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  1. Would be an ideal part time income for a retired person looking to raise 800K!
  2. But if your a long stayer retired already proved your worth to just get in, it,ll be 800K baht thanks! As Pauline says”please explain”
  3. Bit off topic but can anyone explain why using an agent in this scenario is so morally and legally questionable, Yet doing agent assisted border runs to “best option”, Agent assisted Ed visa,s, Metv.s,this Embassy is good, this is not, etc, is considered par for the course.This air entry point is not the go ,land crossings if you do this not that There,s something more in this discussion that smacks of an arrogance and disregard for your fellows.The OP last nite where a guy tried to relate his experience with embassy Oz in Phuket an example. What’s the reasoning behind a fellow expat berating another when we are all here for the same reason....to retire in peace and in some small way contribute to this place we choose to call......?
  4. Banks are not involved, nor are you. IM waives seasoning, you pay fee for agents assistance, you don, t ask what it involves ,Your extension legal as the one you do yourself, without the hassle. My original OA cost me more at home.
  5. I think I.ll shake hands with my IO next time I extend, according to you that will work out then... moral is moral does ? nope money is money does here! Whether that be to an agent, a bank or direct to IM.Moralising won’t help with the problem but is no less very noble!
  6. Guess that’s very pertinent to the topic in your own special way! That’s the oil industry,not retired folk dealing with a troubling financial decision! And of course the oil companies have a wonderful reputation for concern for the third world.
  7. God of the seas for the Greeks,not the Chinese unfortunately!