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  1. ZeVonderBearz

    Grab Must Stand Down To End Taxi Wars: Military

    Thai taxis must improve to compete with Grab: ZeVonderBearz
  2. I hope he has a look at the army run self defence classes in CM. You know the ones were attendees are given an Ed visa and don't really have to attend any classes. People have to show up to certain lessons only so the army can take photos to appease immigration. I doubt anything will happen though as the army sits a little higher in the food chain.
  3. I look forward to the pool table ban. If you've ever tried to carry one, they ain't light. Be great to see the BiB struggle to lift one.
  4. ZeVonderBearz

    Air pollution eases in North, but increases in Bangkok

    Huh? I could not see the mountains today. The pollution is still bad and unhealthy in CM. Fake news.
  5. Great shout. Get the boys in orange out there with a whistle and a cosh, that'll put an end to these crimes against culture.
  6. Yep. When they get here maybe they forget about what they read and commit a cultural crime, hot pants and crop top in a temple or patting the head of the train passenger in front of them with their feet, yet nobody says anything to them. I'm sure these people assume that what they read in LP is complete BS. Thais just need to grow a pair and say something if they're really are so offended. When I committed a cultural crime in Malaysia I was told instantly, I apologised and didn't do it again. Lesson learnt.
  7. ZeVonderBearz

    Chiang Mai Welcomes New Smart Bus Route

    Sorry, I think I nodded off into Dreamland
  8. ZeVonderBearz

    Chiang Mai Welcomes New Smart Bus Route

    Of course, I am all for public transport, spent most of my life using it. But when mass transit costs more per individual than taking an Uber then most won't bother. Something that would get more people on the busses is to offer a free service, like they do in KL. Number of routes are free and take anyone who wants to use them to the main attractions. These busses can sell advertising space in order to make money.
  9. ZeVonderBearz

    Chiang Mai Welcomes New Smart Bus Route

    Hope this works out but unless you're on the route, which is very much a tourist route, then it's of no use. How about some English on the route map too. Also if it's 20 BAHT flat fee, more than the local busses in BKK, then it's probably always going to be cheaper and more convenient to user Uber. If theres 4 people travelling in a group then you can pretty much get between any of the destinations on the map for 80baht or less.
  10. ZeVonderBearz

    Football and how are you watching it?

    Yes the catch up is great. I watch most of the games using it as it's not possible for me stay awake. I actually messaged Bein about some games not being available on catch up. They explained that it's due to licensing as they can only show upto 30 out of 38 games per team. So for Liverpool they'll probably drop a game against one of the mid table or the sure to be relegated teams.
  11. And no masks. Police shouldn't be able to conceal their identity.
  12. ZeVonderBearz

    Football and how are you watching it?

    Had BeIN connect for a little while now and I have to say, it's a great service and the customer support is fantastic. As the season comes to an end I'm starting to think about the World Cup. Does anyone know who will be showing it here in Thailand?
  13. ZeVonderBearz

    ‘Songkran Festival’ extended to five-day holiday

    About a 20% increase
  14. Ok pal. Consider yourself well and truly omitted from my use of the collective term "we". No need to thank me.