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  1. ZeVonderBearz

    The reasons we fly the flag

    Control and keeping people in their place within the pecking order.
  2. ZeVonderBearz

    Teacher exams held nationwide

    The context?
  3. Isn't the point of these new rules less to do with teenagers having sex and more to do with preventing students from gathering and talking about things they shouldn't.
  4. ZeVonderBearz

    Teacher exams held nationwide

    What would the test consist of?
  5. Legalise all the taboos in Thailand that they go after but are hidden in plain view. Gambling, drugs, prostitution. It's all happening. Legalise it, control it and remove it from the control of the gangsters. Or could it be that the people running these illicit taboos are the people in power - monks, police, army etc.
  6. Good on them. As said in the previous commenters post, this is the responsibility of authorities. The masses still have some responsibility in keeping the drains clear by not flushing anything but poo and pee down the loo, dumping in water ways, pouring used cooking oil in the drain, etc etc.
  7. I have a feeling that the powers that be agreed to this just to try stop the gathering on August 26th. The complex is there to stay and so are it's residents.
  8. ZeVonderBearz

    Hourly pay odd job man

    Would the two hour return commute and petrol be included too?
  9. ZeVonderBearz

    Hourly pay odd job man

    You cannot pay an odd jobs man by the hour. You pay per job, much like how a freelancer works. So, if you agree a price of 300baht for the job and it takes 30 minutes you pay him 300 baht, if it takes 3 hours, you pay 300 baht. Once he is done with your job what's the chance he's going to pickup more work once he's done? He also has to drive there, supply the materials and do the job. You'll probably paying more than your neighbours but I'm sure no one thinks you're rolling in cash for paying a fair rate.
  10. ZeVonderBearz

    Are we ready for some football? Watching NFL question

    You spelt American Handegg wrong.
  11. ZeVonderBearz

    Meditation Pants?

    Just because your elephant pants don't have the elephant print on them it doesn't mean they're better than elephant pants. Actually calling them meditation pants is probably worse than elephant pants.
  12. You can't live in a lot of the west with 45000 baht yet farang think they're big timers in Thailand if they've got 45000 to spend a month.
  13. I care enough about to ride with safety in the forefront of my mind and I hope others, even cyclist haters like you, care at least enough to not want to kill me. I obey the traffic laws better than 99.9% of the motorists on the roads, including the farangs. Of all the things that annoys you about cyclist the one I do is turn left at traffic lights as long as there's no on coming traffic, a completely legal thing to do here, just like turning right at lights is legal in the USA. Maybe next time you're out and about and see some pesky ignorant cyclist causing havoc and being an arrogant menace to society you should mow em down with your twist and go. Sock it to 'em, show 'em who's boss! God damn commies! Now wind your neck in and remove the sand from your vagina.
  14. ZeVonderBearz

    Neighbors dogs

    I've managed to get used to it some how. The barking wakes me up and I go back to sleep. Same with roosters too.
  15. The ignorance is strong with you guys. Yeah bicycles really are a nuisance with all the traffic they cause, the emmisions they produce and the racket they make. Instead of just taking your cues from what your read on the internet sit yourself on a bicycle, take to the roads and experience the danger people with your ignorant minds put cyclis in. You're probably the same people who lambast Thai driving yet you're just as moronic.