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  1. You don't watch the news much do you? Obvious? Can you show that to be true?
  2. All depends on how fast you hit the wall at. That is why negotiations are taking place. To find out how to avoid injuries to both sides.
  3. That's their fault for being .................. then. One is a thrusting weapon the other a hacking weapon. Simple innit?
  4. But if it changes the true facts then is is misleading and wrong. And it only looked like a 'sword'.
  5. So driving up on the inside, on the hard shoulder, isn't 'selfish'? <deleted>
  6. 'Looks like a long sword'. 'Looks like a long stick' isn't as newsworthy as a 'sword'. All of a sudden the 'sword' has become a 'machete'. I'm confused.
  7. Rally123

    Any Korat People?

    Thank you. I didn't mean to offend.
  8. I am not offering anything. I never said 'trust me it will be ok' or has T May. Typical 'Remoaner' in making up siht (anagram) I never made any assumptions. You are making that up to suit your own agenda. Quit moaning and accept democracy, why don't ya?
  9. Tebee we can all post figures until the cows come home but we can't be sure on them until we actually Brexit. https://www.westmonster.com/kawczynski-mp-no-deal-is-becoming-more-likely-and-its-a-good-option/
  10. None whatsoever, but having been in it for over 40 years and the majority of voters tell the government to leave says a lot IMO. I'm all for law and order, so report me. No problem. I'm sure TV forum is aptly moderated and if my post was 'flaming' then it would have been deleted by now. But if you are offended by my reply then I apologise as no insult was meant.
  11. Prams, toys, out, throw spring to mind. What you are saying is exactly what Id expect to hear from my 10 year old daughter when I tell her the rules. And you have proof that Brexit will be a folly? So why the f*** are you bitching about Brexit if you're not against it? Yes you do need to be 'psychic' because you're forecasting doom and without foresight you're just guessing. Now isn't the man who, in the late 60's, campaigned for a 'NO' vote in the first referendum? He's more a Brexiteer than I am.
  12. That's not true. The referendum showed what the people want. That's why we had one.
  13. A disaster for who? Have you any proof that Brexit will be a disaster? Are you a 'psychic'? 40 years after the 'YES' vote the conclusion was that joining was a bad thing. Hence why Brexiteers triumphed. The majority spoke, accept it.
  14. No it isn't. T May wasn't a supporter of Brexit, and probably still isn't, but she's been directed by a majority the people to exit. She has no choice in the matter other than to resign and she's already stated that she will not. Whether Brexit will be a disaster is something we will only know with hindsight. Voting YES in the 70's was a disaster and it has took 40+ years to correct it. Roll on and get the **** out.