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  1. It can't be any worse than the real Johnny Walker.
  2. ZeVonderBearz

    Which Songtaew to Lanna Golf Course

    Think of the face you'll lose turning up to the golf club in a 30b shared songtaew. Make sure to get off early so no one sees you.
  3. Just regulate the sport, man! Kids and amateur fighters to wear guards, don't allow them throw elbows to the head and have a proper medical team at ring side. Not once have I read of kids dying at martial arts tournaments or boxing marches in the civilised world but it seems to be very normal here.
  4. ZeVonderBearz

    Australia’s Home Affairs minister visits Tham Luang cave

    If the authorities don't hurry up and turn the cave into a world class tourist attraction then people will forget about the entire ordeal and they will miss the chance to earn money.
  5. They could just try to sell goods at competitive prices. Have actual sales rather than marking the prices up so the prices appear cheaper. Crazy how things are more expensive in the developing world then they are in the developed.
  6. Ok, what and where is the crime?
  7. ZeVonderBearz

    Electric bills set to increase from January 

    Is this in line with the payrise that everyone will be receiving so the masses can keep their head above water.
  8. Just release a counter pro-junta calendar in response. That'll stick it to the reds. Bloody commies.
  9. From what I read, this seems to me to be a way to get more people onto their stupid discount card. They can get people to not use plastic bags by not offering plastic bags at the counter. Zero plastic bags in store. No Thais ever walk in Thailand so how hard is it for them to have a few reusable bags in the motorcycle seat or in their car for when they go shopping. Just pig ignorance from Thais.
  10. Been to most of these countries definitely feel safer in most of them then in the UK. The US is the exception.
  11. ZeVonderBearz


    The bus service has been set up to fail. Shocking routes unless you live in any of the tourist spots they visit. A Thai isn't going to bother with this service.
  12. Evenings and mornings are cooler. Daytime is brutal in the sun. Plus no rain means the mountains are quick becoming obscured by smoke clouds. Cool season would be paradise here if it wasn't for the pollution.
  13. ZeVonderBearz

    Big Joke arrests Korean on 13 year "overstay"

    Petty pay back for the 1000's of Thai's who've been deporyfrom Korea.
  14. ZeVonderBearz

    Thailand makes HUGE changes to its laws on smoking in public

    You could argue that people have died from passive beer drinking in terms of drink drivers.
  15. ZeVonderBearz

    Thailand makes HUGE changes to its laws on smoking in public

    Look forward to watching this unfold. Who is going to police this? The only coppers I ever see are those at the side of the super highway trying to fine as many farang as possible. Not once have a seen a Bobby on the beat.