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  1. Disrespectful words by gf

    8 years. She is 30 and I am 38
  2. Disrespectful words by gf

    Yeah I know but the difference is I talked to her directly instead of talking to someone else. Between two of us if she want to say something I am ok. She used i-Ba so many times, which means f*****g stupid, for me but that’s between two of us
  3. Disrespectful words by gf

    Hey guys I think we need an update here: So after the fight it's already 2-3 days and I didn't talk to her she tried to call me many times and I rejected the calls. Today she did call and she was crying and told me that she will never do this again. I felt like an <deleted> for doing this to her but then I remembered Pete from "Private Dancer" so I told her if she wants to talk to her male friends all she gotta do is 2 things: Talk in day time no nighty nighty chatting and second introduce me to them as well so I know who these so called friends are. She agreed to this. And one more thing... I did tell her that no money from me for at least next 6 months and I meant "NO" money so don't even ask me to recharge your phone. She said ok. So basically I am still a moron to not finish with her. So I am gonna give her a benefit of doubt but without my money of course. About the "มัน" thing, she told me it's an Isan slang and it means intimacy and she was not talking to her friend she was talking to her aunt (don't know what difference does that make though). I asked around and same thing as this post, diametrically opposite opinions, some say it's normal some say I should kill her ... lol (Just kidding, of course I will not do it .... myself .... JK). So I decided to let go this one, can't decide what it was but I did use "มึง" for her as someone told me that would set her straight!
  4. Disrespectful words by gf

    Thanks to all answers. Some were helpful and some were hilarious :)
  5. Disrespectful words by gf

    Thanks for your reply. I knew she was saying I am jealous but is it common to use "มัน" to address a person?
  6. Disrespectful words by gf

    Hi everyone, I am an expat and I have a Thai (isaan) girlfriend who I know for a year and half now. I just found out that she was talking to many men on WhatsApp Call and when I asked her about it she said why can’t she talk to other men as friends? I said fair enough but she doesn’t tell me what she talks about and why talk late in night. We had a fight the other day about this and she was chatting to her friend and she uses the word “<<<<Thai language removed>>>>” With my little knowledge of Thai using <<<<Thai language removed>>>> for someone is insulting so I wanted to know is it very insulting or generally used for others if you are close friends? And do you think she is doing right by talking to other men in night I mean am I overreacting here? any helpful replies will be greatly appreciated.