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  1. I have just sent of my application to the Royal Thai Embassy in London for a Tourist Multiple Entry Visa. Although I have done this for the past 10 years with no problem, I haven't a clue if I will get one this time. It seems the requirements changed at the end of November 2015 and now, amongst other requirements, the applicant needs to show 6 months of Personal Bank Account and it must show that a minimum of £5,000 has remained in the account for the whole six month period. The last thing I would do these days with no interest is to leave £5k lying 'dead' in my personal account so I cannot fulfil that requirement. Like many of us, I have tried to phone but it seems impossible to get through. I also tried the Consulate in Hull...but again, impossible to get through. Has anyone tried to get a Tourist Multi Entry recently by post? If so, did you have to send all the required information including bank statements along with the application form. Anyone know why it is always so hard????
  2. Difficult to comprehend why the Chinese tourists act like this. When on an Air Asia flight from Phuket to Bangkok in early February this year, the plane was full of Chinese passengers. Immediately upon landing everyone was on their feet and grabbing their bags from the overhead lockers. The plane had to stop on the runway and wait for ten minutes of air traffic to be cleared before proceeding for another ten minutes to the terminal. In that time there was a near riot on the plane with the Thai Air-hostesses desperately trying to persuade everyone to put their bags back into the lockers, sit down and belt up again. The Chinese gave the Air-hostesses serious verbal grief and this continued when we finally started to disembark. Unbelievable behaviour. I am sure many of us have witnessed similar scenes in a variety of tourist settings where the Chinese are shouting, barging past, spitting and being generally foul. What IS the matter with them?
  3. Surely this is simply the Thai way of 'Saving Face' we hear so much about. Instead of a big notice saying 'No Foreigners' which could lead to the confrontation situation that is to be avoided, just stick the prices up so no 'Foreigners' will want to go anyway. Sadly I have witnessed an ever increasing animosity towards 'Foreigners' this year and, for the first time in my 12 years of coming here, I (as did everyone else on the mini bus Visa run) had to pay extra 200 Baht 'for the police' so that my passport would be stamped on re-entry via Satun. (And yes, I have a multi entry tourist Visa all properly paid for).