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  1. steven2018

    Ants on the floor

    If you get ants in your car, park the car away from the entry point. This will confuse the ants in there, as they can't find the way back to the nest and will perish.
  2. We have emerged into multi-sexual beings. As our races becomes more globally homogeneous, our sexual encounters become more diverse. Sort of like the 1960s drug movement, it is now an expressive movement of sex.
  3. He must be drunk.
  4. One could move to India and get lost in a sea of culture - might cure grumpyness.
  5. Cultures do evolve with social integration and globalization, and that is an individual process that outsiders can like or not like. It makes no diff to the culture commented on.
  6. Why do the Thai have to change? - it is their country. Stay out of the Thai kitchen, if you don't like the pad thai
  7. steven2018

    Ants on the floor

    Boric acid is commonly used to get rid of the crawlers - they eat, it dries them out - and as a powder, it sticks to their bodies so they bring it back to the nest. Be careful of these poisons around food areas.
  8. steven2018

    Ants on the floor

    Just don't mistakenly eat the bread. Seem like you have become an ant-ologist.
  9. steven2018

    Ants on the floor

    Just find the ant leader and tell him to go home.
  10. steven2018

    Ants on the floor

    I would wipe the floor (ant areas) with straight vinegar. However be careful on the floor used on, might not take well to wood floors.
  11. steven2018

    Ants on the floor

    You might try mopping with vinegar to wash away their scent markers.