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  1. If you couldn’t get his confusing drift during his speech, you’d have even less chance when listening to his non-compus mentus rebuttle. The guy is clearly off his head.
  2. The question that begs to be asked is what will Putin get up to next. This has given him free rein sanction to rough over additional territories and achieve his long time goal of bringing back the USSR that he so vigrourously criticised the loss of. This man thanks to a corrupted US president now will become even more brazen. If he does not then we are all wrong in here: most unlikely!
  3. Tradewind777

    Trans fats ban could burn small businesses: expert

    Some great commentary above. Let’s hope this gets enforced. If the truth be known, sugar needs also to be a target. May even be worse. How to get a ban through on that one?
  4. They’re are at it again with more self-praise analysis. It puzzles me why Thais have to seek acknowledgement of their decency and values. They would do more for themselves by examine the wrongs in their society rather than trying on a brag when something goes right. In no way am I diminishing the excellent work of all on the rescue effort which was a great example of cooperation and coordination across many levels.
  5. All a big PR whitewashing exercise. Road carnage doesn’t get the publicity so go for the thing that’s in the news and show them you are doing a big thing. That they are even discussing using GPS mapping and CT scanning for caves suggests that little thought and discussion has gone into this. It’s just a pretty dumb list of thought bubbles.
  6. Musk you have just blown any bit of cred you had with this disgraceful insinuation. America does have its fair share of low class clowns and you are firmly one of them. Take your sub and your opinions and shove them where the sun does not shine you horrible [email protected]
  7. Tradewind777

    British cave diving hero finds love with Thai nurse

    A great reward for his dedication. Looks like they well deserve each otherz
  8. Where he is rightfully going will take about 90 seconds!
  9. Brexiteers can use Junkers’ drunken walk as a good reason to be rid of the EU. Meanwhile Trump is using his “divide and conquer” strategy against the Europeans and Brits. It will be interesting to see how he can use such a strategy against the Russians but no doubt there will be some game played to satisfy his voter base back home. That’s what it is always about.
  10. It can be hoped that the government ministers and other hangers on would crawl back to their own caves and out of the limelight but that would be a big ask!
  11. This guy is the star in the biggest comedy show on earth: The Land of Smiles.
  12. Tradewind777

    Elon Musk 'keen to invest in Thailand': PM Prayut

    No Thailand has a fixation with submarines and that’s what this is all about. This came about after Musk googled Thailand and Submarine. He saw a sucker out there and got on his plane to check it out. Everybody now “We all live in a Yellow Submarine”.
  13. Tradewind777

    Wild Boars cheered on by football elite

    Cavebot lol
  14. The irony of the name of the vessel “Phoenix” was not lost on me.
  15. Never mind the bat 5hit, along as they are not infected with Thainess they’ll be fine.