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  1. Sorry for calling you out on an assertion you made that you cannot backup.
  2. No proof of your claims for the present and you’re predicting the future already.
  3. My position is not what you assume it to be. You make assumptions, you own them not me. Meanwhile you are unable/unwilling to back up the the black and white assertion you made. I read many of your posts, a high percentage of which are soundly argued and balanced in their approach; in the light of which your use here in this thread of assumption and falsely attributed points of view is a disappointment.
  4. “whole cities are already muslimized” You’ll have no problem giving us examples of ‘whole [European] cities’ that have been ‘Muslimized’.
  5. “what you seem to define as "extreme right-wing" is....” I don’t feel the need to answer to your assumptions of what my point of view is. I’ve asked you to back up your claim that I attribute the views of the extreme rightwing to the rightwing in general. I look forward to you providing an example.
  6. It’s not unreasonable to challenge their point of view.
  7. He’s served 15 years in the slammer and he’s being deported. That’s justice. Perhaps you had vengeance in mind.
  8. Forgive me if I have no sympathy for extreme right wingers. The mirror image of challenging that very specific group of hate mongers is not, as you claim, “embracing all recent incoming immigration while ignoring some of the disturbing elements included”, a policy/point of view that I have never seen promoted, though often an accusation of the extreme right against those to their political left. Perhaps we should challenge tarring all immigrants with the crimes of a very few.
  9. I look forward to you providing an example of me attributing extreme rightwing views to the rightwing as a whole.
  10. Right-wing ‘Migration Watch’ blames immigrants while ignoring the impact of the sale of council houses, the prohibition on councils using the cash from selling houses to build replacements and the failure of the nation to build social housing. Oddly ‘Migration Watch’ miss the impact of the cost of housing (despite this being as much an essential part of British conversations as is the weather). No, let’s ignore UK housing policy and blame immigrants. Classic right-wing scapegoating.
  11. Except when the reasons are founded in silly dangerous generalisations - As you well know. Feel free to continue with your 'wet bar or soap' balanced views.
  12. Good. So when other posters make grossly generalised claims attributing the crimes of a minority to the whole, you'll be right at the front of those challenging the generalisations. Welcome on board.
  13. Oh those poor right-wing fanatics. All we need do is hug them, love them and listen to them. Apart from the hatred and division are their tools of manipulation.
  14. There is certainly plenty of evidence of encouraging individuals (usually by means of fear and hatred) to abandon their individuality and act as a mob. Classic methods of extremism in all its forms.
  15. Well I'm not sure why you would hate yourself, but interestingly Jungian psychology does have an explanation of hatred towards others being rooted in self loathing.