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  1. Its those with physical biological differences. Previously the word hermaphrodite was used to describe people who have sexual characteristics that are both male and female, but today many people prefer to use the word intersex. It was considered offensive, not sure why.
  2. Tradewind777

    Calls to restrict foreign property purchases in Bangkok

    Property taxes and restrictions have been in place and increasing regularly actions continue. Australia and more recently (after the horse has bolted), NZ have introduced foreign owner restrictions. Singapore increased stamp duty for foreigners. The rest of the SE Asian countries each have varying levels of regulation. The more recent regulatory reactions have been to restrict largely Chinese ownership with the massive outbound money flows out of China that have been accelerating over the last 4-5 years. This announcement is unsurprising.
  3. I can just see it coming. You think the driver has needed to stop for a pee or fill up with gas? No he’s going to take his lunch for the three hours it takes to recharge the car, but don’t worry ”Mai Pen Rai”. Seriously, the recharge time may hamper this project but if the “innovator” has bought 30 vehicles, you would have to think he got one with a. “big battely”.
  4. While this guy has achieved a lot, the mongrel deserves a fall and has one coming.
  5. The whole world over plagiarism is rife. Almost everything gets inspiration from other things. This is of course especially true in Asia where nothing is original. The most important thing is that’s it is functional and not based on poor c
  6. Tradewind777

    14,000 taxi drivers arrested in 12 months: police

    And these were only the ones that were “caught”. It beggars belief that refusing ro pick up a passenger is an arrestable offence when serious crimes are let go. As always in this God forsaken place, nothing ever adds up. A good example: Note the number of lost licenses against the number arrested!
  7. If you borrow, rent, loan, hire, lease, charter or enter into any contract of intent to use, written or verbal, if you don’t return on time it is not theft unless it can be proven you intended to never return it. These guys would know their rights and that’s the reason they are off scot free because they could produce evidence to the AFP or Border Force that they had legally chartered the vessel. The non-return is a breach of contract. As long as they stay out of Thailand they have no case to answer.
  8. Using horse aphrodisiac for human copulatory encouragement ... only in Thailand...
  9. Tradewind777

    Tax-dodging travellers face crackdown

    The most ridiculous of plans. This is surely not the low hanging fruit of tax evasion.
  10. You don’t need a big bike to do 30kmh into a concrete pole or any other solid immovable object for that matter, to die on impact. I don’t see the relevance of big bikes being more problematic than 125cc scooters. They are all deadly in the wrong hands if they can do any more than 30km/h. Fortunately these clowns are only on bikes, can you imagine the drama of their similar behaviour behind the wheel of a 1+tonne car? It’s unthinkable!
  11. This could result in big backlash from the community. If indeed so Many drive without licenses, then there will be rich temptuous pickings for the BiB. But of course now that fines are increased, they will do the right thing, comply with the law and send all the perps to court. Why? Because they are honest and ready to do the right thing.
  12. When the state does nothing, it’s up to the people and she certainly stood up to the plate to give him a mother’s justice. At least her daughter can know her mum loves her.
  13. You only get what you pay for. Pay peanut, get monkey.
  14. The fact is most Chinese cannot swim. Just because we see them win the diving and swimming at the Olympia’s does not a nation of swimmers make. Chinese and snorkelling unfortunately does not sit well together. RIP of yet another victim (and hpw many Moreno before there is an awakening?).
  15. Great example of a hard working cop that makes extra money from work rather than graft.