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  1. I suspect the man would have a good idea if it was rape or not.
  2. Job wanted?

    There is a forum Jobs, economy, banking, business, investments you may want to look there. It is toward the bottom of the forum home page. Cambodia may be easier to gat an under the table job. I would also look at Cambodian Expats Online. Lack of degree and no work permit doesn t appear to prevenrt many from being employed there
  3. <deleted> bar good night spoilt by rip off

    I'm going to open a bar and call it <deleted> then I'm going to sue everyone and anyone who posts negative comments. 5555
  4. <deleted> bar good night spoilt by rip off

    And that Gentlemen is why I take a pocket full of satangs only when I go drinking at the <deleted> bar. Mamasan gets bored counting and often I pay less than demanded.
  5. Bucklee Bell's art show opening January 16

    I like his work, but evolving? He's stuck in SanFran 1968 listening to Grateful Dead. A beautiful place to be but I wouldn t say evolving
  6. Earlier French national Charles Jaussoin had fingered the gang. I hope he washed it when he was done.
  7. mimimi? wow, I hate when I get reaction. And yet the Great Trump perservered and said no. ME ME ME!
  8. Birthday gift - suggestions please

    Why not make it more special and buy her a bottle of her favourite tipple...
  9. Simon the African....nice. The RTP must be reading this forum, no more naming conties, last names, occupation or sexual preference. Well done TV posters...our first major victory in reforming Thailand to be the way we like it.
  10. It's not like Trump can take responsibility for his actions is it. I was ready to make a deal on a new porsche 911 porsche is to blame i didn t buy it all porsche s fault I was ready, me and $50. I wanted the deal badly too
  11. Given your credibility , it would be best if you posted a reference for your "facts" if one exists.
  12. Job wanted?

    Where are you located?
  13. Trump is a leper ( apologies to lepers ) and will be greated as such. David Duke would be better received as it least he admits he is racist. America First has become white first, ignorance and narcisism are what is celebrated now by Trumptards
  14. Over 33 per cent of children are ‘disadvantaged’

    The Greatness Of A Man Can Nearly Always Be Measured By His Willingness To Be Kind. -- G. Young There are a large number of men and a woman in particular on this forum that will never be great.