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  1. Yes you are correct. For the time being there is insufficient information to judge ‘either way’. I trust you’ll maintain your fairness of mind as more of the facts are revealed.
  2. And either you went around talking to a random sample of people or you spoke with people in your own social circle who happen to be “Age group was 20 to 75 and socio-economic groupings covered A through to E.” ... I was in the U.K. last month, most people I spoke with were worried about losing their jobs and/or the state of the NHS. I met a bunch of old colleagues who’s jobs are under threat and I spent time visiting someone who is seriously ill. Two biased groups from my own social circle. That’s how bias works and why your anecdotes, like my own, may be interesting but they are not informative.
  3. I’d say 1.7 million but that would be utter hogwash, an inflated number you made up. https://www.bbc.com/news/politics/eu_referendum/results Figures can indeed mean anything you want them to mean, when you dream them up.
  4. I have no idea who you spoke with, but my guess it was people within your own social circle - by definition not a representative sample of anything beyond your social circle.
  5. Mathematics not your strong point then. ‘Marginally in favour’ is a reference to the difference between the votes. The difference was marginal.
  6. Which voters? The vote was only marginally in favour of Brexit. The divide remains entrenched with reliable indications that the public mood has shifted to remain.
  7. Chomper Higgot

    Britain can end Brexit unilaterally, EU court advisor says

    Is Halliger an exception amongst economists, being one who Brexiteers believe gets his forecasts right? Right or wrong, his Irish citizenship is a nice insurance.
  8. Chomper Higgot

    Britain can end Brexit unilaterally, EU court advisor says

    Your arguments boil down to, democracy has been suspended by the referendum. It has not.
  9. Now I know you’re in full denial. I understand, it’s getting more and more difficult coping with the growing flow of bad news for Trump supporters.
  10. Why was May chosen and allowed to remain as PM? Perhaps this explains it: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glass_cliff
  11. Not going to happen, she cut a plea deal. She’ll go into witness protection.
  12. “She is supposed to be representing all of the people of Britain. She is supposed to be making the decisions to leave EU.“ Those two are mutually exclusive.
  13. I’m sure Trump, the Trump crime family, the GOP and the NRA would love to send her back to Russia. And I’m quite certain Putin would respond by doing ‘the necessary’. But non of that is going to happen.
  14. Moreover, there is no client attorney privilege where the two act to commit a crime. Trump’s admition that he did pay has destroyed any hope he has of claiming client attorney privilege.
  15. Hogwash. Remain made very clear arguments regarding the weakness of the U.K. in negotiations with the EU and why the EU would play hardball. From the outset the EU were very clear in their position, no deal is as good as membership. If you swallowed the Leave arguments regarding ‘British exceptionalism’ and how much the EU needs the UK, more fool you.