's really Super hard. Also I don't understand what it says on the chop of my passport and document. ???