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  1. Prostate Cancer Test

    A PSA blood test on its own, at a government hospital for a farang, is about 400 Baht and takes about 2 weeks to get the result back.
  2. Prostate Cancer Test

    Just go and get a blood test done to measure your PSA levels. If it is below 4.0, and you have no aches or pains in the prostate area, then sleep soundly for another year.
  3. Where to get help for depression

    My doctor knew this automatically and issued me Lorazepam 2mg without asking but I only took half a tab once my depression seemed to be under control. Depends on my day as to whether I take it prior to bed or not. Some on here say 'give up alcohol' but if you're partial to a couple of beers a night and you're on antidepressants then it's okay. Just don't take Lorazepam as well.
  4. Where to get help for depression

    How long was for a while? Depression works along in cycles. You have good days, you have bad. You have to keep taking the medicine until the good days out number the bad days and then start to withdraw from the medication. Just because you feel better doesn't mean you should stop seeing your Psychiatrist. At a government psychiatric hospital it only costs 50 Baht to see a doctor and a couple of 100 Baht for 2 months supply of medication. Surely that's not going to hit you financially? Stop making excuses, typical of depression, and go see a doctor.
  5. Where to get help for depression

    Have suffered clinical depression for 18+ years, may be a lot more. Been committed to hospital twice and never once had counselling other than a monthly 30 minute outpatient appointment with my psychiatrist. Once the meds kick in you'll be okay. Just a case of finding what works for you. Good luck. Just before I go. What I was told in the beginning was that there is a reason/trigger for your depression. Find that out and you're half way there to recovery. Keep a diary as to your day and how you feel and why. If you get spells where you cannot make up your mind on things then write down all the pro's & con's and go with the one that has the most answers. Good luck.
  6. Where to get help for depression

    That quote above and Swissie's post is complete bo***cks and should be deleted from this thread. If you're going to reply to a depressed person then be logical and be positive in your response. I'd call you both 'idiots' but name calling isn't allowed on the forum.
  7. Where to get help for depression

    I too suffer clinical depression. Best option is not to self medicate and go find your local government psychiatric hospital. Cheap treatment and professional help. The medication can take up to 6 weeks to kick in. Some medications may not suit you, which is why you do not self medicate. I've had depression for many years and tried many antidepressants and I'm currently on Sertraline, they work for me, also available over the counter, but don't do anything without getting professional help. To help you during the kick in time of the antidepressants I recommend getting a bicycle and go out for a ride every day. It''ll take your mind off of your illness and make you feel calmer. Worked for me. It's also good to talk about your problem, so try and find a friend and open up on how you feel. Good luck.
  8. ear cleaning

    And there is the reason as to why you have ear problems. Never never never use them to clean your ears. All you are doing is pushing in the wax and compressing it.. Doh.
  9. Superrich exchange booth / Korat

    May be so, but if it matches the genuine company in the exchange rates, which I think it does, and it saves a day trip to BKK why worry?
  10. ear cleaning

    You dilute it. Look on Youtube regarding ears and Hydrogen Peroxide. Your condition is called 'Swimmers Ear'. And please read this link. https://health.clevelandclinic.org/best-ways-to-steer-clear-of-swimmers-ear-this-summer/
  11. ear cleaning

    Have you tried Hydrogen Peroxide to self clean?
  12. Superrich exchange booth / Korat

    The company in the pics does a pretty good exchange rate close to the genuine 'SuperRich', and using them to avoid a10+ hour round trip to BKK makes them just as good if not better, all things considered.
  13. Superrich exchange booth / Korat

    SuperRich SPR The Mall Korat SuperRich SPR Terminal 21 Korat
  14. Better late than never. 40+ years too late IMO. Let's play spot the white man in the picture shall we?