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  1. How much should have they paid ? So funny that anybody could think that the police really care about sidewalks...
  2. Never been harassed by tuk tuk anywhere in Laos. Yes, they ask, but then go to the next one if you say no. Also, I will never trust anyone eating any Lao food then complaining about the price: of course it is more expensive, but how ridiculous can be someone to it Lao food that is just Thai food without the taste. Especially when so much western food at good price is available everywhere in Laos.
  3. EcigAmateur

    Hunt on for baht bus driver who killed 5, injured 9

    Really so difficult to understand that he meant that life is cheap because insurance will pay only 300k ? Or maybe I am a genius ?!
  4. EcigAmateur

    Hunt on for baht bus driver who killed 5, injured 9

    Because you think that a van is safer ?!!!!
  5. EcigAmateur

    Hunt on for baht bus driver who killed 5, injured 9

    Sorry but where did it happen exactly ? Just want to see if it is dangerous over there. Google map link welcome. RIP.
  6. EcigAmateur

    If bitten by a snake

    Yes, I find incredible that there is no online official list of antivenin availability at Thailand hospitals ! How many people die every year because of this ?
  7. Hi, any update on Samed condo or long term accommodation ? Thanks.
  8. To start, asking or even listening to a Thai wife opinion is VERY VERY funny and it says a lot about the OP. Then, of course you can do a border run to Cambodia, Laos or Myanmar.
  9. Chanel back online Instagram back online and I wish millions of copies of these photos everywhere, just to explain to the rats in charge that they are not in charge anymore https://www.instagram.com/travelling_butts/
  10. I wonder how they can be caught ? Instagram account linked to Facebook using their real name I guess ? Or Instagram simply giving IP of any user at any rats request ?
  11. A phone call to my Thai lawyer and he will explain them that them do not keep anything if they do not want that I keep their small balls.
  12. 5555+ Not too many hotels ? You haven't checked agoda and booking it seems... Savanakhet is still a shoootehole but hotels and food are getting better, there are so many westernized restaurants now, but they are all overpriced compared to Thailand.
  13. Yes, they bring you cancer and then sell you medicine to treat it...
  14. German keyless car, the rats can cry.