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  1. If the Thais get wind of these they'll be installed outside every shop and home in all of the country. When you buy or rent a property in Thailand, be it for personal or commercial use, the PUBLIC road outside automatically becomes apart of the property also.
  2. Bata’s new Thailand boss eyes dramatic expansion

    They should start by spelling the name of the shop correctly, everyone in Thailand knows it's BaJa not Bata. Come on Bata, have a word and sort it out!
  3. Despite what happened to her in the past, due to cars being parked outside her royal palace, she should get done for this. I'm sure if I'd been guilty of such an action it'd be a fine, maybe the slammer and shamed as a bad farang, bringing shame upon us all. I can't tell you the amount cars I encounter on the daily here that I'd love to take an axe to but, even as a non Buddhist and a farang who hasn't been taught from day dot to keep his mouth shut, I'm capable of this small thing called self control.
  4. Govt Halts Coal Power Plant Plan, Protest Called Off

    There was a peaceful protest not long ago in CM against the building over of natural waterways with the expansion of the super highway. The protesters got their way and the construction company agreed to not build over X amount of the canal. Couple of months went by. Then I read that the construction company had just gone ahead and built over the canal anyway, despite the agreement. Probably won't happened in this story, but you never know...
  5. Can you resign as a royal or are you suggesting we just take off his head
  6. Upping the coca cola consumption is one way to add a few points to the nations BMI score.
  7. Falafel's in CM?

    falafelist not far from thaepae gate. its good and big.
  8. Coffee Worowat Market

    Them were the days.
  9. Somtam slowly killing many Thais, cancer center says

    Love the stuff. Luckily I'm a veggie so non of the raw fish for me. I'll just slowly die from all the pesticides and pollution instead.
  10. Strong evidence of crimes in poaching case: minister

    How much will it cost for the evidence to become lost or misplaced
  11. No way that anyone can be 100% certain this is a farang. Terrible quality CCTV footage that looks as though it's been filmed from a TV screen with a mobile phone and then uploaded onto the internet. Sure it would've been easier just to upload the footage straight from source be it a hard drive or what not. Might then provide a better quality image Unless the temple is still using tape.
  12. C'mon, naught wrong with walking in the heat. Only thing better than a Thai bash? Farang bash.