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  1. Wow, suck up to a madman and kick you allies and real friends in the teeth. This will not finish well.
  2. ryane66

    Blown pump fuse blamed for sewage spill

    No check valve??? Unlikely story.
  3. ryane66

    Another 189 officials under probe for graft

    Graft??? THEFT!
  4. ryane66

    PM Prayut presses authorities on road safety

    Checkpoints?.? Government workers sitting doing nothing but put in time to collect overtime. It's not the authorities , it's the macho driver's in their macho trucks driving like idiots. Checkpoints never stop them. They need police patrols rolling on the highways.
  5. There truly are many nice Thai women looking for a farang and a happy life. Sadly too many foreigners are looking in the wrong places. Pattaya, Patong, bars in Bangkok and dating sites. There are ways to protect yourself and your assets.
  6. Yes sorry , some rabies but not an epidemic and they constantly cull street dogs. I lived on an island in the Philippines for over 2 years and even that island culled street dogs.
  7. Malaysia has no rabies outbreak simply by culling street dogs.
  8. ryane66

    Are you worried about skin cancer?

    I go to a Dermatologist at the St.Louis Hospital every 6 months to have any precancerous spots removed. She uses liquid nitrogen and was educated and trained in the UK. Many years in the sun and the damage is already done. Long sleeve coveralls and hat when l am working in my yard. Impossible to avoid sun completely but doing the best l can.
  9. Unbelievable so many are so trusting and careless. Even if you have complete trust in your wife or partner , you must be aware of what could happen if she were to die. Family members would be on your doorsteps to take possession of what they would consider now belonging to them. Very easy to buy vehicles in your own name. I built a house for us. Of course the land is in my wife's name but through a lawyer registered a lease that protects me. Also building permit was taken out in my name. I probably will die before my wife and of course l want the house to go to her. If your potential wife or partner is offended by doing this , then maybe time to move on.
  10. ryane66

    Soi Dogs Can Anything be done

    Problem in Hua Him a couple of years ago. They hired a contractor to catch the stray dogs. He was paid by the city , then he took the dogs to Cambodia to sell. Locals including those complaining were outraged. Go to the city and see if they will do anything.
  11. ryane66

    we have created a generation of zombies

    Valentine's Day last year l took my wife out for a nice dinner. We were the only couple not glued to their cell phones. Children's day last weekend we took our son for a nice lunch. Again the only table not glued to their phones. ADHD is on the rise in Thailand. Doctor's attribute this rise directly to the extended use of cell phones by youth. Our 11 year old son must be the only student in his school without a cell phone. We send him to school to learn and interact not to play games on a phone.
  12. There are two totally different types of Isaan women in Isaan with faring husbands. Those previously working in Pattaya or the likes and returning with their farang husband. And those from Isaan that were usually previously married to a Thai man. What the author is describing l think is mainly the second group. Many in this group are educated and come from a good family. They can be teachers, lawyers, nurses, business ladies. Most are looking for a stable happy life. They are tired of the Thai males attitude. My partner is in this group and on a regular basis friends and work mates are asking her to find them a faring boyfriend/husband.
  13. I think it can be attributed to lack of activity. Smart phone and facebook. The thumb is the only part of the body that gets regular exercise. When you drop off children at school , gaze around at the alarming number of obese children. Very sad!
  14. I really hope that the people don't give up the chemotherapy and radiation therapy available in government hospitals from trained oncologists and doctors trained for radiation therapy. If these people have no hope left , then great, this individual is at least offering them some peace and hope. Hope he is not counseling them to give up treatments in the hospital.