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  1. i-heart radio has a station for everyone.Many to choose from.
  2. So sad. A young life lost.RIP. I bike everyday and see these macho idiots travelling at at least 120 in a 60 zone. Never any police roving road patrols to stop these idiots.
  3. The REAL HERO. Total respect and condolences to his family.
  4. Wow, suck up to a madman and kick you allies and real friends in the teeth. This will not finish well.
  5. ryane66

    Blown pump fuse blamed for sewage spill

    No check valve??? Unlikely story.
  6. ryane66

    Another 189 officials under probe for graft

    Graft??? THEFT!
  7. ryane66

    PM Prayut presses authorities on road safety

    Checkpoints?.? Government workers sitting doing nothing but put in time to collect overtime. It's not the authorities , it's the macho driver's in their macho trucks driving like idiots. Checkpoints never stop them. They need police patrols rolling on the highways.