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  1. Rally123

    Korat Immigration

    You should try and link up with some other farang living near you as yous then can alternate the trip. Anyone can do your 90 day report. Even a Thai.
  2. Rally123

    Korat Immigration

    You don't need to fill out a form (TM 47) for 90 day report.
  3. Why wonder when you've been told in the opening post? In fact why do they all ride against oncoming traffic? Common sense springs to mind.
  4. Try reading posts instead of rushing to write a comment. Doh.
  5. And it also treats alcoholics.
  6. I believe there is medication that makes you feel sick if you drink alcohol. I think it's called 'Topiramate'?
  7. Anyone in Korat know if online report is up and running?
  8. Rally123

    Hospitals overcharging

    Well make an appointment with the doctor. Easy innit?
  9. Different area different methods/beliefs. Had my twins go through the wedding ceremony. Not a problem as the older ladies of the village enjoyed it. Where I live it is believed the couple were girlfriend/boyfriend in a previous life. Who then died before their wedding day. So's to ensure it never happens again they are given a village wedding (not a legal marriage). All good fun
  10. First rule if you can only live frugally then don't bother hitching yourself up to a Thai bint. They don't like 'frugal'. Second rule stay in Oz if you haven't got financial back up to support yourself if you become ill. I could go on but I'm sure you get me drift?
  11. Rally123

    Retirement extension in Korat, fixed deposit ok?

    I had my 800 G's in a teachers 'Credit Union' fixed term account earning 6.25%. All was well for a couple of years until last year when Buriram office decided the 'Credit Union' wasn't a bank and therefore my money was invalid. Even though they had issued my extension for the 2 previous years they dug their heels in. So now I have to put my monies into an account with the 'Credit Union' for 9 months giving 4% interest and then putting it into my 'bank' earning Jack shit in interest for 3 months.
  12. Youtube. Uploaded by HBO but I can't find the link now. May be it's been pulled? Edit:- Managed to find the link. Enjoy.
  13. So you knew him then? I doubt it, so why speculate?
  14. 'Sr. Avila' Series 4 Ep 2. Anyone got a link
  15. There are no facts. So all assumptions are irrelevant. Alcohol or drugs are also possibilities. But why no mention of them in the story? May be 'street racing' is more newsworthy?